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Do I need a special set of documents when renting a convertible in Austria?

No, no special documents are required to rent a convertible in Austria. You can book a car in this category with a passport and a category 'B' driving license.

Can I rent a car in Austria if I am only planning to get a license?

No, you won't be able to rent a car. Firstly, you will need a driver's license for your booking. Secondly, companies usually have a limit on the driving experience. If you have less than a year's experience, no one will give you a car.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Austria?

The standard age is 21 but there may be exceptions depending on the car rental company and each specific case of rental.

Will we be fined if we are late for picking up the car in Austria?

You will not be fined in this case, but keep in mind that you pay the rental price according to the dates and times indicated in the voucher for car rental in Austria.

Can the car go to another customer if we do not make it by the scheduled pick-up time in Austria?

The rental company in Austria will wait for you. But be in touch with the rental manager and notify in advance if you are late. The manager's phone number will be indicated in the voucher that you will receive from us by mail.

Is Availability of the driver obligatory when receiving the car in Austria?

Yes, Availability of the driver is required. Upon receipt of the car, the main driver signs a car rental agreement in Austria.

Does anyone other than the driver have the right to receive a car in Austria?

Only the main driver must always receive the car and sign the rental agreement in Austria.

What determines the price of car delivery in Austria?

Delivery price depends on the car, city and rental. In the search tools you can use the convenient filter Options => Free Shipping to see a list of cars that can be brought to you for free in Austria.

Is it obligatory to meet with an employee of the rental company to get a car in Austria or can you issue documents remotely and leave the keys at the reception?

Meeting with an employee of the rental company is required in Austria. Upon receipt of the car, the main driver must sign the rental agreement, as well as pay the remaining rental amount and make a deposit, if required by the rental conditions.

Is there an additional fee for returning a car in another city?

It depends on the place where you want to return the car in Austria and on the location of the rental. Don't worry, when you book a rental, you will see the cost of delivery if the rental company needs to transport the car from one city to another.

Is late car return in Austria a paid option on your website?

No. The allowed latency in Austria depends on the rental. Usually car rental companies work until 22-23, but for an additional fee, they will be able to bring or pick up a car from you at any non-working hours. The cost of this service will be indicated when making the rental.

Is it possible to get a car in the place in Austria we need for free?

Yes, sure. In the search for each car, the rental price per day and the cost of delivery are indicated, provided that the delivery is paid. If delivery is free, you will only see the rental price on the car card. You can also filter cars with free shipping using the filter "Options" => "Free shipping" in the search tools.

What is liability insurance in Austria?

Liability insurance is a MTPL, the most basic insurance, which is usually included in the rental price by default in Austria

Is the deductible for economy class cars lower than for luxury cars in Austria?

The size of the deductible usually really depends on the class of the car. Deductible is the limit of liability for damage caused to the rented car in Austria. Responsibility for economy is estimated below (as a rule).

And yet, in terms of booking some cars in Austria there is a super CDW and most often for 0 euros, which covers all kinds of risks. Does this type of insurance really work?

Indeed, some cars in Austria can be accessed with the Super CDW option. It really covers the maximum range of damage. The terms of provision and the cost of additional services are determined by the rental company, so it will depend on the car you choose.

Is insurance issued for the full rental period in Austria?

Theft insurance is not included in CDW, it is a separate insurance option in Austria. But over the years of work we have not had any cases of theft. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If you still want to insure your car against theft, you can add the appropriate option if possible.

Can I take a car with full insurance of my liability (TPL + green card) and full CDW that would be valid in the neighboring countries?

There are very few cars with CDW operating outside the country where it is bought. Email us at austria@localcarhires.com whichever car you would like to take and for what dates, and we will select a car that meets the requirements. Or at least we will try. :)

Is deposit paid separately when renting a car in Austria?

You make a deposit upon receipt of the car in Austria to compensate for possible fines and tickets, delays, fuel, etc.

Can the deposit be transfered to my bank account?

Most often a deposit in Austria is made and returned in cash upon receipt. There may be other ways of returning / receiving the deposit, you can check them with the rental provider. Check out the information available on the page of the rental company or by contacting the manager through private messages.

Will I received the documents confirming the payment of the car rental in Austria?

In the case of a check, we will send a check together with the booking confirmation by mail from our side. The rental company, for its part, can also provide you with a receipt for the services already on the spot upon picking up the car in Austria.

