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Car rental prices in Italy

Car rental prices in Italy vary throughout the year depending on the season and your rental length in days. Car hire rates in Italy are entered and displayed in EUR.

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chartAverage car rental prices in Italy per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration.

Frequent Questions

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What are the limits for age or driving experience in Italy?

Restrictions on age and driving experience are standard - 2+ years of driving experience, and the age of 21+ years. Specifically, you need to clarify the requirements of the car rental company you are interested in: find this information on the car rental company webpage or send a message to the manager in Italy directly through our website.

Are there additional fees if the driver is under 25 years old?

Most car rentals in Italy provide cars to people over 21 years old, so there will be no additional fees. For drivers from 18 to 21 years old, in some cases, an additional fee may be imposed, which will be stated when booking. In some cases, there is no fee, but the deposit will be higher. In some cases, the car rental in Italy will refuse to rent out, not wanting to risk, since the insurance will not be valid in case of an accident.

Does any car in Italy require only category 'B' driving license or there are some exceptions?

Cars and minivans are presented on our website. To drive these cars in Italy, category 'B' driving license is enough.

If the settlement is not in the list on the website, is it possible to clarify the possibility of organizing delivery to this settlement?

If you could not find the settlement you need in the list, prental contact us by mail or in any other convenient way with a description of the problem and we will clarify the possibility and cost of delivering the car to the place you need.

If I would like to pick up the car by myself, can I indicate this in the booking form in Italy?

Yes, if you want to pick up the car directly from the office of the company, then indicate the "Office of the company" as the pick up address when making the rental in Italy.

Why do I need insurance against theft in Italy? Doesn't CDW account for such a risk?

No, usually CDW does not cover these risks. So if you want to be as secure as possible, add this option to your in Italy rental.

What does the MTPL insurance include in Italy?

TPL - insurance of damage caused to third parties. You can read about the validity of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

If we take a super CDW while renting a car in Italy, does it already include insurance against theft?

Pay attention to the description of Super CDW, which opens when you click on the question mark. It describes what this type of insurance covers. The concepts of Super CDW and Full CDW are slightly different for all rental providers in the world and there is no single standard that is included in these insurance options. Therefore, always read the descriptions carefully when renting a car in Italy.

What is the difference between regular insurance and Super CDW?

Normally, the usual CDW does not cover damage to the windshield, wheels, underbody of the car. Super CDW applies to all these elements. The deposit remains in both cases. Insurance against theft is indicated as a separate item and is not included in the usual CDW. But this is the smallest risk. You can read about the validity of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

Is the insurance valid across the country?

Theft insurance is valid only in the territory of the country where you purchase it. A green card is an analogue of TPL for travel abroad, which you will need to purchase if you are going to travel to neighboring countries.

Is it possible to find a car with a zero deductible in Italy?

A franchise is not a deposit, and a deposit is not a franchise. They may or may not be the same. Deductible is the limit of liability for damage caused to the vehicle. Some in Italy rentals offer car rental without a franchise, but you should understand that there are always a number of restrictions and nuances in these matters, so it is better to contact us in support - for what dates and what class of car you need in Italy and what exactly confuses in the amount of the franchise declared on the website.

Do you have an option for car theft protection in Italy?

Yes, this insurance option is available for some vehicles. You need to look for it in the Insurance section when registering a car rental called "Protection against theft". By checking the box next to it, you can add this insurance to your in Italy rental.

In which cases did your clients benefit from the super CDW in Italy?

Super CDW in Italy - extended insurance that will help you relax on vacation and not think about increased responsibility. For example, this insurance can come in handy if you damage your wheels, mirrors, underbody and windshield. In this case, the damage is covered by insurance - the usual CDW does not cover these risks. To find out what is included in a particular insurance, move the mouse cursor to the question mark.

What is the deposit for a full-tank car in Italy?

You pay a bail (or deposit) upon receipt of the car in Italy to compensate for the rental costs, including if the fuel level in the tank is not enough. Its size depends and is indicated on the booking car page.

Is there a probability that we book a car in Italy without a deposit, but it will be required from us on the pickup?

This is not possible, all the information on the conditions of car rental in Italy is complete and reliable. All conditions are fixed in the voucher, which you receive by mail and provide to the manager upon receipt of the car. The prices and conditions cannot be changed without your agreement.

