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Car rental reviews in Czechia

Real reviews from users who rented a car in Czechia with us

Vladimir Fetisov

Skoda Fabia Iii in Czechia

While on vacation in Mariánské Lázně, we hired a car from this company. Booked the car in advance. Filled out a very simple form, made an advance payment specified in the form, a check and a voucher immediately received by mail. Paid the remaining extra amount when getting the car. The car was delivered by the time we specified to the hotel in which we stayed. The return procedure was also simple. Lilia was the main contact – from the moment of booking she immediately got in touch with me in viber and led the support for the whole period of using our car! As clients, we were fully satisfied.

April 2019
Vasyl Bezhenar

Kia Ceed Sw in Czechia

Thanks, everything is fine.

August 2021
Edy Raffoul

Renault Megane Sw in Czechia

the experience was great, the service was very good

December 2021
Elena Chirkova

Skoda Fabia Iii in Czechia

Everything went fine. I was just surprised that the cost of washing the car lays down on client. I have been renting a car for 20 years and faced the washing charge this for the first time.

July 2019
Anastasiia Golutvina

Skoda Fabia Iii in Czechia

everything went perfectly! Lily was always in touch and assisted in strange situations. Very satisfied

January 2020
Giorgi Baindurashvili

Skoda Octavia Kombi in Czechia

Great car.. Very economy... Good service👍 thanks for everything.

December 2019
Wim Ceuppens

Skoda Fabia Iii in Czechia

Everything went well. The car was new and the manager was very friendly.

April 2019
Vitaly Kirillov

Kia Rio in Czechia

I really liked everything. Thank you!

October 2019
Luca Marinelli

Kia Ceed Sw in Czechia

Everything was perfect! I didn't think about taking pictures. But the car was fully functional There were no problems I will use your site again next month, I will remember to take photos next time

July 2020
Vladimir Maksimov

Skoda Rapid in Czechia

There were no problems with renting. The car was brought to the hotel, clean and with a full tank. The landlord was always in touch. Took the car at a convenient place for us. Regarding the car: the check caught fire, but no breakdowns came out. We reached the place safely and returned the car. It is a pity that the coronavirus and the closure of the borders introduced their own adjustments, did not ride a lot ((

July 2020
Евгений Кузнецов

Peugeot 301 in Czechia

everything is just super. I liked that they met at the airport with a sign. Very comfortably. I liked that in the end the car was taken from the hotel. During the trip, they realized that it was more convenient to hand over the car at the wrong time that was originally planned. Changed the time without any problems. It was convenient to pay by card. 5 points definitely.

January 2020
Jeremias alberto Estelle gonzalez

Skoda Octavia Kombi in Czechia

No problem.

August 2021
Damian Osowski

Skoda Superb in Czechia

Everything was fine. Thank you. We will recomend Local car hires defifinitley and in a future will use it again.

January 2020

Local Car Hires in Czechia

These local businesses provide car rental services in Czechia

Local Car Hires in Czechia

These local businesses provide car rental services in Czechia








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Car rental prices in Czech Republic

Car rental prices in Czech Republic vary throughout the year depending on the season and your rental length in days. Car hire rates in Czech Republic are entered and displayed in EUR.

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€ 46
€ 46
€ 46
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€ 47
€ 46
€ 46
€ 46
€ 46
€ 46
€ 50
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chartAverage car rental prices in Czech Republic per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration.

Frequent Questions

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Are there car rental options in Czech Republic for drivers with little driving experience?

Yes, it is possible. But only cars of the Compact and Comfort class categories and with a rental period of at least 3 days.

Are the requirements for drivers renting a car in Czech Republic set by you or a local company?

Requirements are set exclusively by rental companies - we provide you with all the necessary information you need to find a car that will perfectly suit you in Czechia.

Are cars provided to persons under 21 in Czech Republic?

In some cases, it is possible to provide cars to drivers under the age of 21. We provide information on the requirements for drivers on the page of each car rental company. We also advise you to clarify this directly with the company in such a situation.

Who will meet us upon arrival if we arrange a car pick-up at the airport?

You will be met by the manager of the rental company - his name and contacts will be indicated in the voucher for car rental in Czech Republic, which you will receive by mail.

How much more expensive is it to arrange receipt and return in different cities?

