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Car rental reviews in Iceland

Real reviews from users who rented a car in Iceland with us

Frederik Mølbak

Dacia Duster in Iceland

very good, 3.5 the car was a older model. And was described as a 2022 model

July 2022
Dimitri valentin Hatton

Dacia Duster in Iceland

We were very happy with the car and service!

July 2022
Ilja Tabakov

SsangYong Tivoli in Iceland

Everything was perfect

August 2022

Local Car Hires in Iceland

These local businesses provide car rental services in Iceland

Local Car Hires in Iceland

These local businesses provide car rental services in Iceland




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Car rental prices in Iceland

Car rental prices in Iceland vary throughout the year depending on the season and your rental length in days. Car hire rates in Iceland are entered and displayed in ISK.

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€ 155
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€ 289
€ 286
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€ 107
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chartAverage car rental prices in Iceland per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration.

Frequent Questions

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Can the second driver be under 20?

Typically, in Iceland companies have an age limit of 21+. It is better to check this directly with the company whose car you are interested in. Some rental companies are willing to provide a car to younger drivers, sometimes a fee is charged for that. The requirements for the second driver are the same as for the first.

Is it possible to add a second driver in Iceland with less than 2 years of driving experience?

No, a driver with such experience cannot be entered into the contract. In case of any damage, if a driver with insufficient experience or age is behind the wheel, the insurance company will not consider this case as insurance and 100% of the responsibility for restoration will fall on the renter.

Does any car in Iceland require only category 'B' driving license or there are some exceptions?

Cars and minivans are presented on our website. To drive these cars in Iceland, category 'B' driving license is enough.

I have a required driving experience confirmed by the documents, but in reality, I do not drive a car on a permanent basis. Can I rent a car through you in this casein Iceland?

On the part of the car rental companies, only documents are required, so if you do not drive every day, but are an experienced and confident driver, you will be given a car in Iceland without any problems.

What are the chances of finding a car for rent for young drivers?

The chances of getting a car will depend on the car rental company. For young drivers from 18 to 21 years old, in some cases, an additional fee may be imposed, this will be specified at the stage of booking. In some cases, there is no fee, but the deposit will be higher. In some cases, the car rental will refuse to rent out, not wanting to risk it, since the insurance will not be valid in case of an accident.

Will the manager wait for us at the airport if our flight is delayed?

In case the flight is delayed, inform the manager by phone specified in the voucher. In this case, he will keep in mind, he will try to adjust his schedule for you and you will receive the car at the right time.

What should I do if I find scratches on the car in Iceland when I receive it?

Any damage must be noted in the car receipt certificate upon receipt of the car in Iceland. Insofar as the return of the car will be carried out precisely under this act. Point chips and small scratches, traces of small stones do not matter.

What should I look for when signing a car rental agreement in Iceland?

Before picking up the car in Iceland make sure that all the details in the rental agreement are complete and correct. Check that the document contains information about insurance if you are purchasing an extended insurance option. We also advise you to pay attention to the conditions for returning the car and the rights and obligations of the lessee in the contract.

Where can I meet with a rental company representative when picking up a car in Iceland?

You can choose where you would like to return the car you rent in Iceland. In the search, you select a place, and then, when you have decided on the choice of a car, when making a reservation, you indicate a particular address, maybe a hotel, train station or any point in the city.

Do I need to do something to activate the insurance?

No, the insurance, if you selected it at the time of making the reservation, is already active, you just have to make sure that the rental agreement will be marked with the corresponding note upon receipt of the car.

What is the deposit in the car description in Iceland?

Bail and deposit are the same things. You pay a bail (or deposit) upon receipt of the car in Iceland to compensate for fines, delays, fuel, etc.

Is it possible to rent a car without a deposit in Iceland?

The amount of deposit is not set by us, but by the rental company. You may find cars without a deposit in Iceland using our search tool. Select Options => No Deposit when looking for cars in Iceland.

How to check if cards are accepted for payment at the rental point in Iceland?

This information can be found in the booking terms and conditions. If payment by card is a matter of principle for you, write to us in support of the date and which car you are interested in. We will select for you those that can be paid with a car in Icelandd. The possibility of paying by card on the spot depends on the specific car rental company - we will advise you on whom to contact.

Are there any alternative payment options for booking in Iceland – PayPal, Payoneer etc.?

We can accept payment via Yandex. Money or PayPal. To do this, you will need to go through the entire booking process on our website, click the "Pay" button and close the payment service page. Then email us at and we will send you payment instructions.

Should the card used for payment belong to the driver?

No, the card does not have to be in the name of the driver. You can use the card of any owner to make an advance payment for car rental in Iceland.

Are there any obligatory tolls in Iceland?

You will not have to pay any additional fees separately when renting a car in Iceland through us. The price you see on the website and in the voucher is final.

What is the commission charged by bank while handling the rental payment?

When paying for the booking by card, no commission is charged. Currency conversion is carried out at the interbank exchange rate of your bank.

Will I have to present a card, which we used for prepayment when receiving a car in Iceland?

