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Car rental reviews in Crimea

Real reviews from users who rented a car in Crimea with us

Sakellaris Mailis

Hyundai Solaris in Crimea

Everything’s was fine with the rental.

September 2020
Sofia Grilo

Datsun Mi-do in Crimea

The car Rental was generally good. The car was ok, we didn't have any problems, mechanical or accidents. Unfortunately, we miss the exit to Kerch and have to turn around to get back. Automatically, receive a e-mail with a warning of a fine. When i delivered the car i was told that I had to pay for being out of the Crimea, for return the car with half full tank and without cleaning. Thanks.

November 2019
Yury Kidanov

Datsun Mi-do in Crimea

Receiving the car was fine. The documents were ready, the receipt took place without any delay. It's good that the deposit is blocked on the card, and not taken in cash! By the way, the car was in good condition, which is rarely the case with domestic assembled cars.

July 2020
Nikolai Tsokurenko

Hyundai Solaris in Crimea

All liked it. Thanks. There were no complaints about the car!

August 2021

Local Car Hires in Crimea

These local businesses provide car rental services in Crimea

Local Car Hires in Crimea

These local businesses provide car rental services in Crimea


Simferopol Airport (SIP)




Simferopol Airport (SIP)


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Сar rental prices in Crimea

Crimea is a purely seasonal region and if you are interested in renting a car in Crimea during May to September period, you'd rather make a reservation at least a few months in advance: there will be no free cars during the peak period as it happened in 2020.

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chartCar rental in Crimea: average prices per day when renting for 7 days.

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Is it possible to rent a car in Crimea if the license was issued a little over a year ago?

Generally, car rental companies in Crimea are ready to provide cars for drivers with at least 1-2 years of driving experience. The company's policy regarding the minimum age of the driver is always stated in the Rental Terms and Conditions, which you have to agree with when booking a vehicle.

Do you have the option of picking up / returning a car in Crimea 24/7?

Local car rental companies in Crimea, whose cars are presented on our website, determine their own working hours. Some of them are ready to bring you a car literally at any time of the day, but sometimes an additional fee is charged. You can see the cost of delivery outside of working hours when making a booking through us, there will be no additional payments on the spot.

Is there always an extra charge for the delivery of a rented car in Crimea?

On our website there are cars of many rental companies in Crimea and for each of them the conditions will be individual. You can find cars with free delivery by using the filter "Options" => "Free delivery".

Does the car rental company determine the exact time of picking up and returning the car in Crimea?

No, when booking through us, clients themselves determine the time of collection and return of the car in Crimea. In the search, select the time that suits you and you will see all the cars available for your dates and times.

Where will we meet with a company employee at the airport? Are there special stands?

There are no special desks, but don't worry, the procedure for picking up a car at the airport is simple and streamlined. The rental manager will meet you at the airport with a sign and transfer the car. In case you get lost, you can contact the manager by phone specified in the voucher for car rental in Crimea, which you will receive by mail.

Is there full insurance for cars in Crimea?

There is no concept of "full insurance". There is the concept of "Full CDW" or Super CDW, which helps not to think about increased responsibility. Experienced drivers with extensive experience usually save on extra costs. insurance and take the risk of damage to wheels, mirrors, underbody and windshield. To find out what exactly this or that option is insuring, move the cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option.

What is the implication of TPL insurance with a deposit in Crimea? In case of renter fault in car accident, he will hold responsible anyway?

The deposit for renting a car in Crimea is in no way connected with the insurance of MTPL. For rental companies, a deposit is a guarantee of full and timely fulfillment of the terms of the contract by the tenant in terms of compensation for damage. In case of violation of any clause of the rental agreement, the rental company reserves the right to withhold a certain amount from the deposit. But in most cases it does without it.

Is there an economy car with insurance included in Crimea?

The conditions for providing insurance and their cost in Crimea do not directly depend on the class of the car. TPL will be included in the price for any car. To find economy class cars with hull insurance enabled, you can use two filters: Car type => Economy, Options = Free hull insurance.

Are there any car rental options with free super CDW in Crimea?

Of course, some cars may be available with the free Super CDW in Crimea option. The terms of provision and the cost of additional services are determined by the rental company, so it will depend on the car you choose.

If the car rental option includes only TPL by default, is it possible to add CDW when renting a car in Crimea?

All possible insurance options are indicated in the description of each car in Crimea. If CDW is not specified, then it is not possible to order it additionally.

Why is a deposit required when renting a car in Crimea?

The car rental deposit in Crimea is a guarantee for the rental companies that you will return the car without damage and in accordance with the terms of the contract. Upon returning the car, the deposit will be returned to you.

What is the exchange rate for currency conversion?

