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Real reviews on local car hires in Greece

Yonatan Vidiker

Fiat Panda on Crete, in Greece

Not so good in the end i received fiat panda i want to pay with credit card in the end i paid cash and you charged me 40 euro for return the car in the night but no one was ther they said me to leave the car near the airport

July 2021
Alessandra Bertozzi

Fiat Panda in Greece

Yes I did everything was fine the person that bring us the car to the airport was very kind and helpful The car was clean.

August 2021
Vladyslav Podolskyi

Citroen Picasso in Greece

Everything was fine, the car was on time, there were no questions about the car, they also handed over without problems, the girl drove up to the airport and returned the deposit. Thank you for the service, if we are in Greece we will definitely contact you

August 2021
Vladimir Prokopovich

Hyundai Verna on Crete, in Greece

All was good. The car was not new, but quite in good condition. Just squeaks music from left speaker behind the driver a bit.

July 2019
Ilia Chichkanov

Toyota Yaris on Crete, in Greece

The service is great. The car was driven to the hotel at the appointed time. The owner is a nice young man, he answered all the questions regarding the peculiarities of driving rules in Crete in English. The lease was filled out very quickly, without wasting time. Toyota Yaris is not new. The body and the worn interior are slightly scratched. Despite the aesthetic appearance, the technical condition is normal. Does not stall, the clutch does not slip, the brakes are sharp, the steering wheel does not lead, the wheels do not knock. Rented for two, for 7 days. Dashed off more than 1000 km in the mountains and cities, we were very pleased with the comfort of the trip. We will be in Greece, we will definitely turn to the guys again for services.

October 2021
Andrii Khomenko

Citroen C3 on Crete, in Greece

I liked everything very much, delivered as ordered directly to the hotel at the specified time, and left the keys there, the car was later taken away. The service is super. Thank you, we will recommend it.

September 2021
Hlib Telepenko

Renault Duster on Crete, in Greece

All is well, just not the duster that was available on the site for rent on our dates, but Suzuki vitara. After prepayment for the duster, we were told that it was not available for our dates and offered a more expensive car. But the car itself was good, in terms of car operation everything was fine, fresh, clean and vigorous.

July 2021
Stanislav Egerev

Peugeot 108 in Greece

The process of choosing, booking a car is organized perfectly, everything is clear and all information is available. I liked the feedback from the company representative, accuracy, punctuality and courtesy. Thanks for your work.

June 2022
Larion Dmytrenko

Hyundai I10 on Crete, in Greece

Everything went well, the car was brought to the hotel, informed about the nuances in the insurance, we filled out the documents and gave us the keys to the car. Then they also took the car from the hotel, I was satisfied👍😊

July 2021
Nikita Koch

Renault Sandero Stepway on Crete, in Greece

Everything was good. Thank you!

May 2021
Mikhail Belousov

Skoda Fabia on Crete, in Greece

Everything is fine, the car is beautiful, it was served exactly on time. All the details were discussed in advance, everything was fine.

September 2021
Laura Carter

Nissan Note in Greece

It was okay. thank you!

October 2019
Konstantin Kungurtsev

Peugeot 307cc on Crete, in Greece

The owner of the car successfully brought it to the appointed place at the appointed time, the car fully corresponded to the declared one. After a day of use for no apparent reason, the roof (they took a convertible) refused to open. After informing the lessor, he promptly changed the car without requiring any additional payments I bet 5+

July 2021

Local Car Hires in Greece

These local businesses provide car rental services in Greece

Local Car Hires in Greece

These local businesses provide car rental services in Greece








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Car rental prices in Greece

Car rental prices in Greece vary throughout the year depending on the season and your rental length in days. Car hire rates in Greece are entered and displayed in EUR.

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€ 66
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chartAverage car rental prices in Greece per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration.

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Is there a car rental option in Greece for drivers who got their license a year ago?

The minimum requirements for driving experience is from 1 year and above. If you have little experience and you cannot find a suitable car, prental contact our support.

Who is allowed to drive a rented car in Greece?

