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Car rental reviews in Cyprus

Real reviews from users who rented a car in Cyprus with us

Olga Mironova

Nissan March on Cyprus

I want to express my deep gratitude to Janis for the comfort, reliability and quality of work! The contract was filled out in advance, the car was waiting for me at the agreed time and shone with cleanliness, the process of receiving and returning the car took no more than 5 minutes! Janis is always in touch and speaks excellent Russian. The car is in excellent condition - it is noticeable that it is being looked after, for 1.5 months there were absolutely no problems. Previously, I rented a car only from large companies - queues at the counter at the airport, communication only in English and cars are often in a "dead" state - that was what I was ready for. I am glad that I discovered a different level of service and now I will rent a car in Cyprus only here. Thanks again!!!

July 2021
Viacheslav Smirniv

Suzuki Alto on Cyprus

I ordered a car in Cyprus, I liked everything very much. 4 hours before the right time, I chose the right car and made an advance payment of 10%. The area was not in the main city, but the delivery was free to the hotel. Also free at my request was a child seat. (Usually these are paid services) an hour before the indicated time, I was contacted by a support service and a car driver in Weiber and in Russian. By the way, the driver was also Russian, he told everything in detail. Issued a map of attractions with coordinates, concluded a contract. Suzuki Alto car, automatic, everything is very clean and everything is in order. Sooo little eats gasoline. With air conditioning. Of the advantages - inexpensive and everything is very clear and transparent. Wishes - the site does not indicate the availability of air conditioning. I got a little nervous, it happens. Indicate the minimum period, or recommended, for how many hours or days to order a car. On the site you can order even half an hour before pickup, and the confirmation time is up to 24 hours.

October 2019
Julia Filatova

Suzuki Swift on Cyprus

I liked everything, received and handed over the car at exactly the appointed time, the car is completely serviceable, clean, comfortable, the tanks of gasoline and washer fluid are filled. The advice from the employee was very helpful, which greatly facilitated the adaptation to left-hand traffic.

October 2021
Peter Enyedi

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Everything was correct and perfect! I recommend the

February 2020
Andrey Zyuzin

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Fine! The car was brought directly to Larnaca airport and met me with a sign, the landlord speaks excellent English and good Russian. The car was clean, not damaged, with air conditioning. Relatively new. There were no problems with the car and no complaints. When I returned, I wrote in whatsapp to the landlord at a convenient time for me, and at that time I was met in the departure area at the airport.

September 2021
Aivars Krumins

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Very easy and simple to hire a car. Highly recommended. No hidden and extra charges. Very fast responses to questions and easy communication throughout the rental period. No deposits and hidden charges. The car was air-conditioned and easy to drive! We had a car accident and the owners were very helpful with that. We highly recommend this company. Thanks again!

July 2021
Evgeniya Fashchenko

Toyota Yaris on Cyprus

Thank you very much Liana, for telling nuances of driving, the car is fine and at an affordable price. I liked everything👍

September 2021
Maksym Levchenko

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Everything was great! The car is in excellent condition, clean and comfortable! But as I read reviews from previous users - they brought the wrong child seats, the next day I drove into the office and changed.

December 2021
Anna Komarova

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Everything was great with the rental. Auto flawlessly, served on time with a full tank.

August 2021
Marina Petrova

Ford Fiesta on Cyprus

Everything is great! Very nice owner: honest and decent. I was satisfied. Thanks!

October 2021
Stanislav Zborovskyi

Nissan Micra on Cyprus

Everything is super, met with a sign and on time.

December 2021
Serhii Herasymenko

Mazda Demio on Cyprus

Everything went just fine, we were happy with the car, the rest was just fine. Thanks a lot.

August 2021
Aleksandr Golikov

Nissan Note on Cyprus

We rented a car from Yiannis at the beginning of October in Limassol. As we asked, he personally drove the car, Nissan Note, to the hotel, which is very convenient, there is no need to drive around the city and look for an office. Thank you very much! The payment (about 35 € per day) included a deposit, i.e. no deposit is made, which is also a big plus. The car itself is quite fresh and drove well. In general, cooperation with Yannis left only positive emotions, we will turn to him for a lease! Recommended !!)

October 2021

Local Car Hires on Cyprus

These local businesses provide car rental services on Cyprus

Local Car Hires on Cyprus

These local businesses provide car rental services on Cyprus








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Car rental prices in Cyprus

Car rental prices in Cyprus vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days. We’ll list the final rental price, including extras and insurance policies of your choice on your Voucher in EUR. With us, you will always know the exact amount that must be paid at pick up in Cyprus.

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chartAverage car rental prices in Cyprus per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration.

Frequent Questions

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Is it possible to book a car in Cyprus if I am 19 years old?

