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Dubai Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in UAE

Alexander Kapshunov
Alexander Kapshunov

Hyundai Elantra in UAE

I liked that the car was practically new, with a mileage of 3200 km. In general, everything went well, there were no problems. Of the minuses: bad feedback from your employees as a company that provides rental services. I had several questions that I wanted to know the information for, I was sent to the rental office, they themselves could not give an answer or did not want to. I also learned a little at the rental office, maybe people were busy there, or maybe they had non-working hours, I didn’t understand. The answers were short. If I were a less experienced traveler, I would be very worried about a rental car. By the way, the rental office does not respond during non-working hours, but your employees send to the rental office. I would like to be more customer-oriented, all the same, I order a car from you, and not somewhere else. Another surprise was the attempt of the person who gave the car to sell us full insurance. He convinced me that I bought insurance from your company and in case of problems I would need to contact you, but he could not help in any way. But if you buy from him, it will be easier, simpler and in general it will be more correct. I ended up leaving your insurance because it was cheaper :) Well, I would like more clarity on how and where to take and rent a car. I contacted the man from the rental office and he explained to me tersely. A detailed and up-to-date (!) instruction from you would be a big plus for your company. At least for me, as a tourist in an unfamiliar country, it would be calmer, even if the instruction was redundant.

February 2023

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