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Simferopol Airport car rental prices

How much is renting a car at Simferopol Airport?

Car rental prices at Simferopol Airport vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

Average car rental prices at Simferopol Airport (SIP) per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Where to go by car rented at Simferopol Airport?

Simferopol is the capital of Crimea, located in the heart of the peninsula. There are many beautiful natural, historical and cultural attractions. Dozens of hiking trails start from here, and the area is full of places to visit.

  • Demerdge and the Valley of Ghosts.
  • Pink lake Sasyk-Sivash.
  • Cave towns of Kachi-Kalon and Chufut-Kale.
  • Swallow's Nest and White Rock.


Simferopol Airport (SIP) car rental reviews

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Simferopol Airport (SIP) car rental questions

What is the deposit for a full tank?

When booking, the size of the deposit is indicated, if there is any, this is the amount from which money for gas will be deducted if you return with a half or empty tank.

Is it possible to order an economy class car from you at the hotel?

Yes, kindly book and enter the exact address of the delivery in Simferopol or around the city – wherever you need it.

If the tire bursts, who should pay?

Usually, it is client responsible for tyre punctures. Repair costs 500 to 1000 rubles.

Are there any cars available? Want to rent at Simferopol (possibly right in the airport)

Yes, all cars available for booking, kindly proceed and specify where to deliver the vehicle or your flight number.

Is it possible to go to Sochi by a car rented at Simferopol airport?

It is possible, but there may be an additional fee for this. Better discuss this in advance. Send a message directly to the manager in private, or contact LCH support if you need a prompt response.

We booked a car in Simferopol, how to find out that everything is fine with us and we will get a car at the airport

There are manager's contacts in the voucher. Voucher's in your mail.

The reservation was declined, and the prepayment was withdrawn. Why so?

We unblocked your prepayment amount, check the account please. Under coronovirus, delivering cars is currently not possible.

Tell me where can we find a car at the airport upon arrival?

You will be met from the flight, or the voucher will indicate which counter you should turn up to.

I would like to rent a car for 1 month. Price, conditions?

Use the search inside for all the information. Conditions vary from car to car.

Wanted to ask about the deposit – what amount is blocked and for how long?

It's indicated inside each car (read the description).

We would like to rent a car for just 1 day at Simferopol airport and return at the same location.

Book it, but it’s better for at least a couple of days :)

I would like to know the minimum driving experience and age requirements.

Officially from 21 years old, but we can try from 19 years old, in any case, anyway at least 1 year experience will be required. Do contact us for support, please.

Can I rent a car in Alushta and return it at Simferopol Airport? Do I need prepayment? Pledge?

You can. There is everything in the search. Prepayment 10%. The deposit is indicated for each car ... If it is not indicated that without a deposit.

Do you accept cards for car rental in Simferopol?

Yes, we accept. Credit and debit. Including for freezing the deposit (pledge).

Do you have a counter at the airport?

Vendor dependent. We can take orders and serve customers at the airport of Simferopol around the clock.

Flight delayed, what do I do?

Your voucher contains the phone number of the manager. Call him and let him know that the flight was delayed. If you indicated the flight number when booking, then as a rule the manager himself sees for how long your flight was transferred to Simferopol airport.

From 11 pm to 8 pm can I meet at the airport?

Of course. We provide 24 hours service / delivery at the airport of Simferopol.

Good afternoon, tell me how much will it cost to rent a Polo or Solaris, with two child seats, for 11 days in Simferopol?

All prices are on screen. Use the search by your dates and place "Simferopol Airport" if you arrive by plane.

Is there a CASCO on rental cars at the airport of Simferopol?

CASCO policy is available on some machines. Detailed conditions are indicated in each machine separately. Please note that CASCO is deductible. That is, with the "participation" of the driver in cost compensation. As a rule, the liability limit is not more than 30 thousand rubles.

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