Can I book a car in Austria and pay with my card if someone else is going to be a driver?

Yes, prepayment for car rental in Austria with a card that does not belong to the main driver is allowed.

How can I rent a car in Austria without a credit card?

In exceptional cases, we will be able to confirm the order without prepayment if you book a car with receipt for today. In this case, when placing an order, in the comments indicate that you would like to book a car with full payment on the spot. The managers will contact you, confirm the order, and you will be able to get the car.

When is the prepayment debited from the card?

At the time of booking, we will freeze the advance payment for car rental in Austria on your card. After receiving confirmation of the rental from the rental, the prepayment will be debited from the card.

Can I change my mind on the spot and get compensation if I don't like the car?

Unfortunately this is not possible. According to the terms of the service, prepayment is a guarantee of your intention to receive a car in Austria under fixed conditions. Accordingly, abandoning a car, you risk losing your prepayment.

We want to cancel the booking, what's the best way to do it?

You can cancel the car order in Austria with the return of the prepayment, if 7 or more days are left before the car is received through your personal account. You can also contact us by email austria@localcarhires.com or in any other way and we will agree to a cancellation.

For driving a minivan in Austria, category "B" driving licence be suitable?

Yes, it is. Up to 9 seats in a car is category "B".

Is it necessary to return the car in the same place where we picked it up?

No, it is not necessary. Through our service, you can pre-select rentals that will be able to bring the car to one locality, and pick it up from another. Use the search to find the options that suit you.

What vehicles can I rent in Austria through your website? Is it possible to find a scooter or a motorcycle?

With us you can only rent cars and minivans.

Will there be a daily mileage limit in Austria? Where can I see the limit for each car?

If the rented car in Austria has a daily mileage limit, this will be specified at the time of booking. When you visit the car card on our website, from there you can go to the page of the manager in charge of the car. Here you can contact the manager directly and clarify the information you are interested in on the mileage.

We are looking for a car in Austria with three rows of seats, do you have such cars?

We have cars of different classes in Austria, including crossovers and minivans. In the photo, you can often see the interior of the car. You can also check with the manager if they have a three-rows car.

Are real photos of cars offered in Austria available online?

Of course, for every car in Austria there are real photos that fully correspond to reality. When you enter the main search criteria and click Find Cars, you will see the available options immediately with a photo. By going to the car card, you can see more photos of each car.

How do I find a car with climate control in Austria?

Sometimes the company informs about Availability of climate control on the car's page in the description. In some cases, it is worth checking this with the manager for the particular car you are interested in in Austria.

Do you have right-hand drive cars for rent in Austria?

We do not have RHD cars for rent. In general, in Austria you can only rent LHD cars.

What documents for the cars will be given to us?

The most important document that you sign when you pick up your car in Austria is the rental agreement. In addition to the rental agreement, you may be given additional documents, depending on local traffic regulations.

Is the roadside support provided for the renter in case of any problems with the car in Austria?

Yes, the rental price in Austria includes support from the rental company. If the car breaks down through no fault of yours, the car will be repaired or replaced.

What is the minimum rental amount in days for renting a car in Austria?

To find out which is the cheapest car available for the dates you need, use the "Cheapest first" filter in your search. The first car in the list will be the car with the lowest rental price per day in Austria.

If I want to leave feedback about experience renting a car in Austria, how can I do it?

We are always glad to receive feedback from you. You can do this after completing the trip in your personal account or via chat with support.

For a child of 9 months, what kind of seat will we be given?

For children 9 months old, most often rental companies give a infant car seat.in which the child is lying down, and the seat itself is fixed in the back seat of the car, but you make the choice yourself. Add the seat you need when registering your car rental in Austria.

We are going to travel for a month, and go to neighboring countries a couple of times during this period. Is it possible to buy a green card for specific dates?

Usually, a green card is issued for the entire rental period. But you can always contact the rental manager in Austria and clarify the possibility of making an exception.

Will they let us through at the border if we want to enter?

Yes, they will, if you have all the necessary documents with you, and the rented car in Austria has "Foreign" insurance, that is, you have the right to travel abroad, and Croatia in particular.

Are there any additional payments required if we are going to travel to neighboring countries?

Many of the presented cars already have all the documents for crossing the borders. You only need to choose when ordering in additional insurance "Abroad", that is, international insurance.

Can there be any issues when crossing the border with a rented car in Austria?

