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Real reviews on local car hires in Azerbaijan

Vasilii Chirkov

Hyundai Accent in Azerbaijan

Everything is super

July 2022
Kanstantsin Kiapsnia

Mitsubishi Pajero in Azerbaijan

Everything was great! I couldn't remember the guy who brought the car to us. Like Orhan. Explained, told, showed, in short everything was clear! Orhan 5 stars! The car performed well too.

September 2022
Vitalii Serb

Mitsubishi Pajero in Azerbaijan

Everything went perfectly. The car is in excellent condition, they didn’t forget the child seat, they delivered it to the indicated address in a timely manner, they explained all the nuances. Special thanks for your understanding at the time of the delivery of the auto-late, but treated with understanding. Satisfied with the service. We will contact again. Thank you

January 2023
Aleksei Kropotov

Kia Cerato in Azerbaijan

Everything went well

September 2022

Local Car Hires in Azerbaijan

These local businesses provide car rental services in Azerbaijan

Local Car Hires in Azerbaijan

These local businesses provide car rental services in Azerbaijan






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If we are going to rent a minivan in Azerbaijan, do we need special documents, insurance, or equipment?

No, no additional documents are usually required for renting a minivan in Azerbaijan. The available insurance options will depend on the specific company and vehicle.

What are the requirements for driving experience in Azerbaijan?

in Azerbaijan There are restrictions on age and experience for renting a car. Typically 2+ years of driving experience, and the age of 21+ years. Specifically, you need to clarify the requirements with a specific car rental company - they can be found on the manager's webpage or clarified via personal messages.

We would like to rent a car. Can we include an 18-year-old as a co-driver?

Usually in Azerbaijan there is a requirement of 1-2 years' driving experience. This information can be seen on the webpage of the car rental company or clarified in private messages. Some car rental providers are ready to provide a car to drivers with less than 2 years of driving experience.

Is the contract with the company signed at the company's office or on the spot?

Most often, the contract can be signed on the spot. The manager of the rental company will drive up where you need to, you will sign the contract and you will be able to start your road trip.

Are there any restrictions on the time for picking up or returning the car in Azerbaijan?

The available pick-up or return time will be indicated when placing an order and choosing a pick-up or return time. Usually, it is until 20-22 hours. At night and early in the morning, some companies are ready to bring and pick up the car, but usually at an additional cost that will be added to the rental price in Azerbaijan.

Will it be possible to return the car a little earlier or later than the appointed time?

Each rental has its own Late Return Policy, which is always discussed at the time of booking. On our website you can see this in the Terms and Conditions of booking when renting a car in Azerbaijan. Most often, there are no penalties for being late for 2-3 hours. In any case, if you are late, try to contact the manager as soon as possible and inform about it.

What are the advantages of super CDW option in Azerbaijan?

Super CDW option it covers additional risks that are not included in regular CDW insurance. In particular, damage to the windshield, underbody, mirrors. Thus, by adding this service to your in Azerbaijan rental, you are as secure as possible.

What kind of insurance should I choose for active lengthy vacation in Azerbaijan?

For long trips, especially for travelers who choose active holidays in Azerbaijan, Super CDW insurance will be very useful. This insurance option includes the maximum range of damages - it can be specified specifically by moving the mouse cursor to the question mark when registering a car rental.

What is not covered by full coverage and basic insurance with in Azerbaijan deductible?

Full insurance usually covers the maximum risks associated with the rental and operation of a particular car in Azerbaijan. Basic insurance with a deductible usually does not cover the glass, underbody and wheels of the car.

Who will compensate for the damage if the car is accidentally damaged in the parking lot in Azerbaijan?

It depends on which insurance option you add to your rental. In case you have a CDW car repair, the insurance company covers. But this will be possible only if there is a police report of an accident. Therefore, when leaving in Azerbaijan, always inspect the vehicle for damage first.

