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Experience the freedom of exploring Thailand with our affordable car rentals in Thailand. Our local providers offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs and budget. Prices vary depending on the season and rental duration, but we provide fair prices with no hidden fees. You can choose from a variety of insurance policies to customize your rental in Thailand. With us, you'll always know the exact amount to be paid at pick up.

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Is a valid driving license sufficient to rent a car in Thailand through you?

To rent a car, you will need a driver's license and a passport. It is better to check all the details directly with the rental company, whose car you are interested in. This information is also usually provided on the car rental company webpage.

Is it enough to provide only one driving license when two persons are renting a car in Thailand?

The second driver will also need to have a driving license with him, as it will be required to drive in Thailand and the driver must be mentioned in the contract and have a power of attorney to drive.

Are there any special requirements if we want to rent an SUV in Thailand?

There are no special requirements for renting an SUV - for renting any car on our website you need a category B license. Requirements for the driving experience, age of the driver, the size of the deposit will depend on the specific rental company and car in Thailand.

What do you need to pay attention to when you receive a car in Thailand?

At the time of receiving the car in Thailand, we recommend that you first of all be careful when signing the contract, make sure that everything is reflected correctly and familiarize yourself with all the terms of the contract. We also recommend that you pay attention to the tire pressure and check the availability of the necessary equipment.

Do the car delivery and return in Thailand always happen on time?

Clients do not complain about the punctuality of our partners - we cooperate with reliable client-oriented car rental companies in Thailand, which usually transfer and accept the car on time.

Is it possible to negotiate a free car delivery in Thailand?

Some cars in Thailand can be delivered free of charge. Use the search to find cars for the dates you need and use the filter "Options" => "Free delivery". It will generate a list of cars for which delivery will be free.

Which airports can you bring the car to?

You can see a list of possible locations in the search tool on our website. Start typing the name of the town or country and you will see all the available options, including the airports where we can deliver the car.

Are there queues for processing documents for car rental in Thailand at the pick up a car at company's office?

Most often, managers plan a schedule for reception / receiving cars with a stock and there are no overlaps. We remind you that you can also order a car and receive it anywhere in Thailand.

Will it be possible to return a little earlier or later than the appointed time?

Each rental has its own Late Return Policy, which is always discussed at the time of booking. On our website you can see this in the Terms and Conditions of booking when renting a car in Thailand. Most often, there are no penalties for being late for 2-3 hours. In any case, if you are late, try to contact the manager as soon as possible and inform about it.

What insurance is required for those planning to leave in Thailand?

Those planning to travel abroad from in Thailand need appropriate insurance. Check the box next to this option when making your reservation.

Does Super CDW include regular CDW, or does it need to be added separately?

Yes, it is added separately. Super CDW only expands the action of the standard CDW. As you can see from the price, Super CDW does not include regular CDW. To have maximum coverage, both insurances must be ordered at the in Thailand lease.

Do you handle insurance and other necessary car rental documents by yourself in Thailand?

Insurance, as well as other documents, are handled by local rental providers, from whom you rent a car in Thailand through us. This happens quickly and without overlap, so there is nothing to worry about.

What is covered by CDW car rental in Thailand?

CDW usually insures the vehicle against damage, not including damages such as wheels, mirrors, underbody. You can read more precisely about the effect of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

Do you have an option for car theft protection in Thailand?

Yes, this insurance option is available for some vehicles. You need to look for it in the Insurance section when registering a car rental called "Protection against theft". By checking the box next to it, you can add this insurance to your in Thailand rental.

How much deposit will I need to pay for an economy class car in Thailand?

The amount of the deposit depends on the specific rental company and car. To check the amount of the deposit for Economy class cars in Thailand, enter the rental dates in the search and use the filter "Car type: Economy". The amount of the deposit will be indicated on the page of each car.

What determines the amount of the deposit?

The amount of the deposit is determined by the rental company for each car. Variable factors such as the rental duration do not affect the amount of the deposit.

What is the difference between a deposit and a deductible?

Deductible is the limit of liability for damage caused to the vehicle. The deposit is a security amount that you leave to the rental company to compensate for fines, missing fuel, delays in refunds and other indirect costs. In case of damage to the rented car in Thailand, your liability is limited to the amount of the deductible for CDW insurance.

