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Danimir Mandic
Danimir Mandic

Mazda 3 w Czarnogóra

it was excellent

Wrzesień 2023
Vitaliy Titov
Vitaliy Titov

Citroen C4 w Czarnogóra

Everything went well) Arrived and picked up the car on time, no problems at all

Lipiec 2023
Yury Kidanov
Yury Kidanov

Datsun Mi-do w Krym

Receiving the car was fine. The documents were ready, the receipt took place without any delay. It's good that the deposit is blocked on the card, and not taken in cash! By the way, the car was in good condition, which is rarely the case with domestic assembled cars.

Lipiec 2020
Atul kumar Yadav
Atul kumar Yadav

Subaru Crosstrek w Gruzja

Whole experience was smooth and hassle free. Things were very much in time and place. Superb experience

Lipiec 2022
Siarhei Machekin
Siarhei Machekin

Nissan Micra w Albania

They met us in accordance with the arrangements at the airport, drove us to the office without any problems, processed the documents. They also helped us with refueling the car and there were no problems with returning the car at the appointed place and returning the deposit Now about the car itself, although I realize that this is probably the cheapest offer on the market and I have no claims, but in general. The car is burning a bunch of errors, the bumper was not fixed properly (fixed it myself when it began to sail strongly in the road and make an unpleasant sound). At one of the parking lots the ulems from the battery came off, the car stopped starting. There was a problem with the hood closing. And probably the most important thing - the car can be normally traveled on normal roads. We drove from Vlora to Saranda on a road that goes uphill - the car just wouldn't go. The speed uphill is 5-10 km per hour. It was a little bit exciting. But then again, as it stands, so it goes)

Lipiec 2023
Konstantin Karelin
Konstantin Karelin

Skoda Fabia w Czarnogóra

Everything went well. The car is in good condition, delivered and picked up on time. Thank you

Kwiecień 2023
Gennadiy Korshikov
Gennadiy Korshikov

Toyota Prado 150 w Gruzja

Everything was fine, thank you. Hello Georgia!

Maj 2019
Vyacheslav Ponomaryov
Vyacheslav Ponomaryov

Honda Insight w Gruzja

Gamarjoba! It went great. The car was received at the agreed place, the description matched the condition of the car. I liked the car very much. The owner George is very friendly. We returned the car the same day, in the evening. There were no problems. As for the service of the site: I tried to book the car on other two sites several times in a couple of hours, but I couldn't: either the payment didn't go through, or the site didn't display the page correctly. On your site I chose cash payment and paid everything on the spot. Very convenient and no problems.

Czerwiec 2023
Nikita Zakharov
Nikita Zakharov

Chevrolet Camaro Cabrio w Czarnogóra

I decided to make a surprise birthday of my wife and take a ride for a few days. Those offers that I came across on the Internet, basically did not fit the event: either some old cars, or dead, or weak ones. I remembered that some time ago I threw a bookmark on this site (localcarhires). And to surprise, it found what he needed. Took the red color Camaro for 3 days. Well, everything feels clear: a cool American car, colorful, noticeable, sonorous. What is important to note: the idea came to me in the evening, at 6-7 o'clock, after 30 minutes I was confirmed to be present and by 10 am drove straight to the house. The service is very convenient. I was immediately after the order contacted in whatsapp, explained everything, clarified, discussed.... The car is in good technical condition, fully insured. We drove far enough on it, there were no problems. In general, I can leave a positive feedback about this service. By the way, my wife and I very often, up to several times a year, visit Montenegro. We really like this country. We come every time for 2 to 3 weeks and face the problem of renting a car each tie. Since we come for a long time, the issue of price for cars is more than relevant. Many times we googled and on one of the English-language forums found a positive review about this resource. Prices for compact cars that we are used to are a bit cheaper here. So we added this site to the bookmarks and now took the advantage. As I understand, through this site they rent their cars, including private individuals, which in itself is an interesting idea. This, apparently, allows you to avoid some expenses by distributors. We were very pleased. Thank you very much and wish you success.