If you have driving experience of a year or more, some car rental companies will be ready to provide you with a car. You can usually check the requirements for the driving experience and age of the driver on the webpage of the car rental company, as well as clarify them via direct messaging the manager or our support.

Can the car be brought to any hotel in Cyprus?

Yes, when registering a in Cyprus rental, you can specify any point where you would like to get a car. The manager of the rental company will bring the car wherever you need it.

What to do when returning a car to the rental office in Cyprus?

Returning a car in Cyprus is quick and easy procedure. If you did not have any damage on the road, nothing is required from you.

Where does the car return happen in Cyprus?

Wherever you want. After you select the one that suits you from the available cars in Cyprus, you will need to specify the pick-up and return address - this can be your hotel, company office or any point convenient for you where you would like to pick up and return the car.

Can I request delivery to a city that is not on your list?

If you cannot find the city you are looking for, prental contact us via the chat in the lower right corner of the page or by mail

How is the process of getting a car in Cyprus organized, what is required from the renter?

The car is received after its inspection, acceptance of the technical condition and signing of the rental agreement. If the car does not meet the booking conditions or has technical malfunctions, you have the right to cancel its rental with a return of the prepayment without withholding any fines. But in our memory in Cyprus there were no such cases. All cars are officially registered, pass the mandatory increased technical inspection provided for rental cars, and correspond to the declared characteristics. You are protected as much as possible from unpleasant surprises.

If I am late for the car pick up in Cyprus, is there a risk of losing my reservation?

Don't worry, the main thing is to stay in touch with the manager of the rental company in Cyprus. The voucher that you will receive by mail will contain a phone number that you can use to contact and inform if you are late.

Can delivery in Cyprus really be free?!

Yes, of course, delivery can be free. To see the cars that can be picked up without the delivery surcharge in Cyprus, select "Options" => "Free Delivery" in the search.

Is it possible to pick up a rented car in Cyprus by yourself and avoid paying for delivery?

If it is convenient for you to drive up to the office of the company, then, of course, you can drive up to pick up a car in Cyprus. However, keep in mind that some car rental companies may be located in neighboring settlements. We also recommend that you consider options with free shipping, which you can find using the filter "Options" => "Free shipping".

Is there full insurance for cars in Cyprus?

There is no concept of "full insurance". There is the concept of "Full CDW" or Super CDW, which helps not to think about increased responsibility. Experienced drivers with extensive experience usually save on extra costs. insurance and take the risk of damage to wheels, mirrors, underbody and windshield. To find out what exactly this or that option is insuring, move the cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option.

Will CDW be valid in the northen part of the island?

No, when renting a car in Cyprus, CDW is only valid only in the country of receipt of the car. Whether CDW will operate in a neighboring territory depends on the conditions of a particular rental company. To the best of our knowledge it will NOT.

Am I obligated to pay for additional insurance in Cyprus?

You decide which insurance options to purchase. Of course, the probability of an accident in Cyprus is minimal. However, if you want to feel calmer while traveling, we recommend taking extended insurance.

Is insurance with a deductible sufficient to obtain a car in Cyprus?

You yourself determine which insurance options you need - it is your responsibility. Rentals in Cyprus by default insure the car only against damage to third parties (TPL), but sometimes also CDW with a franchise is included.

In what cases is insurance included in the car rental price in Cyprus?

The rental price per day is one service, and your liability insurance is another service (additional). When booking in the Insurance section, you can see all available insurance options for this car. TPL is always free, the rest of the options are more complicated. Some of them will be available free of charge, for others the rental company will ask for a small amount. Insurance terms and conditions depend on local car rental in Cyprus and car.

How does insurance in case of an accident in Cyprus work through no fault of the renter?

Call the police, draw up an accident report, if you are not found guilty, the guilty party will pay for the repair. In general, in Cyprus accidents are extremely rare, 80% of damage to cars is usually caused by inaccurate parking, without a second side.

How to find cars in Cyprus on your website without prepayment?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to find cars without prepayment in Cyprus. For all cars presented on our website, an online prepayment of 15-20% is provided. The prepayment goes towards the rental account and is a guarantee of your intention to take the car. Within 7 days before the date of receipt, you can cancel or change your booking with a return of the prepayment.

Are debit cards accepted for car rental payment in Cyprus?

Prepayment for car rental in Cyprus can be made with any card of any bank of Visa and Mastercard payment systems.

Is it possible to pay the prepayment and the remaining part with two different cards belonging to different persons?

Yes, you can make an advance payment for car rental in Cyprus and the rest of the amount upon receipt with different bank cards, including those issued for different persons.

If we do not currently have the opportunity to book a car in Cyprus with a credit card, are there any other options?

Contact us via the support chat by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner or in any other way convenient for you. We will try to make it so that you can still rent a car in Cyprus.

