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Limassol car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires on Cyprus

Alexey Gusev
Alexey Gusev

Mazda Demio on Cyprus

Everything is fine, the service is excellent, everything is on time without any problems. We are glad. We were given Mazda Demio. The car is fresh, the condition is very good.

October 2021
Victor Chertovskikh
Victor Chertovskikh

Nissan March on Cyprus

Everything is excellent. The car is new. Nice communication with the owner. To take and to give back the car was very fast and comfortable. Everything was on time. Thank you. Highly recommend!!!

July 2020
Aleksei Matvienko
Aleksei Matvienko

Honda Fit on Cyprus

Everything went well

November 2021
Gerhard peter Paulo dos santos
Gerhard peter Paulo dos santos

Nissan Note on Cyprus

All went well. Car was good. No problems at all. Thanks for flexible service because i had to change timings and place of delivery.

January 2020
Alexei Diduh
Alexei Diduh

Mazda Demio on Cyprus

Thanks to Alik and his professional team. Everything was top notch. They contacted me in advance, clarified the nuances, met me with a sign. Registration of the car took really five minutes (for me it was very important, since I was with a child) for this special thanks. The car met my expectations and never failed. The day before my departure, we wrote off, clarified the time again and transferring the car back also took five minutes. You guys are great, it's a pleasure to do business with you, I will continue to order cars from you, thanks again.

October 2022
Anastasiia Semenova
Anastasiia Semenova

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Thank you very much, we are very satisfied, especially with the service! Recommend you to others now

September 2021
Vasily Smirnov
Vasily Smirnov

Mazda Demio on Cyprus

with Janis everything is always fine and without problems

January 2020
Aleksandr Golikov
Aleksandr Golikov

Nissan Note on Cyprus

We rented a car from Yiannis at the beginning of October in Limassol. As we asked, he personally drove the car, Nissan Note, to the hotel, which is very convenient, there is no need to drive around the city and look for an office. Thank you very much! The payment (about 35 € per day) included a deposit, i.e. no deposit is made, which is also a big plus. The car itself is quite fresh and drove well. In general, cooperation with Yannis left only positive emotions, we will turn to him for a lease! Recommended !!)

October 2021
Eduard Nahnybida
Eduard Nahnybida

Suzuki Swift on Cyprus

Everything is fine. I put 4 because of the brake squeak.

November 2022
Aleksei Tsoi
Aleksei Tsoi

Nissan March on Cyprus

All was good. Janis met us at the airport with a sign. Then he was always in touch. By car: The car was in good working condition and nothing happened for two weeks. Very convenient that there was no deposit. If we are in Cyprus, then with a high probability we will book with you

January 2022
Peter Enyedi
Peter Enyedi

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Everything was correct and perfect! I recommend the localcarhires.com

January 2020
Sergei Rogozianskii
Sergei Rogozianskii

Nissan Note on Cyprus

Everything went perfectly! The day before departure, we were contacted by whatsapp to clarify the time of picking up the car. The rental staff met at the airport on time, we examined the car together, recorded all the damage, we signed the documents, handed over the rest of the money and gave us the car. And even the suitcases were loaded) Clearance is fast and convenient! The car, though old and outwardly rather shabby, has never failed in 2 weeks. Only they did not figure out the radio tape recorder, for some reason it was in Chinese, the phone could not be connected and periodically the radio tape recorder itself displayed some voice prompts in Chinese) They handed us the car perfectly clean, both outside and inside. The tank was almost full, they agreed to return it the same way. I called several times on various issues, Janis was always in touch. The return of the car was much faster than the reception, in just a couple of minutes the car was inspected, we handed over the keys and that's it! No additional payments and imposed services! We rented the car a little dusty, but no questions arose from the owner - apparently the car is washed inside and out after each rental. Many thanks to Janis and his team for such a wonderful service! Highly recommend!

September 2021
Maksym Yakubovych
Maksym Yakubovych

Honda Fit on Cyprus

Everything was great. Met very conveniently right at the central exit of the airport

February 2020

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Limassol car rental questions

How can I book a car in Limassol?

You can book online through our platform for rentals in Limassol. However, if you need custom assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

How much prepayment is required for renting a car in Limassol?

The prepayment for renting a car in Limassol is generally between 10 to 20%, depending on the supplier. For specific details, please check the booking information related to your rental in Limassol.

Can I cancel my car rental booking in Limassol for free?

Yes, you can cancel for free up to 7 days before the rental in Limassol, unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement.

How can I modify my car rental reservation in Limassol?

To modify your car rental reservation in Limassol, please contact our customer support. Please note that this may cause additional charges, and you'll need to wait for confirmation that the changes have been accepted.