Car rental in Greece usually requires a valid driver's license, 1-2 years of driving experience and an age of 21+. There may be exceptions to restrictions, this must be clarified directly with the car rental company. The companies require only documents, so if you have a license and are confident in driving, they will give you a car without any problems.

Are additional documents required if we are going to travel with children?

No, no additional documents are required to rent a car for the purpose of traveling with children in Greece. You will need to comply with local travel requirements for child safety - in particular, you will need to indicate that you will need child seats.

If the car rented in Greece is in poor technical condition, can we have it replaced?

We work with reliable local car rental companies in Greece, which carefully monitor the condition of the cars. You can verify it by reading the reviews of our clients. Of course, in exceptional cases, if any technical problems are found, you have the right to demand a replacement.

Is it possible to negotiate a free car delivery in Greece?

Some cars in Greece can be delivered free of charge. Use the search to find cars for the dates you need and use the filter "Options" => "Free delivery". It will generate a list of cars for which delivery will be free.

If we don't like the car upon arrival in Greece, can it be replaced?

By renting a car through us in Greece, you avoid such problems, as photos, reviews and a description of the car are available to you in advance. Without a serious reason, it will be impossible to abandon the car on the spot. If you have any doubts, it is better to contact support by mail or in any other convenient way and we will try to help you with the choice.

Does the cost of insurance in Greece depend on the age and driving experience of a renter?

The cost of insurance will not depend directly on age and experience. However, some companies may ask for an additional cost for providing a car to a young and / or inexperienced driver in Greece or refuse it altogether. In particular, this is due to the fact that if the car is damaged, the insurance company will not cover the damage.

What currency do we pay in for insurance in Greece?

The insurance is paid together with the main amount of the rental directly upon receipt of the car in Greece. Depending on which car you choose, you will be able to pay in cash and, in some cases, by card. You will pay accordingly in local currency.

What documents do I need to have to get insurance in Greece?

Nothing is required of you. All insured points will be settled by the rental company in Greece.

Do you handle super insurance yourself or is it done by the partner companies in Greece?

This is done by rental companies in Greece. They provide insurance options directly.

Are there any car rental options with free super CDW in Greece?

Of course, some cars may be available with the free Super CDW in Greece option. The terms of provision and the cost of additional services are determined by the rental company, so it will depend on the car you choose.

If we take a super CDW while renting a car in Greece, does it already include insurance against theft?

Pay attention to the description of Super CDW, which opens when you click on the question mark. It describes what this type of insurance covers. The concepts of Super CDW and Full CDW are slightly different for all rental providers in the world and there is no single standard that is included in these insurance options. Therefore, always read the descriptions carefully when renting a car in Greece.

Is there a large deposit for premium cars in Greece?

There is not always a direct connection. The amount of the deposit for cars in Greece will depend on the specific conditions of the rental company. For some premium cars, the deposit may be lower or the same as for middle class cars.

Will the deposit be returned in full when returning the car in Greece?

The deposit will be returned after you return the car in Greece. If there were no damages and violations on your part, the deposit will be returned to you in full.

If we rent two cars in Greece, do we need to leave the deposit for both of them?

Yes, if there is a deposit for each car, you have to depose it for each car, as well as the prepayment. The deposit is paid (or preauthorised) upon receipt of the car directly to the manager of the rental company in Greece.

Is a credit card a prerequisite for a car rental in Greecethrough your website?

Yes, you need a credit / debit card to make the prepayment at the in Greece booking. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to make an advance payment.

Can there be changes in the rental price in Greece?

The advantage of our service is that the price is fixed - you will receive the car you need in Greece at a pre-agreed price and conditions

Is it possible to book a car in Greece if we are not sure about the exact route?

The return location can be changed even during the rental itself. However, it is necessary to decide on the settlements in advance, the availability of the car and the rental price will depend, among other things, on this.

Do I need to negotiate with you or directly with the manager about the rental dates change in Greece?

You can make a change to the rental if there are more than 7 days left before the date of car pick-up in Greece. Normally, there is no need to negotiate with us if you are already in touch with your manager. Otherwise, let us know via the support chat.