Can I cancel a reservation in Cyprus without losing the prepayment charged from the card?

Yes, you can cancel your order if there are more than 7 days left until the car pick-up in Cyprus. In this case, the advance is refunded in full minus a small bank transaction fee. If the cancellation of the order occurs literally on the eve of receipt, then the entire paid advance is withheld as a penalty. All of this is described in the Booking Conditions, which each client agrees with when booking a car with us.

What time before the pick-up can I cancel a booking with a full refund?

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, cancellation with a refund of the prepayment is possible at least 7 days before picking up the car in Cyprus. In case of later cancellation of the order, the prepayment is withheld.

Can I renew my rental in Cyprus at the end of its term?

You can extend your rental in Cyprus subject to availability. If necessary, you can do this in agreement with the manager of the rental company or with our support service.

Can I rent a car with floating rental dates in Cyprus?

According to the terms of the rental in Cyprus, it is possible to revise the rental dates for at least 7 days without overpayments. If you cancel less than 7 days before your trip, it's best to contact our support and we'll try to help. Keep in mind that when revising the rental terms, the cost may be changed, both upward and downward.

Can I rent a crossover in Cyprus through you?

Yes, it is possible. In the search bar in the Type of car, you can put a tick next to the word "Crossover". Then the system will show all cars of increased capacity.

Is it allowed to take the car at the airport and return it in the city?

Yes, it is possible through our service. You can book a car with any combination of receipt and return. Many companies will be ready to bring the car to the airport for free, some rentals may have their own or partner counter in Cyprus. Specify your request in the search by date, and then apply the filter Options => Free shipping.

I would like to receive a car at the airport and return it in the city, for example. Is it allowed?

Sure! It is in our service that you can rent a car on flexible terms, including pick-up and return in different locations. Some rental companies in Cyprus may be ready to deliver the car for free. It depends on the total number of rental days.

What happens if the mileage limit is violated while driving a rented car in Cyprus?

The limitation of mileage when renting a car in Cyprus is defined in the Terms and Conditions of the rental and the contract. In case of violation, the tenant will most likely have to pay a fine - according to the terms of the contract.

Is there an additional charge for picking up a car at the airport?

Depends on the rental you choose in Cyprus. Some companies deliver cars to the airport for free. To find such, refine your request in the search by dates, and then apply the filter Options => Free shipping.

Do you have scooters and motorcycles on offerin Cyprus?

No, we only rent out cars of different classes in Cyprus. We do not rent out scooters and motorcycles.

I would like to rent a car with minimum mileage in Cyprus, do you have such information on your cars?

We do not have data on the current mileage on cars in Cyprus, but the manager of the rental company will probably be able to answer a specific request through private messages, try to contact them for such details.

My name is spelled differently in Latin in my driver's license and in my passport. What should be indicated in the car booking form in Cyprus?

The car rental agreement in Cyprus includes the data of your foreign passport / id and driving licence separately. Therefore, no problems will arise.

Do I need to print out the voucher for a car rental in Cyprus?

There is no need to print the voucher on paper, but it is better to have it with you at least on your smartphone when you receive the car in Cyprus. The rental company will have exactly the same voucher in the office as you.

Could cars be rented in Cyprus with a driver's license of Kazakhstan?

Of course. As for the IDL, you need to clarify in the conditions when ordering.

Do I need to bring my voucher with me when traveling in Cyprus?

The voucher in Cyprus is likely to be needed only to pick up the car. You can have it printed or show it on your smartphone. You will no longer need this document on the road.

Does the rental price in Cyprus include the replacement of a car with another one in case of an accident or other emergency?

The answer to your question is yes, it is included. Normally, the rental price in Cyprus already includes the risks that if the car breaks down, it will need to be replaced. Another question is where exactly this will happen and the circumstances of the incident.

If the cancellation is due to force majeure, how can I get the car rental prepayment refunded?

Regardless of the reasons for your refusal to rent a car in Cyprus, you will be able to return the prepayment if you cancel your booking 7 or more days before the date of car pick-up.

We would like to book a car for two periods: 3-5 days at the beginning of the vacation and 3-5 days at the end. Will it be advantageous cost-wise?

In general, of course, yes. But the rental price per day in Cyprus may increase as the car rental period decreases. Try to compare prices for different options, some companies provide cars for a longer period at very competitive rates.

My rental agreement in Cyprus has expired, but I have complaints, who I should get in touch with?

Prental contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner or write an email to We really appreciate your feedback.

Are you in control of the condition of the cars available in Cyprus?

As an aggregator of local car rental companies, we cannot monitor the status of each car in Cyprus. However, we cooperate with reliable local rental companies, which, under a contract with us, maintain cars in working condition, regularly carry out maintenance and inform the client in advance about any important nuances.