Kwiecień 2019
Cyril Giovannini
Cyril Giovannini

Skoda Fabia w Czarnogóra

we were very satisfied with our car rental a big thank you to you for your kindness and availability

Sierpień 2023
Loïc De paepe
Loïc De paepe

Hyundai i20 w Albania

it went really well. No bad surprises or anything with the car so we are happy with the service provided. Thank you

Wrzesień 2023
Emanuel Pereira
Emanuel Pereira

Mitsubishi Colt w Albania

My experience with arthur was totally good. Once at the airport we immediately met arthur's son, a very kind guy that gave us all the informations about the car. The car was in perfect condition and nothing was wrong with it the entire trip. To be honest we were totally surprised about how much kilometers you can do on a single tank! Very good experience

Sierpień 2023
Johannes Janmaat
Johannes Janmaat

Toyota Yaris w Czarnogóra

we did get a opel corsa at the last moment. But it was all good. No problems. We only had to wait for a while at the airport because there was a misunderstanding between am and pm. But the car did fine 👍🏼

Lipiec 2023
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What does “Pending” status mean?

We still have to confirm the availability of the vehicle with the rental Provider. Once confirmed, we will send a confirmation right away.

Where do I find status of my booking?

Check the status of your booking on your Bookings page (you will automatically be redirected there after you make a booking with us).

What is a Voucher?

The Voucher is a rental confirmation used to show that you have booked and pre-paid the vehicle. It contains delivery instructions, rental conditions and contact details of both client and a rental provider

Where do I find my Voucher?

Your Voucher will be included as an attachment with the confirmation email when your car rental gets confirmed. You can also download it from your Bookings' page once the booking has been confirmed.

What does “Denied” status mean?

Unfortunately, the rental provider could not confirm the availability of the requested vehicle. We will contact you shortly to discuss alternative options. If you are not happy with them, you can cancel your booking. Prepayment will be returned to your account in up to 10 calendar days (depending on your bank).

How long do I have to wait for my booking confirmation?

In most cases bookings are confirmed within a few hours, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. We request confirmation for every car hire to prevent any possible technical problems.

Who provides the insurance?

The insurance is always provided by the rental provider.

What is TPL or Third-Party Liability?

In case you injure other road users, or damage someone’s property, while you’re driving, TPL coverage will pay these costs. In most countries, TPL coverage is required by the law. TPL does not cover any damage to the driver’s own rental car. Nor does it cover theft of the car.

What is CDW or Collision Damage Waiver?

CDW reduces your liability to your own rental car in case you cause an accident (so it’s your fault). Usually, CDW sets the maximum amount of money you will have to pay for potential damages. Without CDW, you could be liable for the full cost of the rental vehicle if it were to be damaged. With CDW you won’t have to pay the full cost of repairs, but contribute to repair costs up to an agreed level. Often wheels, tyres, glass, under body, roof, keys, locks and aerials are not covered by the CDW.

What is Theft Protect or TP?

TP limits the your liability in the event that rental car is stolen. Usually, TP sets the maximum amount of money the car rental company will charge you for replacing a stolen car or repairing damages from a car theft attempt.

What is Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) or Full Damage Waiver (FDW)?

SCDW and FDW usually cover those parts of the car that aren’t covered by the standard CDW, such as windows, wheels or tires. They may also reduce the Security Deposit and/or Excesss so you may have to leave a lower deposit at pick-up or even not pay anything for damages.

What does "or similar" mean?

Sometimes the car rental provider may only guarantee a certain category of car and not a specific make and model. Car rental companies group different cars in the same category which should have the same features as confirmed at time of booking. Such cars will be tagged "or similar" next to the make and model with details displayed on hover.

Am I going to get the exact vehicle that I booked?

Rental providers do their best to supply the exact car that you booked, but they may NOT guarantee a specific car model (late returning, last moment damages). Due to changeable circumstances you may be provided with a close model from the same class of cars.