For some cars, collection and return in different cities will not be additionally charged. If you want to find a car rental company that will not charge a separate amount for delivery, we advise you to use the filter Options => Free delivery when searching. Thus, you will see the cars that you can get in one city, and return in another for free.

Are the documents signed near the car or will I need to go to the office of the company in Czech Republic?

The contract is drawn up on the spot at the car. If you order a car for receiving at the hotel or at any other convenient point in Czechia, you will not need to go anywhere else.

Is it possible to return the car late at night in Czechia?

Yes, almost all cars in Czech Republic are available for pickup / return late at night. Car rental companies work according to their own schedule, but for an additional cost they may bring you a car even at night. This is usually provided for an additional charge, you can see the details when booking a specific car.

CDW is an obligatory requirement? Is it possible to book a car in Czechia?

No, CDW cannot be a prerequisite for the rental in Czech Republic. In addition, sometimes CDW goes free of charge to the car, in other cases it can be provided for an additional fee. If you do not want to purchase CDW, no one will oblige you to do this, but you take on the risk.

Do you offer convertibles in Czechia with insurance included?

Convertibles, like other cars, will be compulsorily insured only under TPL. As for additional insurance options, it will depend on the car and the local rental provider. You can see the terms of provision and the cost of insurance for each on the car page.

Can super CDW really be a free option in Czechia?

Yes, of course, there are cars with Super CDW enabled, but there are not many of them.

Is it possible to insure the car in Czech Republic only against damage in the parking lot?

In principle, there is no other option. The insurance is paid together with the principal amount of the rental upon receipt of the car in Czechia. But when booking, you make a small prepayment from the general receipt of all services.

If there is no CDW or super CDW option, is tire damage deducted from the deposit or is it already included in the rental amount in Czech Republic?

If the car is insured under TPL in Czechia, then any damage where there is no third guilty person (or it has not been identified) is paid by the renter. Therefore, a broken wheel will be the responsibility of the renter.

What is the difference between regular insurance and Super CDW?

Normally, the usual CDW does not cover damage to the windshield, wheels, underbody of the car. Super CDW applies to all these elements. The deposit remains in both cases. Insurance against theft is indicated as a separate item and is not included in the usual CDW. But this is the smallest risk. You can read about the validity of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

Is the deposit paid after the pick-up of the car in Czechia? What are the delays of deposit return?

The deposit is paid upon pick-up of the rented car in Czech Republic and is returned either immediately or after a certain period after the end of the rental, in accordance with the rental agreement for a particular car.

Is the deposit always returned in local currency?

If you pay a deposit in cash, the rental company usually accepts it in any currency. In this case, you will also receive your deposit back in the same currency.

Does it happen that customers do not get their deposit back after the expiration of the car hire in Czechia?

A certain amount of the deposit can be withheld by the rental company in Czech Republic only if the rental conditions are not complied with by the renter. For most customers who return the car according to the terms of the contract, the deposit is returned in full.

Do all rental companies in Czechia provide payment by bank transfer?

The payment methods for car rental in Czech Republic depend on the car rental company you choose. You can clarify the possibility of payment by card either on the rental provider's page, or by asking this question to the manager through personal messages on our website. You cannot pay by bank transfer through a bank.

I would like to pay for additional services upon receipt of the vehicle in Czech Republic, is it possible?

Yes, you can if you pick up the car today. However, in this case, the choice of cars will be limited to those cars that remain free. And, Normally, these cars will have a higher price tag.

Can I change the car on the spot?

Such changes are not stipulated by the contract. Under the rental agreement, prepayment is a guarantee of your intention to receive a car in Czech Republic under fixed conditions. Accordingly, you run the risk of losing your prepayment.

What are the rules for canceling a booking in_location}? Are they the same for all vehicles?

Cancellation or change of order in Czechia is possible no later than 7 days before the car is picked up. Otherwise, the paid advance is withheld. This rule applies to any vehicle. You can read more about booking and cancellation conditions in the "Terms of Service" section. Link at the bottom of the page.

Do you have a mileage limit in Czechia?

Some companies may set a mileage limit per day or for the entire rental period in Czech Republic. All conditions are known in advance, you can check this moment on the page of each manager on our website.

Is there a maximum number of days for which you can rent a car in Czech Republic?

As such, there is no maximum period, but the rate scales in Czechia rentals are usually limited to a period of 30 days, that is, the rental price per day will no longer be lower than it is for a 30-day rental.

