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Car rental reviews in Croatia

Real reviews from users who rented a car in Croatia with us

Jose luis Iglesias azorin
Jose luis Iglesias azorin

Suzuki SX4 in Croatia

Everything was perfect, both the pick-up at the hotel and the drop-off at the airport, as specified in the reservation. With a small delay in delivery that was quickly resolved by phone.Everything was perfect, both the pick-up at the hotel and the drop-off at the airport, as specified in the reservation. With a small delay in delivery that was quickly resolved by phone.

September 2022
S.a. Willems
S.a. Willems

Suzuki SX4 in Croatia

It was great!

August 2021
Pavlina Jackson
Pavlina Jackson

Suzuki Swift in Croatia

Everything was great, no issues whatsoever! We went to Cetina river source, the car was perfect

August 2022
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Car rental prices in Croatia

Car rental prices in Croatia vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days. We’ll list the final rental price, including extras and insurance policies of your choice on your Voucher in EUR. With us, you will always know the exact amount that must be paid at pick up in Croatia.

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Do you have a limit on the maximum age of the driver in Croatia?

The maximum age of a driver is sometimes a restriction imposed by the car rental companies listed on our website. You can clarify this on their webpage in the section of the terms and conditions of booking, or by writing a personal message to them. If you have any difficulties in finding a car in Croatia that suits you, please contact our support.

Is it possible to book a car in Croatia if I am 19 years old?

If you have driving experience of a year or more, some car rental companies will be ready to provide you with a car. You can usually check the requirements for the driving experience and age of the driver on the webpage of the car rental company, as well as clarify them via direct messaging the manager or our support.

Can a driver under the age of 20 drive in Croatia the vehicle in Availability of an experienced driver?

Typically, in Croatia companies have an age limit of 22+. Some rental providers are willing to provide a car to younger drivers, sometimes a fee is charged for that. And it does not matter who sits next to you in the car.

Do you need to have experience of driving a sports car to rent a car of this class in Croatia?

No, renting a sports car in Croatia does not require any special documents. You can book a car from this category with a passport and a category 'B' driving license.

Where will I pick up the car at the airport?

When you pick up a car at the airport, you indicate your flight number when making a rental through our website. The manager of the rental company will meet you with a sign with your name in the arrivals area, you will sign the documents and receive the car right at the airport.

Do you offer convertibles in Croatia with insurance included?

Convertibles, like other cars, will be insured only under TPL. As for additional insurance options, it will depend on the car and the local rental provider. You can see the terms of provision and the cost of insurance for each on the car page.

What is a deductible and how does it work in Croatia?

Deductible is the limit of liability for damage caused to the vehicle. The deposit is a security amount that you leave to the rental car to compensate for fines, missing fuel, delays in refunds and other indirect costs. In case of damage to the rented car in Croatia, your liability is limited to the amount of the deductible for CDW insurance.

Why do you need insurance against theft in Croatia and how does it work?

In order to understand what this or that insurance covers when renting a car in Croatia, hover the mouse cursor over the question mark - a hint will pop up, which will explain what exactly the car will be insured against. The conditions for providing insurance (included in the price or providing for a fee) depend on the specific local rental and the car that you rent through us.

I can see that super CDW or insurance against theft could be added to the booking for free, is this some kind of error or could the price be really zero?

CDW insurance is valid as standard in the country where you rent a car in Croatia. If you go abroad, it will no longer work there - you need a separate insurance "Abroad".

If there is no CDW or super CDW option, is tire damage deducted from the deposit or is it already included in the rental amount in Croatia?

If the car is insured under TPL in Croatia, then any damage where there is no third guilty person (or it has not been identified) is paid by the renter. Therefore, a broken wheel will be the responsibility of the renter.

What is the size of the CDW deductible in Croatia?

The franchise is visible when you move the mouse to the question next to it.

Super CDW is a full car and liability insurance in Croatia?

Super CDW in Croatia or as it is sometimes also called "Full CDW" will help you relax on vacation and not think about increased responsibility. Experienced drivers with extensive experience usually save on extra costs. insurance and take the risk of damage to wheels, mirrors, underbody and windshield. To find out what exactly this or that option is insuring, move the cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option.

Is it possible to find a car with a zero deductible in Croatia?

A franchise is not a deposit, and a deposit is not a franchise. They may or may not be the same. Deductible is the limit of liability for damage caused to the vehicle. Some in Croatia rentals offer car rental without a franchise, but you should understand that there are always a number of restrictions and nuances in these matters, so it is better to contact us in support - for what dates and what class of car you need in Croatia and what exactly confuses in the amount of the franchise declared on the website.

When is the deposit withdrawn when renting a car in Croatia?

The deposit will not be withdrawn from your card with which you make a prepayment, thereby guaranteeing your rental in Croatia. A deposit / bail is paid upon car receipt, usually in cash in local currency.

Why can the money be deducted from the deposit?

The deposit is a security amount that you leave to the rental in Croatia to compensate for fines for missing fuel in the tank, delays in returns and other indirect costs.

