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Alexey Molotkov

Volkswagen Polo in Serbia

Used the services of this service in July 2022 in Montenegro. The found car was delivered to the hotel, the condition was good, the tariffs and the deposit corresponded to the declared ones, there were no problems with returning the car and receiving the deposit. Everything is fast and clear. I recommend this service!"

June 2022
Maksym Vorobei

Skoda Fabia in Serbia

Everything went well, I was satisfied. They made delivery to the address on time and took the car just as punctually. The car was provided with a class higher than ordered and given an automatic transmission instead of mechanics. The registration was quick and easy!

November 2021

Local Car Hires in Serbia

These local businesses provide car rental services in Serbia

Local Car Hires in Serbia

These local businesses provide car rental services in Serbia




Novi Sad
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Frequent Questions

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Is it possible to revise the minimum required driving experience under certain circumstances?

The requirements for drivers are based on the insurance risks and set by a specific car rental company in Serbia that insures its cars. As a car rental platform, we do not cooperate with insurance companies and do not directly influence their requirements.

Is it possible to pick up a rented car in Serbia by yourself and avoid paying for delivery?

If it is convenient for you to drive up to the office of the company, then, of course, you can drive up to pick up a car in Serbia. However, keep in mind that some car rental companies may be located in neighboring settlements. We also recommend that you consider options with free shipping, which you can find using the filter "Options" => "Free shipping".

Can the car be returned at the airport before our departure?

Yes, of course, just select the one you need to the airport in the Refund box when booking a car rental in Serbia.

Do you deliver the car to other locations besides those presented in the search on the website?

In our search, the main settlements are presented, where the delivery of a car may be required. If you have not found the location you need, please contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner or send an email to we will try to help.

Are the documents signed near the car or will I need to go to the office of the company in Serbia?

The contract is drawn up on the spot at the car. If you order a car for receiving at the hotel or at any other convenient point in Serbia, you will not need to go anywhere else.

Will CDW be valid in the neighboring country?

Normally, CDW when renting a car in Serbia is valid only in the country of receipt of the car. Whether CDW will operate in a neighboring country depends on the conditions of a particular rental company. More often than not, no, it won't.

What does CDW include in Serbia?

CDW - insurance of a vehicle against damage caused by the lessee. You can read about the validity of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

Are there cars on the website that can be booked in Serbia without a deposit?

Most of the cars in Serbia are rented with a deposit. You can check Availability of cars without the deposit using our filter "Options", where you can specify the corresponding restriction.

What is the deposit amount for the cabriolet in Serbia?

To check the deposit amount for cars of the Cabrio class in Serbia, enter the rental dates in the search and use the filter "Car type: Cabrio". The amount of the deposit will be indicated on the page of each car.

Will we be required to pay the full car rental price in Serbia if we have to cancel the booking?

If you cancel your car booking in Serbia more than 7 days before the date of receipt, the prepayment will be returned to you in full minus a commission of 10% of the prepayment amount. If you cancel your booking afterwards, the prepayment will be retained, but of course you will not be obliged to pay the full cost of the booking under any circumstances.

Is it possible to rent a car in Serbia without prepayment and pay in cash upon arrival instead?

When booking on the website, only a small advance payment of 15-20% of the rental price must be paid by card. The exact amount is indicated for each vehicle in the estimate. The rest of the rental price you already pay in cash upon picking up the car on the spot.

Do you charge an additional commission for car rental through your website?

Using our service is absolutely free. We do not charge you any fee or commission when booking a car in Serbia.

If desired, can we pay for the reservation in Serbia fully through the website?

No. The order is always paid in installments. On the site you make only an advance payment, and the rest of the amount you pay when you pick up the car in Serbia.

How to check if cards are accepted for payment at the rental point in Serbia?

This information can be found in the booking terms and conditions. If payment by card is a matter of principle for you, write to us in support of the date and which car you are interested in. We will select for you those that can be paid with a car in Serbiad. The possibility of paying by card on the spot depends on the specific car rental company - we will advise you on whom to contact.

Are there car rental payment options for businesses in Serbia?

There are no special payment options for business in Serbia on our website. If you need something specific, please send us a request by mail or contact us via the support chat on our website.

The flight departure in Serbia time has changed, and therefore the time for returning the car needs to be adjusted. How can I do that?

Contact us via the support chat (the messenger icon in the lower right corner), by mail or in any other way convenient for you. We will help you make a change to your in Serbia lease.

Is it possible to add a co-driver during the trip in Serbia?

The second driver is also included in the rental agreement, so this must be done at the time of receiving the car in Serbia. It is best to request this option when making a rental via our website.

Is it possible to shorten the lease period after the prepayment has been withdrawn?

After writing off the advance payment, you can shorten the car rental period in Serbia and even cancel reservations up to 7 days before the date of car pick-up.

Do I need to negotiate with you or directly with the manager about the rental dates change in Serbia?

You can make a change to the lease if there are more than 7 days left before the date of car pick-up in Serbia. Normally, there is no need to negotiate with us if you are already in touch with your manager. Otherwise, let us know via the support chat.

Is it possible to request additional equipment after making a prepayment for car rental in Serbia?

Yes, after making a prepayment for the car in Serbia rental, you can request additional equipment. Contact us or the manager of the rental company. If the options you need are available, they will be provided to you. The sooner you get in touch, the better.

Can I find a bike for rent in Serbia?

No, we do not provide motorcycles. You can find different categories of cars for rent in Serbia.

Do compact cars usually have enough power, taking into account the condition of the roads in Serbia?