Can I book a car in Italy and pay with my card if someone else is going to be a driver?

Yes, prepayment for car rental in Italy with a card that does not belong to the main driver is allowed.

What determines the percentage of car hire prepayment in Italy?

To book most cars on our website, an advance payment of 15-20% of the rental cost is required. Absolutely all rental companies with which we cooperate require prepayment to reserve a car. Someone more, some less, it already depends on the specifics of the rental market in Italy.

Can the amount be deducted from the deposit if you return the car in Italy ahead of time?

Return in advance is possible in Italy, the main thing is to notify the manager of the rental company in advance. No, the deposit in this case will not be withheld, in this case there is no reason for any penalties.

The flight departure in Italy time has changed, and therefore the time for returning the car needs to be adjusted. How can I do that?

Contact us via the support chat (the messenger icon in the lower right corner), by mail or in any other way convenient for you. We will help you make a change to your in Italy rental.

Does it make sense to rent a convertible in fall in Italy?

Yes, sure. Why not.

Are there crossovers available in Italy?

Of course, here you can find in Italy crossovers. To do this, use the search tools and apply the filter Car type => Crossover

What is the trunk capacity of minivans?

Depends on the specific car you choose in Italy, as well as how many people will be in the car. On average, 4-5 suitcases can fit in the trunk of a minivan, but it is better to clarify this on the car page or through personal messages with the manager

Do you have cars that can be rented for weddings in Italy?

For weddings, the most popular cars are premium class cars, luxury cars and convertibles. To find cars of a certain class in Italy, we recommend using the Car type filter in the search. The minimum rental period is 1 day.

Is it possible to rent an economy class car in Italy through you for the major part of the vacation, and at the same time a convertible for several days?

Yes, of course it is possible. But these will be two separate orders in Italy. First, you book a budget car, and then with the second order for 10 days you book a convertible. The price is based on the number of continuous rental days for each car.

Is there an additional charge for picking up a car at the airport?

Depends on the rental you choose in Italy. Some companies deliver cars to the airport for free. To find such, refine your request in the search by dates, and then apply the filter Options => Free shipping.

Are there any benefits for booking a car in Italy in advance?

Of course - the earlier you book, the better the price. Moreover, if you choose in advance, you, of course, have a wider choice and are more likely to find a suitable option.

Is it possible to rent a car in Italy for a couple of hours?

No, unfortunately the maximum rental period when ordering a car through us is 1 day. Local car rental companies are not ready to provide cars by the hour in Italy.

I would like to rent a car with minimum mileage in Italy, do you have such information on your cars?

We do not have data on the current mileage on cars in Italy, but the manager of the rental company will probably be able to answer a specific request through private messages, try to contact them for such details.

Where can I find out the characteristics of cars in Italy: dimensions, fuel consumption, engine features?

Main features of cars are presented on every car's page. If you need any extra information apart the one shown on the page - prental visit the page of the manager renting out this car and send him a direct message. The managers will be more than happy to answer any questions of your interest.

If we notice incorrect information on the voucher, who can we contact?

In this case, we advise you to contact us via the chat in the lower right corner of the page and report the detected error, or send us an email to We will send you a new voucher with the correct information.

We are looking for a car. We have a laminated Russian driver's license, if an insured event suddenly occurs, will there be problems with the insurance company and the traffic police?

If you are given a car for this driver's license, then the license is valid in the country and you will not have any problems with the local traffic police.

Will the car rental prices in Italy go up if there are few cars left?

The closer to the booking date, the fewer options in Italy will be. In addition to this, prices can also rise on average.

Is there a difference in car prices in different cities?

Of course, because there may be a different set of rental companies. However, within the same country in different cities, rentals will overlap, since many companies are ready to transport a car for customers between settlements for free or at an additional cost.

Can I get boosters for children over 5 years old when renting a car in Italy?

On our website, seats and boosters are presented by weight category - this is the easiest way to navigate. For each car in Italy in the "Child Seats" section, you will see the available options and you can add them to your car booking in Italy.

We need a child seat for a small child (11 months) for the next age group, can you offer this?