You do not need to have this card with you. By the time the car is received in Iceland, the advance will have already been paid, which will be indicated by the corresponding line in the voucher. Upon receipt, you will only need to pay the balance. With which card or cash to pay for it - it's up to you.

Will we be required to pay the full car rental price in Iceland if we have to cancel the booking?

If you cancel your car booking in Iceland more than 7 days before the date of receipt, the prepayment will be returned to you in full minus a commission of 10% of the prepayment amount. If you cancel your booking afterwards, the prepayment will be retained, but of course you will not be obliged to pay the full cost of the booking under any circumstances.

Is the pick up / drop off time of the car in Iceland "floating"?

We do not have a fixed check-out time. You choose the time of pick-up and return of the car in Iceland when you rent a car. But the minimum billed period is 24 hours. Therefore, if the actual return time is later than the agreed one even by a couple of hours, such a difference will be considered as an additional day.

How are changes or cancellations of a car rental regulated in Iceland? Does this work the same for all cities and cars?

Cancellation and change conditions are the same for any rental made through our service. You can cancel your rental 7 days before your travel date. You can make minor changes to the rental in Iceland, such as the pick-up location, additional options, no later than 24 hours in advance.

After the prepayment has been withdrawn, is it possible to change the dates of the lease in Iceland?

After writing off the advance payment, you can make changes and even cancel reservations up to 7 days before the date of pick-up of the car.

Can they bring us another car when renting in Iceland and do we have the right to give up a car and request a refund?

By booking a car in Iceland through us, you receive a car from local car rental companies who strive to provide each customer with the car requested. In rare cases, the car can be replaced with a similar one or a higher class - this is spelled out in the service conditions. If this happens, under the contract you have no right to refuse without withholding the advance.

Is it possible to get a car today in Iceland?

You can easily check the availability of available cars for today through the search tool. Enter where you would like to pick up and return the car and dates and you will see the available options in Iceland. Also, you can always contact us in any convenient way - our contacts can be found at the bottom of this page.

Do you have cars for special events in Iceland?

If you want to find a premium car in Iceland, you can do it through us. And in order to make it even easier for you to do this, we have a filter Type of car in the search. Select Car type => Lux / Cabrio / Business and the system will provide you with free cars that may interest you.

Do you offer buses or minibuses in Iceland?

No, unfortunately we do not have this category. But through us you can try to search for Minivans (7-9 seats) for the dates you need.

Is it possible to obtain a technical device passport for a rented car in Iceland?

Title deeds for the rented car in Iceland will be issued if required by local traffic regulations.

Are there any advantages of early car booking in Iceland?

Of course. All in Iceland rental companies offer a better rate to customers who book a car in advance.

Can I ask the rental company in Iceland directly if there is a third row of seats (folding) in the car?

For such questions it is possible to send a personal message to the car manager in Iceland. This option is available on each manager's page. In addition, there are real photos and reviews for each car, that can also help you in choosing.

Can I find a car with a certain number of seats in Iceland?

Yes, by booking a car with us, you can see the capacity of the car in advance. Go to the page of the car you are interested in in Iceland from the search, there will be all the information about the number of seats in the car. You can also filter out more spacious cars (crossovers, minivans) using filters in the search.

How to rent a diesel car in Iceland?

The engine type is listed on the page of each vehicle. Specify the dates and locations you need and you will receive available where you can choose from diesel cars in Iceland. If you cannot find a suitable option, contact us and we will try to help.

How can I check whether the car has an air conditioner / navigator / multimedia system?

The car page usually contains information about the main technical characteristics, sometimes about Availability of climate control and the number of zones. The navigator is usually ordered additionally and is added when booking a car in Iceland as an additional equipment. It is better to check the availability of another additional option with the manager through private messages.

Is it possible to find a car with three rows of seats in Iceland?

To find a car in Iceland with three rows of seats, we recommend that you filter our offered range by Car Type: SUVs, Crossovers, Minivans. Further you can see more detailed information and photos of the car on the page of a specific car. For any questions, you can contact the managers or ask for support from us in any way convenient for you.

What does 'mileage limitation' mean for a rented car?

Some cars in Iceland are rented on condition that the renter will not drive the car for more than a specified number of kilometers per day during the rental period. For multi-day rentals, the limits are summed up. For example, if the mileage limit is 250 km. per day, so when renting for 5 days, the total mileage should not exceed 1250 km. It's easy to check. When the car is being passed to you, the current odometer value is recorded in the rental agreement. When returning the car, the odometer readings are also checked and the total mileage for the rental period is calculated. If the difference exceeds the limit, the kilometers over the limit are additionally paid according to the "overrun" tariff. You can see if this limitation exists in the rental conditions when booking, so that all conditions are known to you in advance.

What should be checked in the documents before accepting the car?

Before picking up the car, make sure that all the details in the rental agreement are complete and correct. Check that the document contains information about the insurance if you purchase this option. In addition, we advise you to pay attention to the conditions for returning the car, which are the rights and obligations of the renter in the contract.

How is the renter expected to behave in case of an accident in Iceland?