Does the service allow you to book a car in Czechia for one day?

You can book a car for a day - this is the minimum rental period in Czech Republic. But we hope that next time choose us for longer trips!

I see a lot of old cars with solid mileage in Czech Republic. Does the company provide technical support in case of problems with the car?

The condition of all cars is generally good. It's just that rental companies often buy cars with this age, but with low mileage. The rental car is usually not used for more than 2-3 years. And, of course, each company guarantees technical support and car replacement, if required.

Can I ask you for real photos of the car in Czech Republic before booking?

Real photos are available for each car in Czechia - no additional request is required. In the search, specify the dates and where you would like to pick up the car - you will see all available options with detailed descriptions of the car, conditions, photos and customer reviews.

I would like to find a car within a certain budget per day in Czech Republic, how can I do it?

Cars of different types and price categories are available on our site in Czechia. First of all, you can use the option to limit the price range in the search, indicating there the maximum price per day. Moreover, you can narrow down the selection of available cars by selecting only cars of a certain category (for example, Economy).

When renting a car in Czechia, do we make a request for a car of a certain category, or we can book an exact model and brand?

Surely you can choose the model and the brand. The difference between our competitors and us in Czech Republic is that you choose a car based on your needs, including technical characteristics and additional options.

Do you have a car with metal crankcase protection in Czech Republic?

There are such cars in Czechia. It is better to check with the rental company in Czechia, whose cars you are interested in, they will gladly answer in private messages, at the same time you can coordinate your route with them.

What should we do if we cannot find the voucher?

The voucher is sent to the client after completing the booking a car and making an advance payment to the mail indicated when making the car hire. Try to find the letter in the mail, including checking the spam folder. If you can't find it, prental let us know via the support chat. We will send you a new voucher.

Is a travel permit for a child traveling with one parent required from the other?

This document is not directly required from the rental companies in Czechia. For travelers with children, the main condition is Availability of child seats.

If our trip does not take place due to the fault of the travel agency, can we request the refund of prepayment for car rental in Czechia?

If you cancel your booking more than 7 days before the date of car pick-up, the prepayment will be refunded to you minus a 10% charge. Otherwise, the advance payment for car rental in Czech Republic will be withheld.

What should I do in case of lost documents in Czechia?

First of all, be sure to inform the rental company in Czech Republic. For the loss of documents, a fine is usually provided, the amount will depend on the specific rental company.

Does car insurance cover theft risks in neighboring countries?

Depends on the specific car rentald by in Czech Republic. The practice of stealing rented cars is an extremely rare event, and in 4 cases out of 5 they are hijacked by the renters themselves. If the tenant is not hiding and can show the key and documents for the car, then he has nothing to fear. Of course, the police are always involved in such questions.

Is the car rental price indicated in Czech Republic a preliminary estimation or a final sum to be paid?

All prices are final and always valid for each search query in Czechia. This is one of our advantages - you are sure that you will pay a certain amount, and there can be no overpayments with us.

Is there a difference in car prices in different cities?

Of course, because there may be a different set of rental companies. However, within the same country in different cities, rentals will overlap, since many companies are ready to transport a car for customers between settlements for free or at an additional cost.

Do cars in Czechia undergo regular maintenance?

All cars in Czech Republic are officially registered, undergo mandatory inspection and maintenance, and meet the declared characteristics. You are fully protected from any unpleasant surprises.

Where can I see/find out the cost of additional services in Czech Republic?

The cost of additional services is available for each car in Czechia. In order to get acquainted with the cost of additional services, go to the page of the car you are interested in in the search.

Are there navigators with built-in offline maps?

It is better to check Availability of such a navigator for the car you interested in directly with the manager of the rental company. On the page of each car, you can find a manager card, and after going to his page, send a personal message.

All additional mechanisms and equipment provided by the rental company in Czechia?

Yes, each rental company in Czech Republic has its own set of additional services, insurance, mechanisms, equipment and more. You can see the available options after you go to the page of the car you are interested in on the website.

How to add a wi-fi modem to the car?

After you have decided on the dates of your trip and the car, on the booking page you will have the opportunity to order additional services. Wi-Fi can usually be found under the "Hardware" section. You can also contact the manager of the rental company to clarify the possibility of providing this service.

Is it possible to add a child seat for a child over 7 years old in Czech Republic?

