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What are the car rental options in Hungary available for drivers with less than 2 years of driving experience?

It is possible to choose a car if you have less than 2 years of driving experience. Write to us and we will clarify the availability of options for you. Most of the car in Hungary rental companies provide cars to people with a year or more of driving experience.

Is it enough to provide only one driving license when two persons are renting a car in Hungary?

The second driver will also need to have a driving license with him, as it will be required to drive in Hungary and the driver must be mentioned in the contract and have a power of attorney to drive.

Are there any special requirements if we want to rent an SUV in Hungary?

There are no special requirements for renting an SUV - for renting any car on our website you need a category B license. Requirements for the driving experience, age of the driver, the size of the deposit will depend on the specific rental company and car in Hungary.

If we arrive early in the morning, will it be possible to get a car in Hungary?

Yes, this service can be provided for some cars in Hungary. Car rental companies work according to a standard schedule, but for an additional cost they can bring you a car early in the morning. It is usually provided at an additional cost, you can see the details when you book a specific car rental.

We plan to live near the city, where you rent cars. Is delivery outside of the city possible for an additional fee?

Local car rental companies often deliver the car to nearby communities. We have presented the main settlements where you can get a car. If you have not found the desired settlement in the list, contact us in any convenient way and we will try to find the options available to you.

Is the technical condition of the car checked when renting in Hungary?

The signing of the contract and acceptance of the car in Hungary is preceded by an inspection of the car by the renter. You shouldn't worry too much about this - we cooperate with reliable local car rentals that carefully monitor their cars, and all vehicles undergo regular maintenance.

Can we arrange delivery to our apartments in Hungary?

Of course, the car can be brought to any point in Hungary. Just indicate the address of receipt when making a rental through our website.

Are there options with a free car delivery to the airport?

Some cars in Hungary can be delivered to the airport free of charge. Go to the search to find cars for the dates you need and use the filter "Options" => "Free delivery". It will generate a list of cars for which delivery will be free.

Will it be possible to return the car a little earlier or later than the appointed time?

Each rental has its own Late Return Policy, which is always discussed at the time of booking. On our website you can see this in the Terms and Conditions of booking when renting a car in Hungary. Most often, there are no penalties for being late for 2-3 hours. In any case, if you are late, try to contact the manager as soon as possible and inform about it.

Is the theft insurance valid only in the country where we rent a car or in the neighboring countries as well?

All this happens very rarely. It is up to you to decide whether or not to purchase this or that insurance in Hungary. In this case, you take full responsibility for all possible, albeit unlikely, risks on yourself as a tenant.

If, in the event of an accident in Hungary, the driver at fault will have MTPL, will it save me from the deductible costs?

Yes, if an accident occurs through no fault of yours, then someone else's MTPL will cover the mistakes of someone else's driver, that is, you will not have to pay anything. It is important that you have a police report in your hands, which states that it is not your fault.

What kind of insurance should I choose for active lengthy vacation in Hungary?

For long trips, especially for travelers who choose active holidays in Hungary, Super CDW insurance will be very useful. This insurance option includes the maximum range of damages - it can be specified specifically by moving the mouse cursor to the question mark when registering a car rental.

How would you recommend handling the insurance issue in Hungary?

We advise you to add at least CDW to your car rental without fail, if it is not included in the rental price and does not come for free. With this insurance you can feel more confident and freer to move on in Hungary roads.

What currency do we pay in for insurance in Hungary?

The insurance is paid together with the main amount of the rental directly upon receipt of the car in Hungary. Depending on which car you choose, you will be able to pay in cash and, in some cases, by card. You will pay accordingly in local currency.

If someone damages the car insured with CDW in parking lot in Hungary and the culprit is not identified, who will compensate for the damage?

In this case, the car repair is covered by the insurance company. But this will be possible only if there is a police report of an accident. That is, if you see that the car is scratched, call the rental company, they help you call the police, the police draw up a protocol and give you a copy. This copy must be handed over to the manager of the rental company. If the protocol has not been drawn up, then the insurance company does not consider such damage as an insured event, and all responsibility rests with the renter. Therefore, when leaving in Hungary, always inspect the vehicle for damage first.

Can the company require a large sum of money than a deposit in case of any damage?

In the event of an accident caused by your fault, most often the damage will be compensated within the amount of your deductible, if the amount of damage exceeds the deductible, the remaining amount will be compensated by the insurance.

Will the deposit be returned in 100% of cases when renting a car in Hungary?