If we rent two cars in Thailand, do we need to leave the deposit for both of them?

Yes, if there is a deposit for each car, you have to depose it for each car, as well as the prepayment. The deposit is paid (or preauthorised) upon receipt of the car directly to the manager of the rental company in Thailand.

Based on your experience, is there a chance of not getting the deposit back?

Usually our clients in Thailand receive their deposit back in full. Be careful when driving, and you will definitely receive your deposit back after returning the car. Double-check the fuel policy, if the car wash is included, etc.

If the prepayment for car in Thailand is done by card, will it be possible to pay the remaining amount in cash later?

The advance is always paid by card. The rest, which is paid upon picking up the car in Thailand, is more often paid in cash than by card.

I would like to pay for additional services upon receipt of the vehicle in Thailand, is it possible?

Yes, you can if you pick up the car today. However, in this case, the choice of cars will be limited to those cars that remain free. And, Normally, these cars will have a higher price tag.

Is it possible to pay a deposit for a car rental in Thailand by card?

For some rental providers in Thailand this will be possible. You can clarify the methods of payment for the deposit on the manager page of the rental company or ask a question by sending a personal message through the website.

If desired, can we pay for the reservation in Thailand fully through the website?

No. The order is always paid in installments. On the site you make only an advance payment, and the rest of the amount you pay when you pick up the car in Thailand.

Do I have to provide my bank card details to the rental company in Thailand?

We do not oblige you to provide your credit card details to the rental company. You can pay for the car order in Thailand in cash and generally not use the card at the stage of paying for the car upon receipt.

Will the prepayment be returned in case of car reservation cancellation in Thailand?

According to the terms of booking, the advance payment is refunded if the cancellation or change of the order was made no later than 7 days before receiving the car. Otherwise, the advance is withheld.

How do I find a car in Thailand with flexible cancellation terms?

Any rental car that you see on our website in Thailand can be canceled 7 days prior to the date of pick-up without penalty. This is spelled out in the booking conditions - they are the same for all rental companies and cars.

Going to honeymoon in Thailand, do you have any beautiful premium cars for such an occasion?

Of course, we can pick up premium cars for you for such an occasion. To make your choice even more convenient, we advise you to use the filter Car type => Luxury / Business / Cabrio to find the most relevant cars. If you need help, you can also contact us via the support chat.

What vehicles can I rent in Thailand through your website? Is it possible to find a scooter or a motorcycle?

With us you can only rent cars and minivans.

Does the person booking a car in Thailand have to be a driver? Can I book a car if another person is driving?

You must book and rent a car for the driver who will operate the vehicle in Thailand.

Can I book a car in Thailand with a tow?

No, we do not provide vehicles for tough off-road conditions. Moreover according to the car rental agreement that you sign in Thailand you agree not to use the car for the purpose of towing and transporting other technical means.

Do you have any information about the current condition of the cars in Thailand?

We do not have data on the current condition of the cars in Thailand, but we can assure you that we cooperate only with reliable partners who regularly carry out maintenance, monitor the condition of cars, and rent them out clean and fully meeting the client's expectations.

Is it possible to specify the mileage of the car?

Mileage information is not available for each car, you can search for this information in the reviews or check with the manager of the car you are interested in in Thailand.

Can we rent a car in Thailand with an old driver's license?

To drive with an old-style driving license in Thailand, you will most likely need a certified translation (with new ones you don't need). Contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner and we will clarify how best to proceed.

What should we do if we cannot find the voucher?

The voucher is sent to the client after completing the booking a car and making an advance payment to the mail indicated when making the car hire. Try to find the letter in the mail, including checking the spam folder. If you can't find it, please let us know via the support chat. We will send you a new voucher.

My name is spelled differently in Latin in my driver's license and in my passport. What should be indicated in the car booking form in Thailand?

The car rental agreement in Thailand includes the data of your foreign passport / id and driving licence separately. Therefore, no problems will arise.

What should I do if I notice that the car is damaged?

We recommend that you be careful when picking up the car in Thailand and record all obvious damages in the contract. If you notice damage on the way, it is better to contact the rental company and report it.