There shouldn't be any problems - you need to have a passport, a driving license valid in the country and an insurance policy for the vehicle. Rental managers will advise you on the details of crossing the border with a car rented by in Austria.

Is it possible to find a car in Austria that can accommodate 8 people?

Of course, our rental companies provide cars of different categories in Austria. Among them, there are minivans, which usually accommodate 7-9 people.

Is a 7 seater minivan suitable for a group of 5 adults and 3 children in Austria?

The police are strict with this issue: a fine for transporting the number of passengers than indicated in the vehicle's registration certificate and a ban on continuing movement. And if the child is not in the chair, then they will also take a fine for this. But in general, you can try to fit, I guess.

What cars are usually chosen for driving in the highlands in Austria?

For a comfortable ride in the mountains, we usually recommend vehicles with a capacity of at least 100 hp. sec., or at least 1.6 liters on the car and at least 1.4 liters on the mechanics. If you choose between gasoline and diesel, then diesel is better. There will not be significant savings, but diesel goes up the hill better than gasoline. Although at such low capacities, the difference will be insignificant.

I know that there are cases in Austria when a car of an older generation and with different characteristics is provided. What to do if this situation occurs at the pick up of a car?

As you can see from the reviews, such cases in Austria are rare, exceptional. And we analyzed each case separately. Replacement of a car is, indeed, possible under force majeure circumstances. But in this case, a car of a similar or higher class is provided on the same terms. This is reflected in the booking conditions. In the vast majority of cases, the client receives the car that was booked.

A confirmed booking on my email is a guarantee of getting the car in Austria?

If you have received the car rental voucher that means that your rent was successfully confirmed by the rental company. You will surely get the car according to the rental conditions.

Is it possible to request a copy of the contract from the rental company in Austria in advance by mail, for review?

Of course, try to write to the rental company in Austria in private messages through our website. We are sure they will meet you halfway.

Do I need to report the route plan to the rental company in Austria?

It is not necessary to inform about your route, but you can always consult with the manager before the trip or when meeting in Austria. We also recommend that you study in advance whether the company has any prohibited areas where they do not allow leaving by their cars, as well as whether it is allowed to travel abroad by car.

When picking up a car in Austria, should I worry about the language barrier?

There is definitely no need to worry about the language barrier. Our rental providers often work with Russian tourists, including those who do not speak English or speak it at a very basic level. There are no unsolvable problems because of the in Austria language. As a last resort, we will provide individual support.

Will there be free parking spaces in city parking lots in Austria in summer?

Usually there are no problems with parking in Austria. To get the most relevant information, contact the manager of the rental company in charge of your car, they are usually happy to help.

I heard that according to traffic rules, international driving license are needed. You do not require them. Is this still a mandatory requirement for tourists in Austria?

In case of traffic rules on a rented car in Austria, you will need to present the rights for which you rented the car and the number of which is indicated in the contract. If these were Russian rights, then they are needed, if the IDP is the same.

Do you need an IDP to travel to other countries?

Depends on where you want to go. Availability of an international driver's license is required in countries that do not allow the use of Russian and other national driving license on their territory. Write to our support and we will advise you on what you need to rent a car in Austria, depending on your route.

Where else do you operate, except Austria?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Greece, find car rentals in Serbia and Italy. Many tourists want to rent a car in Israel with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Where else can we find Local Car Hires except from in Austria?

Local Car Hires works for you in most travel destinations. In the search, you can start typing a country or city and see where we work.

Is there a discount for car rental in Austria?

The rental price will decrease as the in Austria rental increases, and it will also be cheaper if you do it in advance.

We are renting several cars at once through you in Austria, do you get a discount in such cases?

Discounts for 2-3 bookings in Austria are not provided, but write to us in the support chat, and we will show you how to order a car on the most favorable terms in Austria.

If we book a car in different countries at the same time, can we get a discount?

Unfortunately not. Each order will go as a separate car rental in Austria.

Do you have a discount on the first booking in Austria?

There are no discounts for first booking in Austria. However, by booking through us, you can already be sure that you are renting a car on the most favorable terms. Moreover, if you rent through us, you will never face any overpayments and unexpected additional commissions.

How long should we expect to wait for confirmation after booking a car in Austria on the website?

Confirmation of a booking usually does not take long - usually from several hours to a day. We try to process all incoming applications as quickly as possible and send you a voucher for car rental in Austria.

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