What is the deposit amount when booking an economy class car in Azerbaijan?

Economy class cars have different deposits - it depends on the particlular car. We have relatively low in Azerbaijan deposits relative to our competitors. To check the amount of the deposit for economy class cars, enter the rental dates in the search and use the filter "Car type: Economy". The amount of the deposit will be indicated on the page of each vehicle..

Is it possible to pay a deposit after assessing the technical condition of the car in Azerbaijan?

Of course, signing the contract in Azerbaijan and making a deposit on your part is preceded by an assessment of the technical condition of the car.

Is the amount of the deposit that we see in the search indicated per day?

The deposit is indicated for the entire period. You leave it when you pick up the car and it is returned to you when you return the car, if everything is in order.

The card was not debited, should I worry?

Yes, prental contact us via support chat or mail and report your problem. In the meantime, try contacting the bank that issued your card with a request why the transaction failed. In 9 cases out of 10, either there are not enough funds on the card, or the 3d-secure code was entered incorrectly.

Is it possible to pay for car rental in Azerbaijan by debit card?

Depends on the rental company in Azerbaijan. Usually this is indicated in the terms and conditions of the rental, when registering a car in Azerbaijan through us. You can usually pay for your order with either a debit or a credit card, but some rental companies only accept credit cards for the deposit, while others prefer to receive only cash. Read the rules when booking or contact the company manager.

The cheaper the car, the less the deposit?

Indeed, the collateral for cheap cars is often less. However, there is no direct relationship here - you can find more expensive cars with a low or no deposit, and cheaper cars with an average deposit.

Can I always pay for a car rental in Azerbaijan by card or do I need to check it with the rental company in advance?

The possibility of paying by card on site depends on the specific car rental company. This information is always stated in the booking terms and conditions. If it is important for you to pay by card on the spot, write to us in support of which dates and the car you are interested in and we will select a car from those that can be paid with a car in Azerbaijand.

How does car cancellation work in Azerbaijan if the trip is canceled for a legitimate reason?

Regardless of the reasons for canceling the car booking in Azerbaijan, if you do it 7+ days before the date of pick-up indicated in the voucher, the prepayment will be refunded. If the cancellation is made later, unfortunately, the prepayment will be withheld, but no other penalties apply.

Is the pick-up of the booked car in Azerbaijan scheduled at a fixed time?

We do not define a fixed checkout time. The convenience of our service is that you choose the time of pick-up and return of the car when registering a car rental in Azerbaijan.

The travel agent has changed the hotel, can I change the place of pick-up and drop-off of the car in Azerbaijan accordingly?

Yes, prental contact us via the support chat and we will agree on this change, depending on your specific situation.

I have accidentally chosen the wrong car when booking a car in Azerbaijan, can I replace it?

Of course, you can do this through your personal account or by contacting us via the support chat in the lower right corner of the page.

How can I change my flight number if my plans change?

It is best to inform the rental company manager in Azerbaijan about the changes directly. If the change occurred less than 24 hours before pick-up, then it is better to immediately contact the manager's phone number specified in the voucher.

Is it possible to cancel booking of a standard car and place an order for a larger car in Azerbaijan? Or is it easier to take the second car?

Yes, as long as time permits (that is, more than 7 days remain until the car is received). You can book another car in Azerbaijan, and cancel the first order. From this point of view, you have nothing to lose. If there are less than 7 days left, cancellation is possible with the deduction of the prepayment - in this case, it may be more profitable for you to take a second car.

Do you have a car for a big company in Azerbaijan?

Through our website you can find cars with different capacities. You can always see the number of seats on the car page. If you require more than 5 seats, we recommend considering Minivans. All cars of the category Minivans in Azerbaijan you can see using the appropriate filter in the search. Select Car type => Minivans and the system will present you with free cars that may interest you.

Would you recommend taking an SUV in Azerbaijan?

in Azerbaijan SUVs are popular with customers planning a longer, more intense journey, sometimes involving off-road driving. Also, SUVs are often rented by families.