Is the price indicated in the car rental voucher?

Yes, of course, the price you see when calculating on the website is the final price. It is fixed in the voucher.

Is the price in the rental voucher in Thailand fixed or subject to change?

The price stated in the voucher for your car rental in Thailand is final and fixed. You pay exactly this amount, unless you decide to buy some additional services on the spot.

What additional costs are included in the car rental price in Thailand?

The rental price without fail includes basic TPL insurance and support of the tenant on the road. Further it will very much depend on the specific car. Many rental companies will provide various additional options, including insurance, equipment, free of charge. This is specified when registering a lease in Thailand.

Are there navigators with built-in offline maps?

It is better to check Availability of such a navigator for the car you interested in directly with the manager of the rental company. On the page of each car, you can find a manager card, and after going to his page, send a personal message.

What is the difference between a child seat for a child less than one year old and a regular seat?

Yes, a child seat for a child less than one year old is an infant car seat. If you need exactly a child seat, then choose the option "Child seat". In the comments, if you wish, you can duplicate which category and for what weight the seat is needed.

Do you decorate cars in Thailand for weddings and other special occasions?

No, we are not engaged in decorating cars, but for sure the managers in Thailand will not refuse to help with this issue if you write them a private message.

Should the voucher contain information and personal data about the second driver?

No, the voucher usually contains information about the main driver and the calculation of the price for your booking a car in Thailand. It should not include data on all drivers.

How do I know if my additional requests have been taken into account?

Most often, the local rental manager or we will contact you if you have left any additional comments. You can also contact the manager by sending him a private message directly through our website.

What is the most popular car category in Thailand?

It depends on the purpose, duration of the trip, and the number of passengers. Standard in Thailand is taken by Comfort class cars. Those who are used to increased cross-country ability on the road and more power are SUVs.

We want to find a car at the lowest possible price in Thailand, what is the best way to do this through your website?

You can limit the price range in the search - set the highest possible price that is acceptable for you. Also, when choosing a car in Thailand by price, we recommend that you sort them using the cheapest filter that you will find in the search bar.

What cars would you recommend for a trip to the North of Thailand?

For a trip to the North, we advise you to choose cars with a capacity of at least 1.6 liters on the car and at least 1.4 liters on the mechanics. More often clients in Thailand choose diesel cars for such trips. But first of all, be guided by your own preferences.

Is there a possibility that child seats will not be delivered to us when renting a car in Thailand and how to act in this situation?

If you are traveling with children in Thailand, then, of course, Availability of child seats in the car is necessary. If you request this option by specifying in advance in the car booking form or later directly from the manager, then the seats will be surely provided to you.

Do rental companies in Thailand speak English?

Of course, in most cases employees of in Thailand rental companies speak English. By the way, some also speak Russian.

Where can I see the opening hours of the in Thailand companies that own cars from your website?

Select a specific car in Thailand and go to the manager card of this car, standard hours of operation will be indicated on the left when viewed from a PC.

What is the cost of gasoline in Thailand currently?

95th gasoline costs 0.9 USD per liter. Fuel prices are pretty same for all petrol stations in the country.

What languages ​​do you speak?

We speak Russian and English. Feel free to write to us - our contacts are available at the bottom of the page.

Where else do you operate, except Thailand?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Montenegro, find car rentals in Turkey and Israel. Many tourists want to rent a car in UAE with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Does Local Car Hires have promotions in Thailand?

There are no specific recurring promotions for car rental in Thailand, but something periodic can be tracked by visiting the site more often. But we can advise you to book in advance - it will be much more profitable in terms of rental cost.

When do you provide a discount for in Thailand rental?

We do not provide specific discounts for rental in Thailand, as rental companies themselves change prices depending on the load and the period of the booking range of their fleet. The basic rule is: the earlier you book a car rental in Thailand, the more profitable.

Is it possible to book a car in Thailand by phone?

You can choose and order a car directly on our website. In the search bar, specify your cities (it can be different) and rental dates. The system will show only available cars for your numbers and at prices that are relevant exactly for your request. Any car found in this way, you can immediately book it. We accept all orders only through the website. As an exception, sometimes through support. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the chat at the bottom right of the page.

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