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Top-6 most rented cars in Crimea

  1. Hyundai Solaris. Compact sedan with a spacious boot. Low fuel consumption will save on travel. Perfect for the city and travel outside it. Little space in the rear seats.
  2. Ford Focus. Classic economy option. Great choice for city travel. Soft. Economical. Very popular among families, i.e. spacious!
  3. Volkswagen Polo. Good German for city trips with economical fuel consumption. The suspension setting is slightly hard.
  4. Kia Rio. Korean favorite with a spacious interior and a roomy trunk. A great option for comfortable travel. Rulitsya easy and pleasant.
  5. Volkswagen Tiguan. Roomy crossover with good cross. Convenient for country trips.
  6. Toyota Camry. Soft executive car. Reliable like a tank. Jewelry assembly. A lot of electronics. The most comfortable seats. Fast, savvy gearbox. Rulitsya very easily. It is effective at overtaking, but I don’t feel like rushing while driving this car. The back is very comfortable.

Сar rental prices in Crimea

How much does it cost to rent a car in Crimea?

Renting in Crimea is more expensive than, for example, in Sochi, but still way cheaper than in Georgia. Crimea is a purely seasonal region and if you are interested in renting during May to September period, you'd rather make a reservation at least a few months in advance: there will be no free cars during the peak period! We as a rental platform started in 2019, but already see that the conditions for renting a car in the Crimea through us are even better than through the company's desk directly (not even mentioning other brokers).

Car rental in Crimea: average prices per day when renting for 7 days.

Crimean car rental market

After the events of 2014, all international car rental companies were forced to leave the crimean market due to sanctions. Some companies changed their name and became local businesses, while others just left the region.

After the new Simferopol terminal started to operate, it became clear that local car rentals need to be regulated: competition started to dump the prices down to unprofitable levels. To survive rentals must try extra hard to make extra money at the desk upon arrival (so called extra charges, fees that you weren’t told about and worst of all, possible charges for damage you didn't cause). We do fight against dishonest companies, as well as fake reviews on car rentals in Crimea.

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Questions on car rentals in Crimea

We will go to Sevastopol region and probably to port Kavkaz to do some business touring. Do you have any restriction related to this zones?

Well, you can drive in Crimea with no restrictions, but for crossing the Crimean bridge to contintental Russia you may be charged an extra fee sometimes. The highway / main roads are okay and safe everywhere in Crimea.

Is there a car rental in Crimea without a deposit?

Currently, all cars without a deposit in the Crimea are in extremely poor condition, we do not cooperate with such suppliers. A small deposit is a guarantee that the previous owner took care of the car and did not rape it.

Do you have free delivery to the hotel in Crimea?

It depends on where. We mainly cooperate with fleets in the region of Simferopol. Correspondingly driving a car somewhere to Yalta will cost extra money (= delivery charge).

Can I rent a car in Crimea if I am 22 years old? In a month it will be 23.

No, you won’t be able to rent a car if you are less than 23 years old with a passport and / or less than 3 years of driving experience on the day you start the rental.

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