Can I only find cars of economy class in Azerbaijan through you?

No, Economy is one of the categories on our website. We have cars of completely different categories, from compact to convertible. You can narrow the selection using the Auto type filter in the search.

Is it true that it is better to take a middle-class car in Azerbaijan, since compact ones may not drive somewhere and the power may not be enough?

Yes, we also recommend getting the in Azerbaijan more powerful cars. And not so much for fast driving as for comfort on the road. If you choose a car on the car, then the engine capacity is at least 1.5 liters, and if on mechanics - 1.2 liters. If there are three or more of you in the car, then add another 0.3 liters to these indicators.

Is it more advantageous to rent a car in Azerbaijan for few months?

Yes, often rental companies in Azerbaijan offer a better rate to customers who book a car for a long time. By reducing the price per day, renting a car for a longer period can be several times more profitable.

Are there any car mileage restrictions in Azerbaijan? If so, where can I find this information?

There is no mileage limitation for almost all cars. Only expensive cars can have it. This information is shown on the page of each vehicle and when booking.

Are there any benefits of car booking in Azerbaijan several months in advance?

There are only one advantages - the earlier you book, the more favorable the price. Moreover, if you choose a few months before the trip in Azerbaijan, you, of course, have a wider choice and a greater chance of finding a suitable option.

Do you have cars with drivers for business trips in Azerbaijan?

We do not provide a car booking service with a driver. We have business class and luxury cars, which you can find in the search by filter "Car type". But just in case, contact our support, maybe we will come up with something creative.

If we plan to travel outside the country, do we need to have an international driving license in Azerbaijan?

Depends on where you want to go. Availability of an international driver's license is required in countries that do not allow the use of Russian and other national driving license on their territory. Write to us and we will advise you what is required to rent a car in Azerbaijan depending on your route.

What is the guarantee of receiving additional equipment upon receipt of the car in Azerbaijan?

Don't worry, all the equipment you choose (child seats, navigator, ski bindings, etc.) are provided necessarily. Therefore, you can boldly order.

Do I need to order additional chains when renting a car in Azerbaijan or will they be on by default in the winter season?

In the winter season, the car will be equipped according to local traffic rules in Azerbaijan. Only additional services and equipment are paid separately, which you can order as you wish.

Is the dashcam installed in the car by default?

No, the dashcam is not the hardware that goes to cars in Azerbaijan by default. And rental companies rarely have them.

How does the inclusion of a second driver in the car rental booking affect the cost of the car rental in Azerbaijan?

The conditions for the provision of the "Second Driver" service depend on the specific car and the rental company. You can see this in the "Additional Driver" section on the page of each car. Usually car rental companies in Azerbaijan provide this option free of charge.

What additional services and options can I order in Azerbaijan?

You can explore the available additional services and options on the page of each car in Azerbaijan. In general, our rental companies provide a standard package of services, which of course may vary depending on the company. Some services may even be provided free of charge, you can also easily check it when making a rental through us.

What is important to us is the AUX output in the car, which allows us to play music from the iphone through the audio system. How to find out if this option is available in a specific car?

Of course, Availability of this option can be clarified. The easiest way to do this is by contacting the manager in charge of a specific car via private messages.

What is the difference between a child seat for a child less than one year old and a regular seat?

Yes, a child seat for a child less than one year old is an infant car seat. If you need exactly a child seat, then choose the option "Child seat". In the comments, if you wish, you can duplicate which category and for what weight the seat is needed.

How many drivers are allowed to drive the rented car in Azerbaijan for free?

Different rental companies in Azerbaijan have different conditions. Most often, rental companies provide the opportunity to add two or three drivers - free of charge or at an additional cost. Some rental companies provide the option to add a fourth driver. Someone provides the service to the second driver free of charge, and the third one already comes with a surcharge. The easiest way to check this is on the page of each car in Azerbaijan in the "Additional drivers" section.