Currency conversion takes place at the rate of your bank on the day of payment.

Are there any alternative payment options for booking in Crimea – PayPal, Payoneer etc.?

We can accept payment via Yandex. Money or PayPal. To do this, you will need to go through the entire booking process on our website, click the "Pay" button and close the payment service page. Then email us at and we will send you payment instructions.

What is the total sum of the car rental in Crimea?

The cost of renting a car in Crimea consists of the price per rental per day, the cost of all paid additional services, insurance and other paid options (for example, removing the mileage restriction). The rental amount is always fixed in the voucher and is final.

We want to receive the car immediately upon arrival at the airport, but there is a possibility that the carrier may change the flight time. How can I book a car in such a case?

If the arrival time is changed in advance (more than a day), then you can write to us at about the change and we will adjust the order. If there is an unscheduled flight delay, then you should contact the manager delivering the car directly by the phone number specified in the voucher. He will try to adjust his schedule so that the car is ready for your arrival. But then there is a possibility that you will have to wait at the airport or, with a long delay, pick up the car from the office of the company.

What types of cars are available for rent in Crimea?

We have cars of different categories available for rent. You can find both budget economy cars and more expensive luxury cars. We offer both convertibles and minivans - you just have to make a choice and arrange a rental in Crimea.

Can you tell me which of the presented premium cars in Crimea is rented at the best condition?

We do not own the vehicles featured on our site in Crimea. They are owned by different rental companies. We recommend that you pay attention to the photos and reviews of customers who previously rented cars that interest you.

How do we receive confirmation of our reservation in Crimea?

Confirmation of booking - voucher for car rental. This is one of the documents with which you will receive the in Crimea vehicle. We always recommend that you have the voucher with you, at least on your smartphone screen.

How can I book a car with the ability of pick-up and return at different locations?

Through search. Just enter the points where you would like to receive and return the car.

Can I book a car in Crimea through the website to be picked up tomorrow?

Sure. If the rental is urgent, we will try to confirm it as soon as possible.

Can there be more than one driver for a car?

The car can be driven by drivers included in the car rental agreement. Depending on the terms and conditions of the rental and your needs, there can be from 1 to 4. That is, in addition to the main driver, up to 3 more people can be added.

Where can I see detailed information on each car?

In the search you see a mini-profile of the car, indicating the model and brand, price and main characteristics. More details about each car can be found by opening the car card. In addition, managers can clarify any information you are interested in in private messages, for example, about the mileage.

What do we need to have with us to book a car in Crimea on your website?

To book a car through us in Crimea, you do not need anything except your card data for prepayment. You will need your passport and driving license when signing the contract on the spot.

Can the renter be fined if anyone else is driving a car except the person indicated in the rental agreement in Crimea?

When driving a car by a driver who does not have the right to do so, a fine with a prohibition to continue driving is charged. To continue driving, the one who has the right to this must sit down.

If the cancellation is due to force majeure, how can I get the car rental prepayment refunded?

Regardless of the reasons for your refusal to rent a car in Crimea, you will be able to return the prepayment if you cancel your booking 7 or more days before the date of car pick-up.

When renting a car through you in Crimea, how will the road support be organized in case of unexpected breakdowns or problems?

Technical support on the roads is provided by the rental providers themselves. No one keeps their own technical assistance crews, but if something happens, the rental provider is always in touch, in no case will he leave his client in trouble and will certainly help solve the problem. In general, there is nothing to worry about.

In case of force majeure on the road in Crimea, will they bring us another car?

It depends on force majeure and circumstances, but the rental company will in any case do everything possible so that the client can travel by car and be satisfied, because good reviews for in Crimea rentals are very important!

Is it possible to find a car in Crimea for 10 EUR per day?

Certainly. You only need to limit the price range in the in Crimea car search tools. Set the maximum price and the system itself will offer you options that will fit into your budget.

Where can I share complaints/a suggestion for the service improvement?

We are always happy to hear from you about your in Crimea rental experience. You can leave a review after the rental is completed in your personal account. You can also contact us in any way convenient for you and tell us about your experience.

How is my personal data I provide while renting a car protected by you?

We collect data for the purpose of using it to personally identify you. This allows us to provide you with quality car rental services in Crimea. All data, both personal and banking, are reliably protected using modern technologies. Only a limited number of employees and in Crimea partners who need this data to provide the service have access to it.

Is there a first aid kit in the car or do I need to ask for it additionally?

The rental car is always equipped in accordance with local traffic regulations. If local regulation requires it, a first aid kit will be in the car by default.

Is it possible to add a child seat for a child over 7 years old in Crimea?

Yes, if you need a child seat in Crimea, you can add it after you have decided on the travel dates and the car on the booking page. Select the weight of the child and add the car seat to your rental.