Why sign a rental agreement on pick-up?

The rental agreement you sign with the rental company is subject to its rental conditions and the law of the country you are renting in. Read rental conditions of the agreement carefully and make sure you understand and agree to them.

My flight time has changed

If your flight time or number has changed, you should provide actual information to the rental provider as soon as possible.

Reserved vehicle is in a bad condition at pick-up

Thoroughly check the car for any imperfections at time of pick up and notify the car rental supplier of any issues. Take photos of the rental car before pick-up and after drop-off so there is no confusion regarding the car’s condition upon return. Any damages on the car might affect your Excess if not addressed before the rental. Always keep any paperwork you are given.

What should I check on drop-off?

Make sure that supplier representative signs off the drop-off (ensure that rental agreement is signed off by the supplier).

What happens on return after damage?

It depends on the insurance you have. In case there are any damages, bring it to the representative’s notice. Ask them about any charges they consider necessary and get it in writing. In most cases the rental provider will charge you for any damage by keeping some of your Security Deposit. Always leave yourself enough time on return before the flight.

Can I return the car later?

If you can’t return your car at the agreed drop-off time, inform the rental provider. It might be possible to return vehicle slightly later than agreed.

If I drop off the car earlier, will I receive a refund for unused days?

In most cases rental providers will not refund for returning the car earlier than agreed.

What is required of the additional driver?

The additional driver needs to meet the same requirements as those for the main driver. Any additional driver need to be be present at pick-up, possess their documents and be registered in the rental agreement.

Can I hire a vehicle with some extras?

Yes, optional extras must be requested when booking and associated costs will be displayed where available.

Can I cross national borders with a rental car?

Some rental providers offer the possibility to cross national borders while others do not. If crossing the border is allowed, additional fees may apply to cover extra insurance, taxes, etc. You have to inform the rental provider about crossing borders, otherwise your insurance may become invalid. Ask advice on the driving territories/countries you plan to visit.

How can I leave a review after rental?

Go to your Bookings page after rental has ended and click "Leave a Review" to rate your experience. Should you wish to discuss any issues that occurred during your rental, please contact us and allow investigate the matter.

Can i get a car delivered and collected?

Yes, but additional delivery charges may apply whether on pick-up or return. Some companies may offer free deliveries to certain places when the rental duration is over a certain amount of days.

What is a mileage limit?

Some rental providers restrict the amount of kilometres per day or per rental period. Payment for any extra mileage will have to be made on return, unless you purchased Unlimited Mileage when booking.

What is the difference between Security Deposit and Excess?

Security deposit is an amount usually consisting of an Excess and a cost of possible future expenses (fees, missing fuel, speeding tickets, fines). An excess is an amount of money up to which you will be responsible in the event of damages to the car.

When will Security Deposit be refunded?

The deposit amount is held for the duration of the rental. It will be unblocked or refunded upon safe return of the vehicle or within 10 to 28 days after return, as long as there has been no additional expense to the rental provider.

What is a Security Deposit?

Rental providers cover themselves for any potential car damages or future expenses, such as administrative fees, missing fuel, parking / speeding tickets / fines, and the deductible of the CDW. For this reason, in most cases, you will be required to leave a Security Deposit when you pick up the car to ensure its safe return.

What is an Excess?

Excess is the maximum amount of money you will have to pay for potential damages. For example, if your damage Excess was 200 EUR and damage to the bodywork is 1,000 EUR on return, you would only have to pay 200 EUR. The rest 800 EUR would be covered by insurance policy. Excess amount for each car is found inside agreement with the rental provider.

How do I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking, log in to My Bookings and click Cancel. If you cancel a booking before No-refund period, your prepayment will be fully refunded.

How do I modify my booking before rental has started?

Contact us directly by email or telephone. We’ll evaluate your request, check if the changes are possible and update your booking. Depending on the nature of the changes, additional cost may occur. Amendments can take up to 24 hours to be processed.

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