Do you have cars for families with 5 children and 2 adults in Greece?

Sure. For a trip of 7 people in Greece a Minivan is quite suitable. To find them, use the Car type filter in the search. The capacity will be indicated on the page of each vehicle.

What is the condition in which is the car should be handed over to us in Greece?

Our rental companies in Greece always carefully monitor the condition of the cars. The car will be handed over clean, well-groomed, most often with a full tank. Read the reviews of our customers and make sure that the vast majority are more than satisfied with the condition of the cars and the level of service.

Are all taxes and fees included in the car in Greece rental price?

The rental price that you see on the website and in the voucher is final. You will not be charged any additional fees upon receipt of the car in Greece. This is one of the advantages of our service.

I would like to take a car of a certain model and year of manufacture, could you help with that?

Of course, if you need a specific car, prental contact us via or in any way convenient for you - you will always find our contacts at the bottom of the webpage.

Do you have limousines in Greece?

There are no limousines in our range, but we can recommend a convertible as an alternative for special occasions. Finding convertibles is easy by applying the ["Car Type" => Convertible] filter.

Are all cars presented on the website in Greece left-hand drive?

Yes, in Greece only left-hand drive vehicles are presented on our website. Basically, you can see this in the pictures of the cars.

Do you have cars with a large trunk in Greece?

For information on the size of the trunk, it is better to contact the company manager when booking. If you need a car for a large group and a large amount of luggage, we recommend that you pay attention to the categories of oversized cars, minivans and SUVs. You can filter the search results by car class to find in Greece rent options that are suitable for you.

Do you plan to expand the offered range of cars in Greece?

We do our best to provide you with the best possible in Greece choice. Of course, we plan to increase the number of options available without sacrificing reliability and quality. As soon as we have new options, they become available in the search for you.

I ordered a car. Does the voucher need to include insurance information?

Yes, the voucher usually contains basic information about your car booking. Including, there will be information about which insurance you have chosen when renting a car. If not, prental contact us.

If a minor accident happens on the way to the airport in Greece, is it obligatory to wait for the police with the risk of being late for the plane?

By the rules, yes. In this case, you need to wait for the police. But we will not abandon you in such a situation, but we will do everything possible so that you do not miss your flight.

May the final rental price in Greece differ from the one indicated on the website?

No - only if you want to purchase some additional services already on the spot. And so on the site and in the voucher, the current and real price. This is one of the advantages of our in Greece service.

Will the prices for car rental in Greece be adjusted closer to the booking date?

The closer to the booking date, the fewer free options for cars in Greece will be. In addition to this, prices can also rise on average.

Do the prices for cars in Greece differ in winter and summer?

Yes, seasonality can affect the price. Car rental companies determine their own pricing policy and many of them charge higher prices during the high season in Greece.

Are car reviews published by those who previously rented them in Greece?

Yes. All reviews only come from our clients. After the end of the rental, each client can leave feedback on their rental experience in Greece through us.

Will I receive a notification if the company cannot provide me with the additional services that I requested when renting a car in Greece?

If you order services when making a reservation through our website or later through our support, all your requirements will be taken into account by the rental company in Greece. Of course, in exceptional cases, we will contact you in advance and inform you about the impossibility of providing a particular service.

Others indicate that add. equipment is provided upon availability. I need a car with a child seat for a baby up to one year old. How to be?

Child seats are always provided on a mandatory basis in Greece. You can boldly order a car, there will be a child seat.

Do I need to have a green card with me on the roads in a neighboring country?

The green card will be noted in the car rental agreement in Greece. You will not have it in any other form.

Can I cross the border in a rented car in Greece?

For some in Greece vehicles this option is available. You can check the possibility of leaving on the page of the car rental company or directly when registering a car rental.

What cars are popular for a long trip in Greece?

For long trips, tourists usually have bigger and more powerful cars. Popular for such trips in Greece SUVs and Minivans.

How can I communicate with employees in Greece if I don't know the local language?

