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Car rental reviews in UAE

Real reviews from users who rented a car in UAE with us

Natalia Komissarenko

Infiniti Q30 in UAE

Everything was great

November 2021
Iurii Novytskyi

Porsche 718 Boxster S in UAE

I liked everything the car was delivered at 10:00, I forgot and only woke up at 10, but they waited for me, they took me away too at 10, I gave it with a full tank, there was a Gas Station nearby, everything was convenient on the Site, I immediately chose the model that I liked, 2 people wrote to me they explained everything in vatsap in detail, the car is just emotions, I have Kaen in Kiev, I thought to take a boxter as a second car, but I think it won't go for Kiev, but for Dubai, the very thing, you won't go with an open roof during the day, it's very hot, although some are desperate they drive (they also took a convertible, you can immediately see ours) and in the evening ride in a thrill, but if it's already uncomfortable on the highway above 100 km, I'm generally satisfied with the car and the service, I hope next time I'll take something better or if I live far from the center Something simpler for the entire stay, a taxi is expensive to go far, it's easier to take a regular car, I'm waiting for you to return the deposit, I hope there are no fines, I tried. And it's also important to keep track of the km, I dashed off 230 km from 250 available

October 2021
Nazarii Sobchuk

Ford Mustang GT V8 Convertible in UAE

I wish it were better. There are no questions about the car. I didn’t like two things: 1. We received the car with 10 km of petrol left. We nearly died out while we found a gas station. Upon arrival, I wanted to relax and not to be puzzled where to find a gas station. As a result, we devoted half of the evening to this issue instead of just traveling on business. 2. Delivery of a car - a person is late, it is very difficult to communicate, he does not understand anything and can not get through in any way. We were late for the event due to a delay in submission. Delayed not inspection of the car, namely the arrival of a person. In the end, it wasn't even he who came. To be honest, there is no desire to use the service again. The experience is rather negative than positive. If the fuel policy is principled, they would have warned in advance, I would have paid for a full tank.

November 2021
Serhii Tarasenko

Infiniti Q50 in UAE

Everything went great! The car matched the description on the website. No problem! I am very glad that I contacted you!

February 2021
Olga Shulaeva

Ford Mustang GT V8 Convertible in UAE

I’d say the experience was a bit painful as they’ve provided the other car instead and we’re waiting for it for more than 2 hours. But we understood that that was due to the driver got collision on the way to the meeting point, hence, they had to assign another car. Also, the documents were provided at time of the car return, which was a reason we’ve been a bit nervous during the day if we’re protected at all and the rent agencies services are legal. Finally, we’ve been told that the deposit will be returned in 21 working days which is kind of non sense for us - from our experience it come back in 14 calendar days as a maximum.

November 2022
Khatija Sayed

Mercedes-Benz C180 in UAE

My overall experience was perfect excellent . Service and delivery on point and time. I will always be using this service in the future

November 2021
Frederic Koenig

Audi Q5 in UAE

Hi it all went well, car was as described, delivered by a competent guy, and recovered as planned. No issue at was a q5, white, well maintained and equipped...

August 2019
Deleted User

Mercedes-Benz A45-S in UAE


December 2020
Denys Avierin

Audi Q8 in UAE

All was good. There are no questions about rent. The only thing - it would be more convenient to know the vehicle fleet in advance.

December 2020

Local Car Hires in UAE

These local businesses provide car rental services in UAE

Local Car Hires in UAE

These local businesses provide car rental services in UAE








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Car rental prices in UAE

Car rental prices in UAE vary throughout the year depending on the season and your rental length in days. Car hire rates in UAE are entered and displayed in AED.

Dh 715
Dh 636
Dh 630
Dh 636
Dh 623
Dh 567
Dh 590
Dh 579
Dh 578
Dh 623
Dh 623
Dh 715
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  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
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  • December
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chartAverage car rental prices in UAE per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration.

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Can the car be picked up anywhere in UAE or only at the airport / hotel?

