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Dubai car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in UAE

Serhii Tarasenko

Infiniti Q50 in UAE

Everything went great! The car matched the description on the website. No problem! I am very glad that I contacted you!

February 2021
Deleted User

Mercedes-Benz A45-S in UAE


December 2020
Frederic Koenig

Audi Q5 in UAE

Hi it all went well, car was as described, delivered by a competent guy, and recovered as planned. No issue at was a q5, white, well maintained and equipped...

August 2019
Khatija Sayed

Mercedes-Benz C180 in UAE

My overall experience was perfect excellent . Service and delivery on point and time. I will always be using this service in the future

November 2021
Nazarii Sobchuk

Ford Mustang GT V8 Convertible in UAE

I wish it were better. There are no questions about the car. I didn’t like two things: 1. We received the car with 10 km of petrol left. We nearly died out while we found a gas station. Upon arrival, I wanted to relax and not to be puzzled where to find a gas station. As a result, we devoted half of the evening to this issue instead of just traveling on business. 2. Delivery of a car - a person is late, it is very difficult to communicate, he does not understand anything and can not get through in any way. We were late for the event due to a delay in submission. Delayed not inspection of the car, namely the arrival of a person. In the end, it wasn't even he who came. To be honest, there is no desire to use the service again. The experience is rather negative than positive. If the fuel policy is principled, they would have warned in advance, I would have paid for a full tank.

November 2021
Olga Shulaeva

Ford Mustang GT V8 Convertible in UAE

I’d say the experience was a bit painful as they’ve provided the other car instead and we’re waiting for it for more than 2 hours. But we understood that that was due to the driver got collision on the way to the meeting point, hence, they had to assign another car. Also, the documents were provided at time of the car return, which was a reason we’ve been a bit nervous during the day if we’re protected at all and the rent agencies services are legal. Finally, we’ve been told that the deposit will be returned in 21 working days which is kind of non sense for us - from our experience it come back in 14 calendar days as a maximum.

November 2022
Denys Avierin

Audi Q8 in UAE

All was good. There are no questions about rent. The only thing - it would be more convenient to know the vehicle fleet in advance.

December 2020
Natalia Komissarenko

Infiniti Q30 in UAE

Everything was great

November 2021
Iurii Novytskyi

Porsche 718 Boxster S in UAE

I liked everything the car was delivered at 10:00, I forgot and only woke up at 10, but they waited for me, they took me away too at 10, I gave it with a full tank, there was a Gas Station nearby, everything was convenient on the Site, I immediately chose the model that I liked, 2 people wrote to me they explained everything in vatsap in detail, the car is just emotions, I have Kaen in Kiev, I thought to take a boxter as a second car, but I think it won't go for Kiev, but for Dubai, the very thing, you won't go with an open roof during the day, it's very hot, although some are desperate they drive (they also took a convertible, you can immediately see ours) and in the evening ride in a thrill, but if it's already uncomfortable on the highway above 100 km, I'm generally satisfied with the car and the service, I hope next time I'll take something better or if I live far from the center Something simpler for the entire stay, a taxi is expensive to go far, it's easier to take a regular car, I'm waiting for you to return the deposit, I hope there are no fines, I tried. And it's also important to keep track of the km, I dashed off 230 km from 250 available

October 2021

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