Usually there are no problems in communication between clients and companies in Greece. Employees most often speak English at the required level, and some of them speak Russian.

What cars would you recommend for a trip to the mountains in Greece?

For a trip to the mountains, we advise you to choose cars with a capacity of at least 1.6 liters on the car and at least 1.4 liters on the mechanics. More often clients in Greece choose diesel cars for such trips. But first of all, be guided by your own preferences.

Are the vehicles provided with a first aid kit, hazard warning signs and other mandatory options for driving on the road in Greece?

Yes, all the necessary equipment is present in the in Greece vehicles. But even if something from the obligatory set was not there, all responsibility would lie with the rental company. Therefore, you, as a renter, have nothing to worry about.

Is a child seat necessary for an adult child in Greece?

An adult child does not need a in Greece seat. It is enough that he is fastened with a seat belt.

What is the maximum speed limit in the city in Greece?

As for the speed limits on different sections, the manager of the rental company in Greece can give you more detailed advice,

Is the delivery of the very same vehicle guaranteed?

The advantage of our service is that you yourself choose a car in Greece based on characteristics, reviews and photos. You can also request additional options. In exceptional cases, if you book a car through us, you can be provided with a car of a similar or higher class at no additional cost.

I paid for the reservation, received a voucher for car rental in Greece. Does this mean that the booking is completed and the car is assigned to me?

Yes, if you have received the car rental voucher and the manager's contacts on your email then your rent was successfully confirmed by the rental company.

Where can I see the opening hours of the in Greece companies that own cars from your website?

Select a specific car in Greece and go to the manager card of this car, standard hours of operation will be indicated on the left when viewed from a PC.

Is it possible to find out which car rental company in Greece offers a car?

The name of a particular company is actually not that important. Only the manager's name is available in clear text. Contacts will be indicated in the voucher that you receive when booking a car in Greece through us.

Can I pick up the car in Greece at any time?

Each rental company in Greece has its own schedule. Usually it is from 6-8 in the morning until 22-23 in the evening. However, some of them are ready to provide a car outside office hours for an additional fee.

How does parking work in Greece and how much does it cost?

There is parking, it is paid separately and is not included in the rental price in Greece. For the actual cost and conditions, we advise you to contact the manager of the rental company after renting a car.

Are winter tires included in the rental price in Greece or are they extra paid?

In the winter season, the car will be equipped according to local traffic rules in Greece. Only additional services and equipment are paid separately, which you can order at will.

Can the rental company or the police in Greece demand an international driving license?

No, national driving license for rental in Greece are sufficient.

Is an IDP required if we are going to travel in Europe?

The need for an IDP depends on which countries you plan to visit. Explore the information on the Internet or contact our support.

From the money point, what kind of fuel is better to choose in Greece?

95th gasoline costs 1.37 euros per liter, and diesel - 1.27 euros per liter. Fuel prices are fixed and the same for all petrol stations in the country.

Where else do you operate, except Greece?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Montenegro, find car rentals in Turkey and Georgia. Many tourists want to rent a car in Czechia with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Why is it worth choosing you for car rental in Greece instead of established international services?

Unlike international services, you can book a specific car with us after comparing all available options in Greece. When you book with us, you pay only 15-20% of the rental, thus having the flexibility to change or even cancel your booking. We have low deposits and fair prices - you always see the details of the rental amount and you can be sure that you do not pay for unnecessary services.

Are there any discounts for off-season rentals in Greece?

The rental companies determine the pricing policy. Of course, they usually charge lower in Greece rental rates during low season.

Will the car be exactly the same as described on the website?

Yes, you will be provided with the car you booked. In rare cases, rentals may provide a similar car - you agree to this in the Terms and Conditions of car rental in Greece.

After booking, should the car disappear from the search on the website?

In most cases, the car disappears from the search results.

While booking, you need to specify a phone number, but we are going to buy a local SIM card upon arrival in Greece, which means that the phone number will be different. What is the best way to proceed in this case?

Enter your current emergency number now. And when you buy a local SIM card, just send us and the manager your new number. We will add it to your order.

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