The seats are available in three types: infant carriers for babies up to one year old, a sitting seat and a booster. When creating an order, select the type of chair you need and indicate your wishes for the seat in the additional comments. If possible, wishes will be fulfilled.

If it is not possible to order additional equipment in the booking form, does it make sense to additionally clarify the options we need with the rental company in Italy?

Normally, all available add. options are already visible on the website. But not always. It is better to check with us in support or with the manager of a specific rental company in Italy if, for example, a roof rack is critical for you.

What do you need to carry with you when crossing the border in a car rented in Italy?

As a standard, you must have a passport, driver's license and vehicle insurance. Specifically, the managers of the rental company in Italy will tell you better after registering a car rental.

Can there be any issues when crossing the border with a rented car in Italy?

There shouldn't be any problems - you need to have a passport, a driving license valid in the country and an insurance policy for the vehicle. Rental managers will advise you on the details of crossing the border with a car rented by in Italy.

Can I cross the border in a rented car in Italy?

For some in Italy vehicles this option is available. You can check the possibility of leaving on the page of the car rental company or directly when registering a car rental.

We are traveling with a lot of bulky luggage, which of your vehicles in Italy is the right choice for us?

In this case, we advise you to choose more spacious cars. If you are also a large number of people, we recommend taking a minivan. You can easily filter these cars using the Car Type => Minivan filter.

We're about to rent a car to drive in the mountains. We live in flat land normally. :) Any advice for us?

At least 150 hp and if you choose between gasoline and diesel, then diesel is better - diesel goes up the hill better than gasoline.

Invalid password and seems like it can't be reset, what should I do?

Reset your password and check your spam folder, sometimes a password reset email gets there. If you can't find it there, prental contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner and report your problem.

What is the best option to rent in Italy?

It depends on the purpose of the trip, on what you are used to on the road and on the number of people in the car. It's so hard to tell. Contact us via the support chat and we will advise you on good rental options in Italy.

Is there a selection of cars suitable for families with children in Italy?

Of course, our rental companies provide cars of different categories in Italy. Among them there are cars that are ideal for families with children. In our experience, SUVs are a common choice for families. If you cannot decide, contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner of the site and we will help you with your choice.

Which car is the best choice for a group of 4 adults + 2 children in Italy?

For a company of 4 adults + 2 children, you will most likely need a minivan or a large SUV with three rows of seats. You can easily filter the required cars in Italy using the Car type filter in the search. These cars are usually designed for a company of 7-9 people maximum and are perfect for your group.

What languages ​​do representatives of companies in Italy speak?

Usually on the manager page of the rental company in Italy it is indicated which languages ​​they speak. Most often it is the local language and English, but there are also Russian-speaking employees.

What languages ​​do representatives of companies in Italy speak?

Usually on the manager page of the rental company in Italy it is indicated which languages ​​they speak. Most often it is the local language and English, but there are also Russian-speaking employees.

Is parking in Italy paid? Is it paid additionally or included in the price?

Yes, parking will be charged separately. The car rental amount in Italy does not include parking.

Why is it more convenient to choose a car in Italy through your service?

It is much more convenient to choose a car through our service. You can set a certain price range, filter cars of a certain category, search for the cheapest cars in Italy. After that, you see a list of relevant cars for which all the necessary information is available, including reviews and photos.

Where else do you operate, except Italy?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Japan, find car rentals in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Many tourists want to rent a car in Latvia with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Are there special booking conditions for long term rentals in Italy?

For long-term rentals, the cost per day will always be lower. But it depends on the specific rental company in Italy and discounts are already reflected in the rates.

I am renting for 17 days, but the program counts it as 18. What could be the problem?

The minimum chargeable rental period is 1 day. If you specify the return time later than the pick-up time, then the difference even in one hour will be considered a whole day.

Is the system correct if the rental period from 1. 05, 9:00 to 2. 05, 18:00 counts as two days?

Yes, the system calculates the rental period correctly. In general, you can also issue a rental from 1.05 / 9:00 to 3.05 / 9:00 and this will also count as 2 days - the system counts by day.

If we are planning a trip to in Italy out of season, is it worth taking care of a rental issue in advance?

Our advantage is that on our site you can see many local car rental companies in Italy. There is always something to be found. But it is better, of course, to plan in advance anyway - this way you can get the most suitable option at a nice price.

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