On our website you can order a car at any point convenient for you. When making a reservation for your car rental, you indicate the address where you would like to get the car in UAE. On the appointed day, the manager brings the car with all the documents to wherever you need it.

Why is the delivery price high for some cars in UAE, and for some of them this option is available for free?

The delivery price depends on the specific car, the city of receipt or return, and the location of the rental company. Some rentals in UAE are ready to bring a car even to a remote settlement, but they ask for an additional amount.

Can we come by to pick up a car at the office in UAE?

Yes, sure. Select "Company Office" at the pick-up point and you can pick up the car yourself from the office of the rental company in UAE. Only this will not be our office, but the office of the rental that you choose.

Which car pick-up points in UAE are not charged for car delivery?

Delivery price depends on the car, city and rental. In the search tools you can use the convenient filter "Options" => "Free Shipping" to see a list of cars that can be brought to you for free in UAE.

Where will I pick up the car at the airport?

When you pick up a car at the airport, you indicate your flight number when making a rental through our website. The manager of the rental company will meet you with a sign with your name in the arrivals area, you will sign the documents and receive the car right at the airport.

Can there be problems with pick-up and return of a car due to early arrival and departure times in UAE? Are the managers of the rental companies punctual?

We work with reliable local car rentals in UAE who carefully plan their schedules and arrive on time for meetings with clients. As for early arrivals, you can see the opening hours on the page of each rental company. Car rental companies have their own working hours, but for an additional fee, many of them can bring you a car outside of working hours, including at night.

What responsibility will the renter of the car have if new scratches appear on the car that is insured under TPL?

Without CDW it will be entirely the responsibility of the renter.

Do you offer insurance services in UAE separately, without rental services?

Insurance is not offered by us, but by rental companies. Insurance services cannot be purchased separately, only when renting a car in UAE.

Is it possible to expand insurance in UAE without deductibles and other additional conditions?

We can advise you to take out a Full CDW - this is the most complete liability insurance in UAE. This can be done when booking in the Insurance section by ticking the Full CDW checkbox or by contacting us via the support chat.

When should I choose insurance against theft in UAE?

Theft insurance is an additional option that you can add to your in UAE rental. It covers the risks of theft and / or damage after the attempted theft. Such cases are very rare, but if you want full protection, you can buy it in addition, so as not to worry about anything while traveling.

Do you have options for paying rent by installments in UAE?

The way the process is organized, in fact, is the installment plan. When renting a car in UAE through us, you pay only 15-20%. cost when booking, and pay the remainder upon receipt. Or we didn't understand your question.

Is a credit card obligatory requirement for car hire in UAE?

Any bank card will do, except for Maestro and Visa Electron cards.

Is it possible to clarify the drop-off time of the car on the spot?

It is better to decide on the time in advance, since even small changes in the time of car return can affect the rental price. But in general, any changes are possible - contact our support and we will make changes to your rental in UAE. Better to do this well in advance.

Can the terms of the contract be revised after prepayment?

Critical conditions such as price, deposit, and rental object are fixed and accepted by both parties in advance. This is the advantage of our car rental service in UAE.

We want to receive the car immediately upon arrival at the airport, but there is a possibility that the carrier may change the flight time. How can I book a car in such a case?

If the arrival time is changed in advance (more than a day), then you can write to us at about the change and we will adjust the order. If there is an unscheduled flight delay, then you should contact the manager delivering the car directly by the phone number specified in the voucher. He will try to adjust his schedule so that the car is ready for your arrival. But then there is a possibility that you will have to wait at the airport or, with a long delay, pick up the car from the office of the company.

If I want to shorten the rental period in UAE, will the conditions and cost change? And in general, are such changes possible?

7 days before the rental date, you can make changes and cancel your booking without losing money. We would advise you to make changes to your booking well in advance if necessary. The rental price per day depends on the car rental term in UAE, so the cost is likely to change. If you need to make any changes, please contact us via the support chat (bottom right corner of the page).