Call the police, draw up an accident report, if you are not found guilty, the guilty party will pay for the repair. in Iceland accidents are extremely rare, 80% of damage to cars is usually caused by inaccurate parking, without a second side.

How can I add a review after renting a car in Iceland?

A review after renting a car can be added to the booking that has the "Completed" status in your personal account. We are always glad to receive feedback from you on the experience of using our service in Iceland!

How is customer data protected?

Customer personal data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Only employees and partners who need this information to provide car rental services in Iceland have access to our customers' data.

Do I need to order an additional GPS-navigator, if the premium car should be equipped with a navigator anyway?

Availability of a navigator depends on the car equipment. Even if there is a monitor in luxury cars, navigation may not be installed. It is better to clarify this point with our customer support for a particular car.

Is there a navigator in the car that speaks Russian?

There is no default navigator in every car in Iceland. However, you can add a navigator at an additional cost per day when booking a car. This option can be checked in the "Hardware" section. It is better to check what languages ​​are available with the manager of the rental company who is responsible for a specific car.

Do I need to order seats for adult children when renting a car? in Iceland?

For adult children, seats are not required when renting a car in Iceland. Children should be strapped in the back seat and that's enough.

Can I rent a car in Iceland for another person and drive it if I have less than 2 years of experience?

The driver must be the one who will be included in the car rental agreement in Iceland. You can try to find a rental company that is ready to provide cars to drivers with less than a year's experience. Contact us via the support chat located in the lower right corner of the page and we will try to help.

Are we eligible for a free booster when renting a car in Iceland if the child is required by law to be in it?

By default, there is no such option when renting a car in Iceland. Some rental companies, including those presented on our website, give child seats for free, some ask for this certain amount per day. You can see this when booking a car through us.

I am going on a trip in Iceland with my two friends and we would like to change during the trip, can we all be drivers if we all have a driver's license?

Yes, many rental companies provide "additional driver" service, which means you can add two of you as second and third drivers. It is easy to do when registering a car through our website. Just add the option When making a reservation for your car rental in Iceland in the "Additional drivers" section.

Which cars are suitable for 4 adults in Iceland?

For four adults, there can be many options. It very much depends on how much you plan to travel, where to go and what you are used to on the road. Contact us via the support chat and we will try to find the most suitable car for you in Iceland.

Is it possible to rent a car in Iceland in summer without booking in advance?

If you look for a car in Iceland closer to the travel dates, then the problem will not be in the price, but in the availability. The later you book, the fewer budget cars are available. Only expensive cars can remain in the peak season.

What are the requirements for traveling by car with children in Iceland?

For children, child seats are required, as elsewhere. As a last resort - a booster.

Does the second parent need permission if the child travels in Iceland in the car with only one of them?

As far as we know, the permission of the second parent is not required to enter any country, but to leave Russia. Therefore, it is better to address this issue to the border services of the Russian Federation. This will not be required from in Iceland rental companies.

Are the additional requests that we indicate in the comment box will be handled?

The additional comments field is available for viewing by the rental company. If it is possible to provide you with the requested services, they will be provided, free of charge or at an additional cost. The managers of the in Iceland company will most likely contact you with your comments, but you can also send them a private message and clarify the possibility of fulfilling your requests.

Is it possible to find free parking spaces in Iceland?

Customers don't usually complain. Places can be found really. In general, there are no problems with parking in Iceland.

Is an international license required for car rental in Iceland?

No, they are not required.

What are the rules for providing fuel in Iceland?

The rules for providing fuel depend on the specific rental. Of course, fuel is a tenant's expense, that is, yours. Fuel policy is usually specified in the Terms and Conditions of Rent when booking in Iceland through our website.

Should the car rented in Iceland be returned with a full tank?

If a car was brought to you with a full tank, then it must also be returned with a full tank. In general, the fuel policy is usually specified in the Terms and Conditions of the rental of each rental in Iceland, as well as in the rental agreement.

How are you different from other aggregators offering vehicles in Iceland?

Our advantage over competitors' analogs offering cars in Iceland - real photos of cars and customer reviews for each car, which will help you make the right choice. In addition, we are in touch with you 24/7 - contact us in any way convenient for you if you need help.

Where else do you operate, except Iceland?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Montenegro, find car rentals in Turkey and Georgia. Many tourists want to rent a car in Czechia with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Do you have a loyalty program in Iceland for regular users of the service?

We do not have a special loyalty program for regular customers. Write to us in the support chat and we will show you how to order a car on the most favorable terms in Iceland.

Several hours have passed since the booking was done, but the car has not disappeared from the list of available cars in Iceland. Is it worth rebooking again?

No, we will send you a car rental voucher in Iceland as confirmation that your booking has passed. In most cases the car disappears from the search results, but some companies rent out several of the same cars - in this case, the car may still remain in the search results.

Is it technically possible to cancel booking in Iceland via your service?

Sure. Through your personal account, you can go to the booking tab and complete the cancellation. Please remember that if you cancel your rental less than 7 days prior to the pick-up date, the in Iceland rental prepayment is non-refundable.

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