Yes, if you need a child seat in Czechia, you can add it after you have decided on the travel dates and the car on the booking page. Select the weight of the child and add the car seat to your rental.

Where can you go from in Czech Republic as a medium-distance trip?

Many will drive to Germany, but it's difficult to give recommendations on the route without knowing what interests you. We recommend you to contact the manager of the rental company, which will give you a car. Normally, all managers are very sociable and perfectly know their regions.

When traveling abroad, what is better to take Super CDW or anti-theft protection?

When traveling abroad, you have access and need only insurance "Abroad". You can add it by checking the corresponding in Czechia option.

Will the car rented in Czechia be allowed to cross the border?

Of course, if you have all the documents with you. It is better to check exactly with the rental manager in Czech Republic - it depends on where you want to enter. Typically you need a passport, with a visa or proof of entry, a driver's license, and vehicle insurance.

What car would you recommend to book in Czechia for two adults?

Many cars can fit two adults. It depends on many other factors, such as the purpose of your trip, the number of passengers in the car, and others. It is better to contact us via the support chat and we will tell you what options are available for you in Czech Republic.

What are the speed limits in the city and on the highway in Czech Republic?

As for the rules of traffic rules at various sites, the manager of the rental company in Czechia can tell you everything in more detail.

At what age can a child ride in the front seat of a car in Czech Republic?

According to the rules, children in the front seat over 12 years of age are officially allowed.

Is it possible to guarantee that a car of a certain class will be received in Czech Republic?

We do not have any cases of replacing a car with a class below in Czechia. You are guaranteed to get the car you need. In exceptional cases, a car of a similar or higher class can be provided.

Do rental companies in Czech Republic speak English?

Of course, in most cases employees of in Czechia rental companies speak English. By the way, some also speak Russian.

Will the manager contact us by phone to clarify the details of the car pick-up in Czech Republic?

If necessary, the manager, of course, will contact you and clarify the details of the car transfer in Czechia. In extreme cases, even if you cannot find it right away, the voucher contains the contact phone number of the manager who speaks Russian. The manager also has your contacts. Therefore, it will not be possible to get lost.

Do we need to contact the company directly to confirm the car reservation in Czech Republic?

There is no need to contact directly. We ourselves confirm the reservation and send you a confirmation in the form of a voucher for car rental in Czechia by mail specified when booking a rental through our website.

How can I contact the representative in Czech Republic if the car is not delivered at the right time?

Such in Czechia situations usually do not arise. But in any case, you will have the manager's contacts - they are indicated at the top in the voucher that you will receive from us by mail after confirming the car. The manager will also have your contacts - if necessary, they will definitely contact you.

Can we get a car rental in Czechia this weekend?

Yes, of course, through us you can easily get cars on in Czech Republic weekends. Use the search engine to find available cars for the dates you need.

Are there any companies that will not be able to hand over the car early in the morning in Czechia?

Most rental companies in Czech Republic start operating at 8-9 am. If you need to pick up your car earlier, some of them will be willing to bring you the car outside of business hours for an additional fee. This will be indicated at the time of booking.

Can I pay for parking in cash in Czech Republic?

Yes, cash payments are almost everywhere.

When should I contact your technical support?

We are always happy to help our clients. Prental contact our support for any questions - we can suggest which car is better to take or share information about the best routes and places in Czechia. You can contact us in any convenient way 24/7 - you can always see our contacts at the bottom of the page.

Where else do you operate, except Czech Republic?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Georgia, find car rentals in Portugal and Turkey. Many tourists want to rent a car in Thailand with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Why is it more convenient to choose a car in Czechia through your service?

It is much more convenient to choose a car through our service. You can set a certain price range, filter cars of a certain category, search for the cheapest cars in Czech Republic. After that, you see a list of relevant cars for which all the necessary information is available, including reviews and photos.

Do you have any discounts for long term bookings in Czechia?

Such discounts are provided for some cars in Czech Republic. It is always more profitable to book for a long time.

I enter rental dates in Czech Republic from 06, May 10 am to 08, May 10 am. The system counts it as two days rental period. It's right?

Quite right, the system counts the number of days (i.e. time intervals of 24 hours).

Is it possible to make a reservation for a car in Czech Republic in a time slot not available in the search tool?

No, if the system does not allow you to select a certain time, then it is either busy, or at this time the rental does not serve customers. Choose only the interval that is available in the system, or contact us in support if you have a task of increased complexity.

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