Going to honeymoon in UAE, do you have any sport or premium cars for such an occasion?

Of course, we can pick up premium cars for you for such an occasion. To make your choice even more convenient, we advise you to use the filter Car type => Luxury / Business / Cabrio to find the most relevant cars. If you need help, you can also contact us via the support chat.

Do I pay extra for returning the car in another city?

Depends on the rental you choose in UAE. Many companies deliver cars to the airport for free. To find such, refine your request in the search by dates, and then apply the filter Options => Free shipping.

Can I include two cars from different rental companies in UAE into one booking?

This functionality is not provided - you will need to make two separate bookings for rent in UAE.

Can I book a car through you in UAE?

In theory, yes, if we have available cars, we can find an option for you in UAE.

What should I do if I do not have time to return my rented car by the due date in UAE?

Don't worry, most of the time in UAE companies have a certain waiting period from the appointed time during which you can return the car. Usually, for a delay with a return of 1-2 hours, you will not be charged money. But it is better, of course, to notify the manager by phone as early as possible that you will be late with the return.

Can I request vehicle specifications by mail? Is it better to get in touch with you or with the rental company in UAE directly?

The main characteristics of the car are presented on the page of each car. If you need any additional information besides the one you see on this page - go to the page of the manager who rent out a car in UAE and send them a private message.

Is a Russian driver's license obligatory if I have an international one?

It depends on where you are going. In countries that have ratified the Vienna Convention, national driving license apply, and in countries in which only the Geneva Convention is in force, only an international driver's license is recognized.

If we notice incorrect information on the voucher, who can we contact?

In this case, we advise you to contact us via the chat in the lower right corner of the page and report the detected error, or send us an email to We will send you a new voucher with the correct information.

If the wheel is broken, how much should I pay in UAE?

It depends on the rental and what insurance you added when booking in UAE. Some insurances may cover this type of damage.

What additional costs does the renter bear hiring a car in UAE in addition to the rental price per day?

The conditions for the provision of any additional services, such as additional equipment in the car, child seats, insurance, pick-up service after hours, and others depend on the specific rental company. For many companies in UAE some or most of these options will be included in the rental price, while others will be paid. So it really depends on the specific car.

Is the rental price in UAE subject to revision?

The rental price in the voucher is not subject to revision. The price that is fixed in the voucher is fixed and you will not pay more. But if you want to order additional services on the spot that you did not request when booking a car in UAE, this is possible.

How often do the car rental prices change in UAE?

Prices change relatively often and always depend on the specific rental company. They determine the tariff policy. We advise our clients in UAE to book a car in advance and consider options for a longer rental - this can be much more profitable.

Where can I find your car rental rates in UAE?

Car prices are indicated immediately in the search. Use the search - specify where you would like to pick up and drop off the car and the rental dates and you will see a list of available cars with the rental price in UAE for each.

Are there any reviews about rental companies in UAE?

Yes, after the rental, each client can share their impressions of the car and communication with the rental company. Reviews will be presented on the car page and the rental manager page. You can also see the average rental rate next to the manager's name and photo (from 0 to 5).

How can we be sure in good technical condition of the car when renting a car in UAE through you?

All cars presented in UAE on our website are well maintained. When using our service, you also have the opportunity to see real photos of cars. You can also clarify any details for a specific car in advance with the managers of the rental companies.

Should the voucher contain information and personal data about the second driver?

No, the voucher usually contains information about the main driver and the calculation of the price for your booking a car in UAE. It should not include data on all drivers.

Can I check in advance if the car has an AUX output?

Yes, for such moments it is better to contact us directly in any way convenient for you or with the manager of a particular car that interests you. Through our website you can send a message to the rental directly.

Is it possible to take Wi-Fi in the car in UAE?

For some cars in UAE this option may be available at an additional cost. After you have decided on the dates of your trip and the car, on the booking page you will have the opportunity to order additional services. Wi-Fi can usually be found under the "Hardware" section. You can also contact the manager of the rental company to clarify the possibility of providing this service.