It depends on your trip, where you plan to go, how many people will be in the car. In general, of course, for increased comfort, it is worth considering cars of the Comfort class and higher. We recommend that you read the reviews of previous car rental customers that interest you to learn about their experience.

Is the driver renting a car in Serbia limited somehow geographically?

If there are any territorial restrictions on the use of a car rented by in Serbia, then this is spelled out in the Terms and Conditions of car rental in Serbia.

What time of day does the in Serbia vehicle pick up occur, and what time should I return it?

You yourself can choose at what time of the day to order a car delivery in Serbia. The same is with the return. This is done on the car page, before clicking the Book button.

Do I need to print out the voucher for a car rental {in_location_EN}?

There is no need to print the voucher on paper, but it is better to have it with you at least on your smartphone when you receive the car in Serbia. The rental company will have exactly the same voucher in the office as you.

What happens if a car rented in Serbia is stolen in a neighboring country?

There will be a police investigation. If the tenant provides the keys and documents to the car, then the suspicion is removed from him and he does not risk anything. We only had 2 cases of car theft. And both times the tenants themselves hijacked. So if your plans don't include car theft, then everything will be fine.

What should be taken into account when using your service?

Using our service is absolutely safe and reliable. You pre-select a car and a car rental company in Serbia according to your preferences. You have the opportunity to compare conditions, car photos and customer reviews and choose the best option. For our part, we provide you with access to all information and round-the-clock support if necessary.

Do I have to have a dashboard camera in my car?

No, it is not necessary to have a dashboard camera in the car. You can try to order it additionally when making a car hire, sometimes this option is available.

Can rental company run out of child seats during high season in Serbia?

There are no problems with Availability of child seats in Serbia. The main thing is to make sure you add it when you rent a car. This can be done when booking a car through our website for each car.

If there is no travel abroad option in the car booking form in Serbia, does it mean that it is not going to be possible to exit the country in the selected car?

Usually the rental company indicates whether it is allowed to travel abroad or not. If this information is not available, it is better to contact us directly to clarify the availability of this option for a specific vehicle in Serbia.

Invalid password and seems like it can't be reset, what should I do?

Reset your password and check your spam folder, sometimes a password reset email gets there. If you can't find it there, please contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner and report your problem.

Can the car on the photo be different from the one that will be given to us?

All photos that you see on the site are real. In rare cases, in Serbia the car may be replaced with an analogue or a higher class while keeping the same conditions.

Can you guarantee the reliability of the rental company in Serbia?

On our website you can see only reliable car rental companies. We usually don't have any problems in Serbia - according to the offer agreement, the company provides the car at a pre-agreed price and conditions. In case of disagreement, you can count on our support.

What is the probability that we will get this particular car in Serbia, and not an analogue?

The probability is as high as possible. :) With us you book a specific car. Only force majeure can interfere. In this case, you will receive a similar or better car on the same terms. The replacement will always be agreed with you.

Do we know in advance the year of manufacture of the car rented in Serbia?

Yes, through our service you get access to information on all cars available on offer in Serbia. Select the dates you need, the pick up / drop off address and you will see all the cars available during this period. The year of manufacture is indicated on the page of each vehicle.

Can I contact the rental company in Serbia directly?

Yes, there is such an opportunity. You can send a private message to the rental company - this option is available on each manager's page in Serbia. Also, after booking, you will receive a voucher with the manager's phone number.

Can the rental company or the police in Serbia demand an international driving license?

No, national rights for lease in Serbia are sufficient.

Is fuel included in the car rental price in Serbia?

No, fuel is not included in the rental price and is paid by the tenant separately. However, a car is usually delivered with a full tank for collection. More specifically, you need to look in the Terms and conditions of renting a specific rental in Serbia, presented on our website.

Where else do you operate, except Serba?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Italy, find car rentals in Turkey and Montenegro. Many tourists want to rent a car in Bulgaria with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Do you charge any commission for car rental in Serbia?

One of the advantages of our service is an honest and transparent approach to the rental price. The in Serbia rental price that you see when comparing the options on the website and in the voucher after booking is final. There are no additional fees or commissions.

Where can I contact you to consult about the car rental in Serbia?

If you need advice about a car rental in Serbia, contact us in the chat on the site or in any way convenient for you. Our contacts are presented at the bottom of the page.

Are there premium cars options with discounts in Serbia?

The pricing policy is determined not by us, but by the rental companies in Serbia. There are usually no discounts, we advise you to choose a car in advance - this is more profitable in price, and you will also have a wider choice. There will be a surcharge during the high season.

Do you give a discount for more than 1-month car hires in Serbia?

The pricing policy is determined not by us, but by the rental companies in Serbia. Many rental companies provide more favorable booking conditions for those who rent for a long time, all prices already include a discount.

Do you run seasonal promotions in Serbia?

We do not set prices in Serbia. This is done by our partners, often providing cars at a discounted price in the low season.

Can you provide a discount for a certain car in Serbia?

Unfortunately, we do not provide discounts for rent, our prices are the most profitable and fair on the market. To get the most out of our service, we advise you to book a car in Serbia in advance.

Will the system allow booking two cars in Serbia at once?

Yes, it will, but in turn - first one, then the second.

Is it possible to check whether the car has a DVR?

Video recorders for cars are provided quite rarely, and we usually do not have such information. But you can always contact the manager of the rental company through personal messages and clarify this aspect in advance.

I entered the wrong email when booking a car in Serbia, what should I do?

Please contact us at and let us know in whose name the reservation was made. We will find your voucher and send it to the correct mail.

Payment fails when renting a car in Serbia, what should I do?

Describe the problem in more detail through the customer support chat on our website or by email We will understand and solve your problem with car rental in Serbia.

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