What is the minimum rental duration in Limassol?

The minimum rental duration in Limassol is 1 day, with a 24-hour tariff rate system.

Can young drivers rent cars in Limassol?

Yes, young drivers aged 21 and older can rent cars in Limassol. Additional charges may apply for a 'Young Driver' insurance option.

Is an International Driving License required for car rentals in Limassol?

No, an International Driving License is not required for car rentals in Limassol.

What documents do I need to provide for renting a car in Limassol?

You'll need to provide your passport and driving license for renting a car in Limassol.

What are the driver requirements in Limassol?

Drivers in Limassol must be at least 22 years old, have 2+ years of driving experience, agree to terms, and sign a rental contract on pickup. Young drivers may have additional terms.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car in Limassol?

Whether a credit card is needed to rent a car in Limassol depends on the supplier's terms. Use a filter on our platform to narrow down results according to your preferences.

Can I add an additional driver for my car rental in Limassol?

Yes, most often you can add an additional driver for your car rental in Limassol, although there may be extra charges.

What is included in the car rental price in Limassol?

A mandatory free Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is included in the car rental price in Limassol.

What about CDW and full insurance options in Limassol?

CDW and full insurance options in Limassol depend on the car supplier. Compare and choose your CDW options by checking the "?" icon on our platform. Full coverage with zero liability may be subject to additional terms.

What are the deposit amounts in Limassol?

Our deposit amounts in Limassol are generally low compared to international chains. Cash or cards are accepted for deposit entry, as specified in the terms at checkout.

Can I rent a car without a deposit in Limassol?

A few suppliers in Limassol provide cars without a deposit, subject to their additional terms. Others may include this as a paid insurance option.

Are parking fees included in the rental rate in Limassol?

No, parking fees are normally not included in the rental rate in Limassol.

When will my deposit be returned in Limassol?

Deposits in Limassol are normally returned immediately if paid in cash, otherwise as specified in the rental terms. Use filters and review information while booking.

What is the franchise amount (deductible) in Limassol?

The franchise amount (deductible) in Limassol is the limit of your responsibility in case of an accident. It may be the same, lower, or higher than the deposit.

Can I choose where to collect and drop off my rental car in Limassol?

Yes, you can select the exact place from available locations to collect and drop off your rental car in Limassol.

Is car delivery to a custom address available in Limassol?

Yes, car delivery options to custom addresses are available in Limassol. Specify your needs in your reservation, but note that additional charges may apply.

What are the working hours for car rental services in Limassol?

Working hours for car rental services in Limassol depend on the supplier. Specify in your reservation, but 24/7 delivery and late/early returns are generally okay. There may be charges for non-working time, but we always have options.

Are bank cards accepted on pickup in Limassol?

Whether bank cards are accepted on pickup in Limassol depends on the supplier. Check the rental terms at checkout for more information.

Is fuel included in the rental price in Limassol?

No, fuel is normally not included in the rental price in Limassol, and it depends on the fuel policy.

How can I find a better car for rent in Limassol?

To find a better car for rent in Limassol, search online on our platform and use filters to narrow down your options.

Are additional equipment options available for rent in Limassol?

Yes, many additional equipment options are available for rent in Limassol, such as navigators, child seats, ski racks, and more.

Are cabrio cars available for rent in Limassol?

Yes, cabrio cars are available for rent in Limassol, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are minivans available for rent in Limassol?

Yes, minivans are available for rent in Limassol, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are SUV 4x4s available for rent in Limassol?

Yes, SUV 4x4s are available for rent in Limassol, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are winter tires provided in Limassol?

Winter tires will be provided by default in Limassol during winter due to legal regulations.

Will I get the exact car I see in the photos in Limassol?

In most cases, you'll get the exact car you see in the photos when renting in Limassol, but this is a rental vehicle, and there may be no guarantees.

Why should I book a car through you in Limassol?

Compare yourself! Use the promocode LOCAL for your first booking in Limassol. We provide the lowest prices, as our suppliers are local family businesses without extra charges and royalty fees.

Do you have a best price guarantee in Limassol?

Yes, we have a best price guarantee for rentals in Limassol. If you find a better price elsewhere, show us a confirmed voucher and we'll beat that price with an individual offer.

Is there a discount code I can use for a car rental in Limassol?

Yes, you can use the code LOCAL for up to 10% off your first car rental in Limassol.

When will I receive my voucher for rental in Limassol?

You will receive a rental voucher for your booking in Limassol within a few hours after approval. Check your email and SPAM folder. After you receive it, switch communication to the rental supplier/manager.

Who are your rental suppliers in Limassol?

Our car rental suppliers in Limassol are small to mid-size providers run by local people who strive to satisfy every customer.

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