Can you tell me the models of the most reliable car in UAE?

Every car presented on our site is reliable for travel in UAE, we can guarantee it. In the event of a car breakdown, you will be provided with a replacement car (analog or higher class) as soon as possible without additional costs from the client. All cars undergo regular maintenance and are kept in good condition.

Can you give advice on what to pay attention to for when picking up and dropping a car in UAE?

Before picking up the car in UAE make sure that all the details in the rental agreement are complete and correct. Check that the document contains information about the extended coverage, if you purchase one. In addition, we advise you to pay attention to the conditions for returning the car, which are the rights and obligations of the lessee in the contract. When you deposit, nothing is generally required from you - the main thing is not to forget to take the deposit from the manager, if, according to the terms of the contract, it must be returned to you in cash.

We want to find a car at the lowest possible price in UAE, what is the best way to do this through your website?

You can limit the price range in the search - set the highest possible price that is acceptable for you. Also, when choosing a car in UAE by price, we recommend that you sort them using the cheapest filter that you will find in the search bar.

Are local drivers car in UAEeful on the road?

Not really. It is worth being careful, as always, but in general the driving style of the local in UAE is quite alright. You can book a car without a doubt and travel without any problems.

Are there any special driving rules to be aware of before driving in UAE?

In general, driving rules in UAE are the same as those to which drivers from Russia and the CIS countries are accustomed. The local driving style is calm and adequate. If you are interested in something specific, you can always contact us in the support chat or ask the manager of the local car rental company directly.

What questions can the local police have in case of an accident?

There will be no special questions for you. The main thing is that you comply with all the conditions of the lease, in particular, the driver entered into the contract must be behind the wheel. In the event of an accident, together with the police, you draw up an accident report, if you are not to blame, the guilty party will pay for the repair.

Are the characteristics of the car listed on the website fully consistent with the car we get in UAE?

Yes, the car characteristics provided on the website for your convenience so that you could rely on them when choosing a car. In exceptional cases there may be a change of a car for a similiar one with the same characteristics.

Can I find a car rental point in UAE close to our hotel?

No problem. Contact us in the support chat at the bottom right of the page and we will try to help. In general, you can rent a car and collect it directly from your hotel, which is easier and more reliable.

How is parking regulated in UAE?

Parking is paid separately and is not included in the rental price in UAE. For the actual cost and conditions, we advise you to contact the manager of the rental company after renting a car.

Can I rent a car with a foreign driver's license in UAE?

No, you need IDP.

Do I need an International Driving License in UAE?

Yes, international driving license in UAE is a musi. National DP alone is not sufficient.

Is the car in UAE delivered with a full tank?

Depends on the fuel policy of a particular rental company. Usually this is indicated in the terms and conditions of the lease, when registering a car in UAE. Many companies have a full / full policy, which means that the car is shipped with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank as well. But it depends on the specific local rental.

Where else do you operate, except UAE?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Armenia, find car rentals in Austria and Azerbaijan. Many tourists want to rent a car in Bulgaria with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Does your company have a loyalty program in UAE?

We do not have a loyalty program as such in UAE. Write to us in the support chat and we will show you how to order a car on the most favorable terms in UAE.

Where can I find out about Local Car Hires discounts in UAE?

At the moment we do not have a clear system of in UAE discounts. Try to book in advance - this will be the most profitable.

How to find a car with an automatic gearbox in UAE in the search on the website?

You can easily filter cars with automatic gearbox using the appropriate filter in the search. Check the box next to Vending car and you will see below only cars with in UAE vending car.

Who can I contact if my car booking in UAE fails?

Yes, if another customer book a car through our website for the dates you need, the car will automatically disappear from the in UAE search results.

If I see a car in the search in UAE, then it is definitely available for these dates?

The cars that you see in the search are available for the required rental period in UAE. As soon as someone makes a reservation for a car through our system, the car will be hidden from the search results.

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