The deposit will be returned to most customers in Hungary in full, subject to car hire agreement and no rental violations.

For what reasons may the deposit in Hungary not be returned?

The deposit may not be returned in case of damage to the car that is not covered by insured events or if you do not fulfill any conditions of the car rental agreement in Hungary (fuel policy, delays, etc.). Don't worry - be careful on the roads and be careful when signing the contract and the deposit will definitely be returned to you in full.

The amount of the deposit indicated in the car booking form in Hungary applies to the entire period or is it only for one day?

The deposit is indicated for the entire period. You leave it when you pick up the car and it is returned to you when you return the car, if everything is in order.

Is it possible to make a deposit at the time of booking a car in Hungary?

The deposit is paid on the spot in Hungary. That is, it is received and returned directly by the rental company from which you rent a car through our service. When registering a car rental online, it will not work.

Is it possible to do a prepayment using one card, and pay the remaining amount using another one?

Yes, this is possible without any problem.

Is it possible to pay a deposit for a car rental in Hungary by card?

For some rental providers in Hungary this will be possible. You can clarify the methods of payment for the deposit on the manager page of the rental company or ask a question by sending a personal message through the website.

What is the difference between the convertibles presented on your website?

There is no fundamental technical difference. Therefore, choose according to the conditions, price. We also advise you to pay attention to the reviews - they are left by real customers who previously rented cars in Hungary.

Do you have a bus rental in Hungary?

Unfortunately, you cannot rent a bus in Hungary with us. You may be interested in the category of Minivans - they are available for booking through our system.

Can I find non-standard cars in Hungary: sport cars, convertibles?

Yes, sure. We have available convertibles in Hungary, you can find them using the filter Car type => Convertible.

Which car in Hungary are the most popular in the mid-range price segment?

The easiest way to find cars for your request will be using the search tools. We would advise you to choose Car Type => Comfort, Business. The system itself will give you the relevant cars in Hungary. Then make sure that the "Most Popular" sorting is selected - this means that at the top you see the most popular cars by the specified criteria.

Will the voucher state that the deposit is $ 0?

Yes, of course, if you book a car without a in Hungary deposit, the voucher will indicate that no deposit is required.

Do I pay extra for returning the car in another city?

Depends on the rental you choose in Hungary. Many companies deliver cars to the airport for free. To find such, refine your request in the search by dates, and then apply the filter Options => Free shipping.

Will you be able to provide a car in Hungary if we do a reservation less than 1 day before the trip?

We try to promptly process such urgent reservations. It will be better if you additionally write to us at hungary@localcarhires.com or any messenger and let us know that you urgently need a car in Hungary. This way we can focus on handling of your rental.

Can I ask the rental company in Hungary directly if there is a third row of seats (folding) in the car?

For such questions it is possible to send a personal message to the car manager in Hungary. This option is available on each manager's page. In addition, there are real photos and reviews for each car, that can also help you in choosing.

What should we focus on when choosing a car in Hungary?

We try to give you all the information you need in order to simplify your choice. You can initially filter cars by car type, price, transmission type, insurance and deposit options and others. Further on the page of each car in Hungary a detailed description and basic technical characteristics are available for you. There are also real reviews and photos of the car. Managers of local rental companies are always in touch if you have any additional questions.

Can I print the voucher on the spot?

The voucher does not need to be printed. You must have it with you when you pick up the car in Hungary, but you can limit yourself to the electronic version on your smartphone.

What documents for the cars will be given to us?

The most important document that you sign when you pick up your car in Hungary is the rental agreement. In addition to the rental agreement, you may be given additional documents, depending on local traffic regulations.

What documents are needed to pick up a car in Hungary?

The documents you need to carry with you are usually listed in the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental when booking a car in Hungary. This is usually a voucher, driver's license and passport.

The deposit is indicated as 0, while full insurance is not included, what will happen in the event of a breakdown \ accident in Hungary?

The lack of a security deposit for the rental company does not mean that the lessee cannot become a debtor for losses. The amount of the deductible is the maximum limit of your liability for renting in Hungary.

Who can I contact if I have forgotten my personal items in car in Hungary? We left glasses in the car accidentally.

It is best to contact directly the manager of the rental company in Hungary and report the loss. Most likely you will be able to drive up and pick up what you forgot at the company office.

Is it possible to filter cars in Hungary with dual zone air conditioning on the website?

There is no such functionality in the search, but information about Availability of an air conditioner is often found on the page of the car itself. If it still needs to be clarified, we recommend contacting the rental manager in Hungary directly or via the support chat on our website (you can find it in the lower right corner of the page).