For a child of 9 months, what kind of seat will we be given?

For children 9 months old, most often rental companies give a infant car which the child is lying down, and the seat itself is fixed in the back seat of the car, but you make the choice yourself. Add the seat you need when registering your car rental in Crimea.

What determines the possibility of providing additional. equipment and services when renting a car in Crimea?

The package of services and the cost of each individual service or equipment depends on the particular car and rental company in Crimea. When you go from the search to the car page, you can see all the main available services and the price, if the service is provided for an additional fee. You can also indicate additional wishes that will be fulfilled if possible.

Is there a good GPS navigator with which it will be convenient to travel around the country?

Which GPS navigator will be the most convenient for your trip - it is better to discuss this moment with the manager of the local car rental who rents you a car in Crimea. In most cases, a GPS navigator can also be provided by the rental company at a low cost. You can order this service when registering a car through our website.

Where can I see a complete description of the car, including information, for example, about Availability of climate control?

A more detailed description of the car is available if you click on the car card from the search and go to the car page. There is information on the main technical characteristics. Sometimes a brief description of the car is also indicated under the photo, including Availability of climate control. In addition, you can contact the manager of the rental company to clarify such details.

Are there any problems with diesel fuel in Crimea?

Diesel in Crimea is a common type of fuel. You can always find a gas station.

Are there any special driving rules to be aware of before driving in Crimea?

In general, driving rules in Crimea are the same as those to which drivers from Russia and the CIS countries are accustomed. The local driving style is calm and adequate. If you are interested in something specific, you can always contact us in the support chat or ask the manager of the local car rental company directly.

What questions can the local police have in case of an accident?

There will be no special questions for you. The main thing is that you comply with all the conditions of the lease, in particular, the driver entered into the contract must be behind the wheel. In the event of an accident, together with the police, you draw up an accident report, if you are not to blame, the guilty party will pay for the repair.

Do you guarantee the working condition of the cars in Crimea?

Usually local car rental companies take good care of their cars. All cars undergo regular maintenance. If something does not satisfy you during the initial inspection of the car in Crimea, you have the right to refuse the rental, but based on our experience, such situations do not happen.

What are the expected delays for getting a response from you?

We try to answer as quickly as possible on car rental issues through us. If you write to us during business hours, you will most likely receive a response within a few minutes. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for a response.

What type of fuel is more appropriate in Crimea in terms of availability?

Hard to say. Diesel is available at all gas stations. There are more than enough gas stations in Crimea. There won't be any special problems with fuel.

Where else do you operate, except Crimea?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Serbia, find car rentals in Montenegro and Greece. Many tourists want to rent a car in Turkey with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

How do you manage to keep the car prices in Crimea low?

Our low prices are the result of a selection of reliable local rental providers who provide cars in Crimea on favorable terms. We have the most honest prices and reliable rentals.

Is it possible to book a car in Crimea by phone?

You can choose and order a car directly on our website. In the search bar, specify your cities (it can be different) and rental dates. The system will show only available cars for your numbers and at prices that are relevant exactly for your request. Any car found in this way, you can immediately book it. We accept all orders only through the website. As an exception, sometimes through support. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the chat at the bottom right of the page.

While booking, you need to specify a phone number, but we are going to buy a local SIM card upon arrival in Crimea, which means that the phone number will be different. What is the best way to proceed in this case?

Enter your current emergency number now. And when you buy a local SIM card, just send us and the manager your new number. We will add it to your order.

I have not received the voucher after requesting a car in Crimea. What could be the reason for this?

Perhaps the voucher fell into the Spam folder. Please check. We will send you a duplicate voucher again within a few minutes. Thanks for your order!

Can I test drive the car before picking it up in Crimea?

In general, this practice is not common, because if something is wrong with the rented car in Crimea in terms of technical condition, then the rental company is obliged to eliminate these defects by default. From the point of view of control over a short period of test drive, it is still impossible to assess the technical condition of the car.

What are the ways to book a car in Crimea?

Usually all our clients in Crimea book a car through the site - it's very easy and you don't need anything other than a credit / debit card to make a prepayment. However, if you have any difficulties with renting, let us know in the chat (lower right corner) or in any convenient way.

Is it possible to make a reservation for a car in Crimea in a time slot not available in the search tool?

No, if the system does not allow you to select a certain time, then it is either busy, or at this time the rental does not serve customers. Choose only the interval that is available in the system, or contact us in support if you have a task of increased complexity.

What should be the expected delays for car rental in Crimea confirmation?

Booking confirmation in Crimea comes immediately after confirmation by the rental company. This usually takes from 2 to 24 hours, depending on the workload of a particular manager.

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