How to find a car without a deposit in Croatia?

A deposit is most often a necessary condition for renting a car in Croatia. Don't worry - this amount will be returned to you after the rental is completed. The prescence of available cars without a deposit for your dates in Croatia can be checked using the search tools. Select Options => No Deposit.

Are there alternative ways to pay rent in Croatia if card payment is not possible?

Regarding alternative payment methods, we can try to solve this issue on an individual basis with each client. Please contact us via live chat or mail croatia@localcarhires.com.

Is it possible to pay for the car reservation in Croatia all together, not dividing the payment into two parts?

When registering a car rental in Croatia through us, you pay 15-20% of the rental as an advance payment when booking, and pay the remaining amount to the rental upon picking up the car. It is extremely rare to pay the entire amount at once through the site and in manual mode through the support service.

If I need a car in Croatia right now, is it possible to book through you?

Contact us via support chat (messenger icon in the lower right corner), by mail croatia@localcarhires.com or in any other way convenient for you. We will try to find the best available car in Croatia for you :)

Is it possible to request additional equipment after making a prepayment for car rental in Croatia?

Yes, after making a prepayment for the car in Croatia rental, you can request additional equipment. Contact us or the manager of the rental company. If the options you need are available, they will be provided to you. The sooner you get in touch, the better.

Can we get a car if the flight is delayed?

Yes, of course, but if possible, inform the manager directly that your flight is delayed. The manager's contacts are in the voucher.

Is the pick up / drop off time of the car in Croatia "floating"?

We do not have a fixed check-out time. You choose the time of pick-up and return of the car in Croatia when you rent a car. But the minimum billed period is 24 hours. Therefore, if the actual return time is later than the agreed one even by a couple of hours, such a difference will be considered as an additional day.

Can we renew the lease on spot in Croatia and what is the best way to do it?

You can settle this with the manager of the rental company in Croatia or contact us via the support chat to agree on the terms.

Do you offer buses or minibuses in Croatia?

No, unfortunately we do not have this category. But through us you can try to search for Minivans (7-9 seats) for the dates you need.

Is it possible to rent a car in Croatia one way to Czechia?

Yes, for an additional charge we could arrange such a service in Croatia. Contact our support to find out how you could return the car in Czech Republic} with us.

Are there any restrictions on staying in a neighboring country when exiting in a car rented in Croatia?

There are no such restrictions, only territorial restrictions on travel by a rented car in Croatia may apply. Car rental companies have the right to make such demands. If territorial restrictions apply, they will be stipulated in the Terms and Conditions of Rent when booking, as well as on the manager page of the rental company in Croatia.

Is there a maximum number of days for which you can rent a car in Croatia?

As such, there is no maximum period, but the rate scales for in Croatia rentals are usually limited to a period of 30 days, that is, the rental price per day will no longer be lower than it is for a 30-day rental.

Do you have limousines in Croatia?

There are no limousines in our range, but we can recommend a convertible as an alternative for special occasions. Finding convertibles is easy by applying the ["Car Type" => Convertible] filter.

Do you have diesel cars on offer in Croatia?

Yes, sure. You can see the type of fuel in the Characteristics of each car.

We need a cheap car with air-conditioning in Croatia, can I find it on your website?

Of course, sometimes the availability of an air conditioner is specified immediately on the vehicle page. In certain cases, it is worth contacting the manager to clarify Availability of an air conditioner in a particular car. 99% of cars have it.

What should I do if I notice that the car is damaged?

We recommend that you be careful when picking up the car in Croatia and record all obvious damages in the contract. If you notice damage on the way, it is better to contact the rental company and report it.

If a minor accident happens on the way to the airport in Croatia, is it obligatory to wait for the police with the risk of being late for the plane?

By the rules, yes. In this case, you need to wait for the police. But we will not abandon you in such a situation, but we will do everything possible so that you do not miss your flight.

If I violate the traffic rules in Croatia, how will the police know?

The local police in Croatia have the right to stop you for a traffic violation. In this case, the payment of the fine will be entirely on the tenant.

How do you handle the issues of a sudden breakdown of a car rented through your website in Croatia?

Usually, the rental price in Croatia includes the risk that if the car breaks down, it must be replaced. Another question is where exactly this will happen and the circumstances of the incident. In case of a sudden breakdown, you should call the manager of the rental company. His phone number will be indicated on your voucher, letter and rental agreement.

How do your customers give feedback on the cars in Croatia?

After the end of the lease in Croatia, each client can share a review in their personal account. Then they are displayed on the page of the car and rental service that the client used.

Is it possible to get a GPS navigator only for an additional fee when renting a car in Croatia, or can it be given for free?

You can order additional equipment when creating an order on the car description page in Croatia . The availability and terms of provision of the GPS navigator can be checked in the "Equipment" section. Most companies provide a navigator for a small fee per day, but in some cases it may be free.

Can I rent a car in Croatia with a driver?

Unfortunately, with us you can rent a car in Croatia only without a driver.

Will we be given a in Croatia booster if the child is over 5 years old?

