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Most rented cars in Georgia

  1. Subaru Forester. Four-wheel drive crossover as if created for rough terrain in Georgia. Reliable as a real Japanese car. Fearless like a samurai. And after all... If you don’t try the opposite engine now, when else will you do it?
  2. Mitsubishi Pajero IO. A smaller version of the flagship of the company that brought her world fame. Basically, in the ranks of the old models are 12+ years old for 5 places, 4x4 (rarely, but there are single-drive options). Almost all cars come from Japan, which means the steering wheel is rearranged from the right to the left.
  3. Toyota Prius. Japanese eco-friendly hybrid. Large trunk, spacious interior and low fuel consumption. Great for city driving. A combination of quality finishes, ergonomics and comfort. Even a long trip will not give the driver or passengers unnecessary inconvenience.
  4. Mitsubishi Outlander. Japanese crossover with increased cross-country ability. Dynamic, maneuverable, with a spacious interior - ideal for traveling. It’s not scary with him in the steppe and in the mountains. A large trunk, where the rear seats unfold and turn into a full double seat.
  5. Toyota RAV-4. Reliable crossover with increased cross-country ability. Designed for unforgettable adventures in the country and long trips, it is comfortable to travel long distances for both the driver and passengers.
  6. Lexus GX470. Reliable premium SUV for the family or large company. Ideal for a comfortable everyday ride, and for off-road trips. Eats fuel like a tank.

Car rental prices in Georgia

How much is renting a car in Georgia?

Car rental prices in Georgia vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days. We’ll list the final rental price, including extras and insurance policies of your choice on your Voucher in GEL. With us, you will always know the exact amount that must be paid at pick up in Georgia.

Average car rental prices in Georgia per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration.

Georgia car hire advice

  • Things to do: Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Jvari, Gergeti.
  • Drive to: Batumi, Kutaisi.
  • Cross border: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey.
  • Best cars to pick: SUV 4x4, Automatic, Diesel.
  • Luxury / VIP rentals: check mileage limit.
  • Best rental company: on which you can submit a review.
  • Where to rent: at Tbilisi Airport.

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Your questions on car rental in Georgia

We will go to Mestia region and probably to Uzghuli to do some ski touring. Do you have any restriction related to this zones?

You can drive in Ushguli only with SUV. After Ushguli to Lentekhi we don't allow our customers to drive, because the road is unpaved and damaged.

Is cross boarder towards aloud, Towards Turkey (kars) and Armenia (Gjoemri)

there is a conflict zone between Turkey and Armenia so you cant go from Armenia to Turkey physically

In August, my girlfriend and I will arrive in Georgia for a vacation. we do not have a credit card for the deposit. Is it possible to leave it in cash or is no deposit required?

Hi. It is possible to pay in cash! Please clarify, which car do you want, how many days, and exact dates of your vacation .

What happens if the car breaks down?

A replacement car will be provided. In the event that the car needs to be towed we of course will cover costs of the service. We have 24hrs contact and aid with the understanding that if you are in Armenia for example a longer wait would be expected. Arranging help is as simple as calling our hotline number and someone will be ready to assist you.

Forgive me canceling my order for your service. I had sudden and unexpected accident in Poland and I will not fly to Georgia at all. I'm sure next time I will rent one of your cars.

No problem at all.

We are 2 couple from Italy and we are interesting in your xtrail, i see that is possible to drive it abroad. We can drive your car to armenia?

If you are interested in crossing border, you should share you passport via messenger or email, in order to prepare appropriate POA for you. For crossing border there is an added extra payment.

Do you have any SUV 4x4 free for date 27.7- 10.8 for rent , and do you have no limited Km and why dont allow drive to Gergeti, Tusheti, Ushguli?

Replied to you in person

We're a couple from Belgium that want to visit Georgia this summer. We're landing in Kutaisi and the Subaru looked like a good option to visit Mestia, Stepantsminda and Kakheti.

Yes, nice places. Send us your dates and more details.

You need the passport of the driver of you need the passport of all of us?

Just the driver's passport.

Do you confirm that our licenses with Latin characters are sufficient for rental at your agency, or do you need international licenses?

Yes, you don't need an international license.

Can I rent a car if I am 20 years old? I have a valid driving license.

Your insurance will not be valid if under 21 y.o.

Is it possible to take the car to Armenia as well?

It is not allowed to take car abroad of Georgia

Can I book Pajero IO for July 20-25 on your website?

At the moment mitsubishi pajero io is possible to rent, you must book it, and we will reserve it for you .

Do you have a red Toyota Prius on 13th August?

Unfortunately that car is booked on that date. We can offer a red Toyota Camry 2014, but the price will be higher.

Can you send me the details of the voucher?

Sure, it's in your email already

I have now booked the car and paid the prepayment. I will be touch to find out where to pick the car up from as I will be staying in Akhmeta. Is it possible to deliver the car to Akhmeta?

Yes, but we'd rather deliver the car to Telavi.

Can I drive to Ushguli?

Yes, with some of the cars you can go to ushguli and mountain roads.

Is it correct windshield damage is not insured? As this is quite a high risk with stones when driving off road.

Car has full 100% insurance (only tires are not included)

We would like to rent a car from you for 8 days, but we would like to also go to Armenia to visit friends. Dates are 12-20 September. Nissan Note.

Only georgia allowed.

Hi I want to rent the 2006 BMW X5 but I’m wandering is it un limited km

The price includes insurance and unlimited milage and no deposit

Is there a comprehensive insurance on the car and is the meter open

The price includes insurance and unlimited milage and no deposit

I will travel to Georgia next month. If I want to rent do I need an international license

No, you don't need an international license.

What is the excess / deductible for your cars?

In terms of deductibles are you referring to excess weaver? If so under super collision you don’t pay extra for windows and tires in terms of an accident however your deposit will cover everything else.

The website says heavy off-road driving is prohibited with the vehicle, I was wondering what is meant with this. I would for example like to drive to Ushguli and will probably also take some other unpaved mountain roads. Are these allowed to drive in the car?

Mitsubishi Pajero IO is okay for any dificultly off road. Car is full 4x4(block) sistem and easy to drive anywhere.

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