Is there any information on available additional service options when booking a car in Cyprus?

You do not need to additionally contact us to provide additional services in Cyprus (GPS navigator, child seats, second driver). The standard additional options available for each car are presented on the booking page. The cost is also indicated there. Just add them to your booking a car.

We would you like to take a day or two day trip from in Cyprus, what is the best place to go?

Contact the manager of the rental company that gives you the car. Managers know their region very well and will be able to recommend a specific route, having understood what exactly interests you.

Can I travel to the North in a rented car?

Such a trip is possible. The only thing that will need to be found is a car for which the rental rules will allow driving to the northern territory.

Invalid password and seems like it can't be reset, what should I do?

Reset your password and check your spam folder, sometimes a password reset email gets there. If you can't find it there, prental contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner and report your problem.

What is the minimum power required for serpentine driving?

The minimum engine displacement for driving on serpentines is perhaps 1.2 liters. But if there are more than 200 kg of passengers and luggage in the car, then this is +0.2 liters. If you take the car on the car, then this is +0.2 liters. And if you plan to stay in an apartment, which leads to a steep climb, then this will also require 0.2 liters to the minimum engine volume.

Are there any problems with renting a car in Cyprus with a group 1 car seat? Do companies mainly provide boosters?

Here you can order a car with a child seat, or you can order a booster. Just indicate your wishes for the chair when booking in Cyprus. Car rental companies always take them into account.

What are the best price / quality ratio cars in Cyprus?

We advise you to choose a car based on your own preferences and budget - using our filters you can easily find the relevant options. Further, you can be helped by the reviews of our clients who previously used the services of rental companies presented on our website in Cyprus. Or contact us in support - we will help you with your choice.

I would like to bring a video recorder with a built-in, software-switchable radar detector in Cyprus. As far as I know, they are prohibited. I won't have any problems with the police if I only use it as a video recorder?

If only the policeman is not advanced and does not know what kind of device it is. There may be a fine for using radar detectors and radar detectors. In this case, a large fine may threaten. Our advice is to leave the device at home.

Is there a possibility that child seats will not be delivered to us when renting a car in Cyprus and how to act in this situation?

If you are traveling with children in Cyprus, then, of course, Availability of child seats in the car is necessary. If you request this option by specifying in advance in the car booking form or later directly from the manager, then the seats will be surely provided to you.

Do I need to call the rental company upon arrival in Cyprus and remind them or can I simply wait for the car to arrive?

No, the car will be delivered to you on time. It is enough just to be in the appointed place at the appointed time in Cyprus. If we have confirmed the rental, the rental company has received your order and left the car for you. But of course it's better to have your phone close at hand.

What language do employees of local car rental companies in Cyprus speak?

In addition to the local language, in Cyprus rental companies most often speak English. Some also speak Russian.

How do you choose rental companies in Cyprus for cooperation?

We work carefully to select the most reliable in Cyprus rental companies with a high level of service for our clients. We choose according to the criteria of customer focus, experience in the market, a decent choice of cars and their prices, the availability of additional services ...

Is there a free period of parking at the airport?

Yes, usually it's 15 minutes.

What payment methods are accepted in Cyprus?

There are not enough parking spaces during the season, but you can always find a place, even in the most touristy places in Cyprus.

Where else do you operate, except Cyprus?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Turkey, find car rentals in Montenegro and Iceland. Many tourists want to rent a car in Bulgaria with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

How do you manage to keep the car prices in Cyprus low?

Our low prices are the result of a selection of reliable local rental providers who provide cars in Cyprus on favorable terms. We have the most honest prices and reliable rentals.

Are there premium cars options with discounts in Cyprus?

The pricing policy is determined not by us, but by the rental companies in Cyprus. There are usually no discounts, we advise you to choose a car in advance - this is more profitable in price, and you will also have a wider choice. There will be a surcharge during the high season.

Do you provide cars in Cyprus for disabled people?

Some companies have restrictions on the maximum age of the driver for car rental in Cyprus. As for disabilities, there are no such restrictions, but common sense has not been canceled.

When filling out the form for booking a car in Cyprus, you must specify the contact phone numbers. Is it possible to indicate the numbers of my home country operators, and in what format should they be indicated?

The contact phone number can be your usual one, because it will probably work in Cyprus in roaming. An example of entering a phone number is indicated in the field itself where you need to enter the number: the number must start with a plus sign and then in the international format.

Who can I contact if my car booking in Cyprus fails?

The fastest way to contact us is through the support chat right on the site - the chat icon in the lower right corner. You can also contact us at any convenient time in one of the available ways (contacts are also at the bottom of the page)

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Feel free to ask and we'll reply within 2 hours.

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