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Where to go for a car in Armenia?

Traveling in the beautiful and hospitable Armenia is most conveniently by car! Visit the most popular places among tourists:

  1. Yerevan. Sights of the capital that are worth seeing: Republic Square, Matenadaran Institute-Museum, Grand Cascade, Eribuni Fortress, Vernissage flea market.

  2. View of Mount Ararat. The sacred five-thousandth mountain will conquer each traveler with its beauty and grandeur. Stunning mountain views open at Khor Virap Monastery.

  3. Tatev Monastery. The ancient monastery complex of the 9th century is located among the picturesque mountain landscapes. The cableway “Wings of Tatev”, 5.7 km long, leads to the monastery.

  4. Lake Sevan. Alpine pearl of Armenia and the largest lake in the Caucasus. Sevan is located in the national park, surrounded by beautiful nature.

  5. Geghard Monastery. A beautiful monastery built on the rocks in the middle of the picturesque gorge of the mountain river Gokht.

  6. Garni Temple. A pagan temple built by the Armenian king Trdat in the 1st century BC. It is made in the Greek style with tall antique columns.

... and this is not a complete list of impressive places in Armenia! Book your rental car and go explore every corner of it!

Car rental prices

How much does it cost to rent a car in Armenia?

The cost of renting a car in Armenia depends on the season, as in neighboring Georgia. Prices in winter are much lower, since tourists come mainly in summer. The second factor is the lease term. The third is a car class and the appetite of a rental company. When renting a car in local rentals in Armenia, rental prices will be significantly lower than in international ones. If you need to deliver a car in Yerevan, then in most cases it will not cost anything. Delivery in the country, for example in Gyumri, on the contrary, is added to the cost of rent. The price in the voucher is fixed in USD. Also, for some cars you need to leave a deposit that will be returned after the end of the trip.

Car rental in Armenia: price per day when renting for 7 days.

Most rented cars

The quality of roads in Armenia is not of the best quality, so most tourists prefer high ground clearance and low deposit. 😉

  • Subaru Forester is an all-wheel drive crossover designed for forest (and mountain) roads. If you do not try this engine now, when else?
  • Toyota Prius is an economical hybrid. Spacious interior, medium trunk, and low fuel consumption. Ideal in ergonomics and comfort for movement on asphalt.
  • Mitsubishi Pajero IO is a smaller version of the world legend. Almost all cars with all-wheel drive and rear-mounted steering wheel.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander is a comfortable crossover with increased cross-country ability. Dynamic, maneuverable, with a spacious interior - ideal for Armenia.
  • Toyota RAV-4 - created for adventures in the country and long trips! Comfortable for long distances, reliable as a samurai, which is important when renting in Armenia.
  • Lada Niva is an inexpensive 4-seater SUV that will pass literally everywhere.

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FAQ on car rentals in Armenia

👨 I want to rent a car for 2 weeks. What is needed for rent?

You will need a passport and rights that are valid at the time of rental, as well as a voucher that we will send after confirming your reservation by email. It can be presented both in electronic and in printed form. In some cases, MVP may be useful, but generally in Armenia there is a regular VU.

💳 How to rent a car without prepayment?

Most companies provide the buyer with a car only after making an advance payment. Thus, tenants are insured against the absence of the client and the downtime of the car.

👮 What are the fines for violating traffic rules?

Penalty for unfastened belts - 5000 drams. Fans of talking on the phone while driving should be careful or prepare 3000 drams. It is forbidden to drive a car while intoxicated, punishable by imprisonment.

🅿️ Are street parkings in Armenia free?

Each city of Armenia has its own rules regarding parking, but if you rent a car in Yerevan , then the first 5 minutes of parking are always free. Next, a fee is charged depending on the parking time: up to one hour - 100 drams, all day - 500 drams, week - 1000 drams. The plus is that after 00:00 and until 9 a.m. parking on the streets is free.

🛂 Can I travel to other countries?

Yes, subject to the issuance of a power of attorney, leaving Armenia in a rented car is ALLOWED. Many customers want to travel from Armenia to neighboring Georgia, or vice versa, rent a car in Tbilisi and return to Yerevan.

🚗 Do I need to take auto insurance?

Rental companies already provide basic insurance, but you can choose an additional one at your discretion. On our site you can see what is included in each insurance option. Compulsory liability insurance (CTP) is already included by default in all cars on our website. Turning to us in PM, you can find out more details on insurance of your car.

👪 Which car to choose for traveling with children?

For some reason, Renault Duster is in great demand among families with children.

💳 Can I take a car without a deposit?

Yes, it is possible to rent a car in Armenia without a deposit. It should be understood that with a deposit the company protects itself from losses that may occur during the operation of the car, as well as some customers who wish to return it with an empty tank or simply delay the return of the rented car. An accurate and punctual driver should not be afraid of a deposit.

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