Prental tell me whether it is possible to travel to neighboring countries in a car rented from you in Azerbaijan?

Driving to neighboring countries is possible with some of the presented cars in Azerbaijan. It depends on the car rental company - some of them prohibit leaving or restrict the range of countries where you can enter. This is spelled out in the Terms and Conditions of rental of each company, which you can familiarize yourself with on our website.

If I am in doubt about choosing a car in Azerbaijan, can I get an advice from Local Car Hires?

Of course, our support is always ready to advise you regarding car rental in Azerbaijan. You can contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner of the site or in any other convenient way.

What can you advise if we want a comfortable and spacious car in Azerbaijan, and the price is not so important?

If price is not a key factor for you, we recommend that you pay attention to in Azerbaijan luxury / business cars, which are suitable for any trip, if you want a spacious cabin and are used to traveling in comfort.

What cars do the locals usually drive in Azerbaijan?

It depends, also depends on the region in Azerbaijan. Most often, locals choose simple, comfortable and easy-to-use cars.

Which cars are better for long-distance trips in Azerbaijan?

For long trips, tourists usually have bigger and more powerful cars. Popular for such trips in Azerbaijan SUVs and Minivans.

Do you help with planning a trip around the area? Where is it better to go in Azerbaijan?

Of course, for any questions about in Azerbaijan rental, you can contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner of the site.

Is there enough space for luggage in the minivan if there are 6-7 passengers in the cabin?

Depends on the minivan. There are large minivans with 9 seats, in which case there is enough space for 3-4 medium sized suitcases. It is better to check with our customer support for each specific in Azerbaijan option you are interested in.

Do you check car rental providers in Azerbaijan for reliability?

Yes, we select and only accept reliable local car rental companies. Regular reviews and feedback from our customers allows us to control the quality of service for suppliers in each region, including in Azerbaijan. You can read the reviews on the page of each manager.

What are the pick-up/return hours in Azerbaijan?

Depends on the specific rental company in Azerbaijan, they all have their own schedule. Usually this is from 8 am to 8 pm. However, some of them are ready to provide a car outside office hours for an additional fee.

How is parking paid in Azerbaijan?

Payment methods differ depending on the parking lot. Actually in Azerbaijan has no parking problem. Everything and everywhere is extremely clear and obvious. "

Are we eligible to receive a car in Azerbaijan having only a national driver's license?

Yes, sure.

Where are you based geographically?

We provide vehicles in completely different locations around the world.

Where else do you operate, except Azerbaijan?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Iceland, find car rentals in Israel and UAE. Many tourists want to rent a car in Greece with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Am I paying extra money when renting a car in Azerbaijan through you? Is it cheaper to rent on the spot?

By renting through us, you save time and money, because you can compare and choose from a variety of cars available in Azerbaijan and narrow the range to the relevant cars in two clicks. We do not charge you a commission, as other services do, so here you do not lose anything, but only gain.

I have booked a car in Azerbaijan through you, today I see that the car is still available for booking. Did something go wrong with my reservation?

Your order is all right. This dealer has several identical cars of this model.

Is it possible to check whether the car has a DVR?

Video recorders for cars are provided quite rarely, and we usually do not have such information. But you can always contact the manager of the rental company through personal messages and clarify this aspect in advance.

How can I cancel a request for car rental in Azerbaijan?

Immediately after the prepayment of the reservation, you received a login and password to access the site by email. In your personal account, you can cancel the in Azerbaijan order by clicking the Cancel button. If there are more than 7 days left before the start of the rental, we will refund the prepayment to you on the same card with which the payment was made, withholding 10% of the prepayment amount, according to the terms of service.

Can I prepay the car rental with my card for my parents who do not own a credit card?

Yes, you can book and prepay with your card, and they will pay the rest in cash upon picking up the car.

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