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Koreiz car rental prices

Car rental prices in Koreiz vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

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chartAverage car rental prices in Koreiz per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Frequent Questions

💳 The amount of the deposit indicated in the car booking form in Koreiz applies to the entire period or is it only for one day?

The deposit is indicated for the entire period. You leave it when you pick up the car and it is returned to you when you return the car, if everything is in order.

📖 What vehicles can I rent in Koreiz through your website? Is it possible to find a scooter or a motorcycle?

With us you can only rent cars and minivans.

📖 Can the price for the car in Koreiz change closer to the date of our trip?

There will be no recalculation of the price from the rental side in Koreiz - it is already fixed in the voucher for you. If you somehow modify your rental, purchase additional services or increase the rental period, then the total amount may change.

👪 If a GPS navigator is not specified in the "Additional equipment and services" block, then the service is not provided and does it make sense to leave a wish in the comments to booking a car?

Yes, if this option is not in the list, then most likely it is not provided at all by this rental company. You can further clarify by sending a message to the manager of the rental company.

🎯 I know that there are cases in Koreiz when a car of an older generation and with different characteristics is provided. What to do if this situation occurs at the pick up of a car?

As you can see from the reviews, such cases in Koreiz are rare, exceptional. And we analyzed each case separately. Replacement of a car is, indeed, possible under force majeure circumstances. But in this case, a car of a similar or higher class is provided on the same terms. This is reflected in the booking conditions. In the vast majority of cases, the client receives the car that was booked.

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