It can be pre-ordered if necessary. Free or at a reasonable surcharge.

If we book a car for the winter in Croatia, should we additionally clarify about winter tires?

All cars will be equipped with winter tires in accordance with local traffic rules. But, of course, you can clarify this point directly with the manager of the rental company in Croatia through messages.

Is there a navigator in the car that speaks Russian?

There is no default navigator in every car in Croatia. However, you can add a navigator at an additional cost per day when booking a car. This option can be checked in the "Hardware" section. It is better to check what languages ​​are available with the manager of the rental company who is responsible for a specific car.

Others indicate that add. equipment is provided upon availability. I need a car with a child seat for a baby up to one year old. How to be?

Child seats are always provided on a mandatory basis in Croatia. You can boldly order a car, there will be a child seat.

Can I drive to Montenegro or better rent a car there?

Yes, sure. You can easily drive your rented car to Montenegro, or you could rent a car in Montenegro with us.

Can you find an option of a free green card for a car in Croatia?

Yes, but some car rental companies in Croatia provide this option at an additional cost. You can see the exact amount on the car page in the Insurance section - you need the "With departure abroad" option.

Can you give advice on what to pay attention to for when picking up and dropping a car in Croatia?

Before picking up the car in Croatia make sure that all the details in the rental agreement are complete and correct. Check that the document contains information about the extended coverage, if you purchase one. In addition, we advise you to pay attention to the conditions for returning the car, which are the rights and obligations of the lessee in the contract. When you deposit, nothing is generally required from you - the main thing is not to forget to take the deposit from the manager, if, according to the terms of the contract, it must be returned to you in cash.

Is it easy to find a diesel refueling station in Croatia?

There are no problems in Croatia with refueling on diesel engines. You can safely book such a car. For petrol stations, you can then find the manager of the local rental who is responsible for your car.

What is the local attitude towards tourists driving in Croatia?

They are calm and adequate. The cars that are rented in Croatia do not have any identification marks, so no one will even recognize you or a local as a tourist.

Is there a possibility that child seats will not be delivered to us when renting a car in Croatia and how to act in this situation?

If you are traveling with children in Croatia, then, of course, Availability of child seats in the car is necessary. If you request this option by specifying in advance in the car booking form or later directly from the manager, then the seats will be surely provided to you.

What guarantees is the client in Croatia entitled to under the car rental agreement?

You can learn more about guarantees and obligations from the Terms of Service. In short, a client renting a car in Croatia through us receives a guarantee of receiving a car according to the conditions previously fixed in the voucher.

Where are the rental points located in Croatia?

We cooperate with various rental points in Croatia. If you would like to pick up the car directly at the rental office, you can specify the company's Office as the pick up address when making your reservation.

Will the manager contact us by phone to clarify the details of the car pick-up in Croatia?

If necessary, the manager, of course, will contact you and clarify the details of the car transfer in Croatia. In extreme cases, even if you cannot find it right away, the voucher contains the contact phone number of the manager who speaks Russian. The manager also has your contacts. Therefore, it will not be possible to get lost.

How is the relationship between you and the rental companies in Croatia regulated?

By connecting to our site, each rental company agrees to the terms of our service and undertakes to abide by our policy. Our relationship is partnership, we always stay in touch with both customers and car suppliers, but sometimes we act as arbiters between them and customers who rent a car in Croatia.

Are there any companies that will not be able to hand over the car early in the morning in Croatia?

Most rental companies in Croatia start operating at 8-9 am. If you need to pick up your car earlier, some of them will be willing to bring you the car outside of business hours for an additional fee. This will be indicated at the time of booking.

Can I pay for parking in cash in Croatia?

Yes, cash payments are almost everywhere.

Is it possible to find free parking spaces in Croatia?

Customers don't usually complain. Places can be found really. In general, there are no problems with parking in Croatia.

What is the loading of parking lots in tourist places in Croatia?

For the cost and conditions of parking in Croatia, we advise you to contact the manager of the rental company after renting a car.

Can the rental company or the police in Croatia demand an international driving license?

No, national rights for lease in Croatia are sufficient.

Can I rent a car with a foreign driver's license in Croatia?

Yes, you can. Feel free to book.

Can I use an international license instead of a national one to rent a car in Croatia?

No, international law in Croatia by itself is invalid.

I have noticed that you have favorable prices for cars in Croatia, how do you maintain them?

We cooperate with reliable local rental companies that have excellent conditions, a customer-oriented approach and reasonable, fair prices. Thus, we are able to offer our customers more favorable prices than international rental companies in Croatia.

Do your employees speak Russian?

Yes, we speak Russian. If you need support, please contact us via the chat on the site or in any way convenient for you. Our contacts are presented at the bottom of the page.

When filling out the form for booking a car in Croatia, you must specify the contact phone numbers. Is it possible to indicate the numbers of my home country operators, and in what format should they be indicated?

The contact phone number can be your usual one, because it will probably work in Croatia in roaming. An example of entering a phone number is indicated in the field itself where you need to enter the number: the number must start with a plus sign and then in the international format.

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