Will we be given a in Hungary booster if the child is over 5 years old?

It can be pre-ordered if necessary. Free or at a reasonable surcharge.

Is it necessary to enter the data of the second driver immediately or can it be done on the spot in Hungary?

No, you do not need to enter information about the second driver when booking, just enter the name of the main driver and select the "second driver" option (as it may be paid). The data on the second driver can be entered on the spot upon receipt of the car in Hungary.

Is there a navigator in the car that speaks Russian?

There is no default navigator in every car in Hungary. However, you can add a navigator at an additional cost per day when booking a car. This option can be checked in the "Hardware" section. It is better to check what languages ​​are available with the manager of the rental company who is responsible for a specific car.

Do I need to order an additional GPS-navigator, if the premium car should be equipped with a navigator anyway?

Availability of a navigator depends on the car equipment. Even if there is a monitor in luxury cars, navigation may not be installed. It is better to clarify this point with our customer support for a particular car.

Can there be any issues when crossing the border with a rented car in Hungary?

There shouldn't be any problems - you need to have a passport, a driving license valid in the country and an insurance policy for the vehicle. Rental managers will advise you on the details of crossing the border with a car rented by in Hungary.

Do I need documents to cross the border with a car rented in Hungary?

To travel outside the country, the car must have insurance "Abroad" (ordered when placing an order) and have a note in the contract indicating the countries to which the car is allowed to travel (done when receiving the car). No more documents are needed.

Could you recommend a car route from Hungary?

It is difficult to recommend a specific route without knowing what you are interested in. Contact the manager of the rental company that gives you the car. The managers are very sociable and know their region very well.

What is the cheapest but reasonable rental option in Hungary that you can offer?

It's hard to say, because everyone has their own criteria. We recommend that you limit your choice using the search tools: you can request cars up to a certain rental price per day. This will help you find cars that are already right for you. Then you can choose the best option in Hungary, based on the characteristics of the cars, reviews and photos.

We're about to rent a car to drive in the mountains. We live in flat land normally. :) Any advice for us?

At least 150 hp and if you choose between gasoline and diesel, then diesel is better - diesel goes up the hill better than gasoline.

Are there any problems with diesel fuel in Hungary?

Diesel in Hungary is a common type of fuel. You can always find a petrol station.

Can you guarantee the reliability of the rental company in Hungary?

On our website you can see only reliable car rental companies. We usually don't have any problems in Hungary - according to the offer agreement, the company provides the car at a pre-agreed price and conditions. In case of disagreement, you can count on our support.

What obligations are guaranteed to us by the car rental agreement in Hungary?

The rental company in Hungary undertakes to provide you with a car according to pre-agreed conditions. The car must be prepared for rental and in working condition. More detailed conditions are prescribed in the rental agreement. You can also read the Terms of Service to understand the obligations from all sides.

Do we need to contact the company directly to confirm the car reservation in Hungary?

There is no need to contact directly. We ourselves confirm the reservation and send you a confirmation in the form of a voucher for car rental in Hungary by mail specified when booking a rental through our website.

Where are the rental points located in Hungary?

We cooperate with various rental points in Hungary. If you would like to pick up the car directly at the rental office, you can specify the company's Office as the pick up address when making your reservation.

Where can I see the name of the company in Hungary that owns the car I am interested in?

The names of companies and legal entities are hidden on our website. But in general, you will not need it to get the car in Hungary - you can find the manager's name, phone number and coordinates in the voucher that you will receive by mail. You will have all the contacts.

Is the cost of parking at the airport included in the rental price in Hungary?

Parking payment is not included in the rental price in Hungary and is paid separately.

Are we eligible to receive a car in Hungary having only a national driver's license?

Yes, sure.

Is petrol included in the rental price in Hungary?

You will need to pay for gasoline separately. The manager of the rental company will guide you on which petrol stations are better to use in Hungary.

What are the communication channels one can use to get in touch with you?

Contacts are listed on each page at the bottom right. You can also contact us via the support chat by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner. You can book a car in Hungary without a call. All information is current, accurate and final.

Where else do you operate, except Hungary?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Ireland, find car rentals in Israel and Italy. Many tourists want to rent a car in Japan with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Is it worth re-booking a car in Hungary, if I made a mistake in small details (name spelling)?

The way the name is written on the voucher is not important. Such small details need not be fixed. You will get a car in Hungary without any problem.

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