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Simferopol Airport car rental prices

How much is renting a car at Simferopol Airport?

Car rental prices at Simferopol Airport vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

Average car rental prices at Simferopol Airport (SIP) per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Where to go by car rented at Simferopol Airport?

Simferopol is the capital of Crimea, located in the heart of the peninsula. There are many beautiful natural, historical and cultural attractions. Dozens of hiking trails start from here, and the area is full of places to visit.

  • Demerdge and the Valley of Ghosts.
  • Pink lake Sasyk-Sivash.
  • Cave towns of Kachi-Kalon and Chufut-Kale.
  • Swallow's Nest and White Rock.


Simferopol Airport (SIP) car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Crimea

Simferopol Airport (SIP) car rental questions

💁 If I now book a car at Simferopol Airport, and closer to the trip it turns out that the car is needed for fewer days, is it recalculated?

Yes, you can change the order as you like and even cancel the order if 7 or more days are left before the car is received. In this case, you have nothing to lose. If the cancellation is made in fewer days before receipt, the advance will be withheld as a penalty. You can change the pick-up location at any time. The main thing is that it is made no later than a day before receiving, so that the manager has time to plan his day.

🚗 Do you have limousines Simferopol Airport?

There are no limousines in our range, but we can recommend a convertible as an alternative for special occasions. Finding convertibles is easy by applying the ["Car Type" => Convertible] filter.

💰 Where can I find out about Local Car Hires discounts at Simferopol Airport?

At the moment we do not have a clear system of at Simferopol Airport discounts. Try to book in advance - this will be the most profitable.

⚠️ Do you offer insurance services at Simferopol Airport separately, without rental services?

Insurance is not offered by us, but by rental companies. Insurance services cannot be purchased separately, only when renting a car at Simferopol Airport.

🎯 Is there a guarantee that I will get the exact car that I am choosing at Simferopol Airport and not a "similar" one?

When ordering a car at Simferopol Airport through us, you are ordering a specific car, not a type of car (unless otherwise stated). This is our difference from other booking services. Therefore, yes, this is the car you will get. Replacement is possible only in case of force majeure and only with your consent. But such cases are the exception to the rule. Therefore, you can safely book a car.

💁 How should I inform you about changes to the arrival time?

Write to our support or email at Simferopol Airport. If a flight change or delay occurred less than 24 hours before pick-up, it is better to immediately contact the manager's phone number specified in the voucher. This will be safer and more efficient.

⚙️ What is my flight number needed for?

Flight number is required if you want to rent a car with collection at the airport. In this case, the manager of the rental company will be waiting for you in the arrivals area and follow the information about your flight in order to transfer the car to you at the airport.

💳 What is the minimum deposit amount at Simferopol Airport?

Around 5000 rubles.

🎯 How is the issue resolved if there are some problems with the car booked in advance at Simferopol Airport or it is busy? Can they offer us an alternative?

Such problems at Simferopol Airport usually do not arise, the rental company confirms the rental after booking. In case of force majeure, we will contact you in advance and propose alternative rental options.

👪 Are additional necessary options for the car rented by at Simferopol Airport provided free of charge?

Availability and range of additional services and equipment depends on the rental company that rents the car you are interested in at Simferopol Airport. Some options from some rental companies are provided free of charge.

⚠️ If there is no CDW or super CDW option, is tire damage deducted from the deposit or is it already included in the rental amount at Simferopol Airport?

If the car is insured under TPL at Simferopol Airport, then any damage where there is no third guilty person (or it has not been identified) is paid by the renter. Therefore, a broken wheel will be the responsibility of the renter.

🛣️ Are there any restrictions on the time for picking up or returning the car at Simferopol Airport?

The available pick-up or return time will be indicated when placing an order and choosing a pick-up or return time. Usually, it is until 20-22 hours. At night and early in the morning, some companies are ready to bring and pick up the car, but usually at an additional cost that will be added to the rental price at Simferopol Airport.

🚗 How many cars do you have at Simferopol Airport?

The number of cars may vary depending on the season and how late you are looking for a car at Simferopol Airport. In addition, with the development of our service, the offer for cars will increase. To see all the available cars for the dates you need, use the search form.

💳 Why can the money be deducted from the deposit?

The deposit is a security amount that you leave to the rental at Simferopol Airport to compensate for fines for missing fuel in the tank, delays in returns and other indirect costs.

💁 If there is a flight delay, can we still get the car at the airport?

The main thing is to warn the manager of the rental company at Simferopol Airport as soon as you become aware of the delay. So the manager can adapt his schedule and bring you a car.

📄 What category of driver's license is required for a car rental at Simferopol Airport?

Any car at Simferopol Airport through our website can be rented with a driving license of category B.

🛣️ What to do when returning a car to the rental office at Simferopol Airport?

Returning a car at Simferopol Airport is quick and easy procedure. If you did not have any damage on the road, nothing is required from you.

🚘 Do you have a car for a big company at Simferopol Airport?

Through our website you can find cars with different capacities. You can always see the number of seats on the car page. If you require more than 5 seats, we recommend considering Minivans. All cars of the category Minivans at Simferopol Airport you can see using the appropriate filter in the search. Select Car type => Minivans and the system will present you with free cars that may interest you.

⚠️ If it is indicated that there is no deposit, but there is CDW insurance, does it mean that CDW is without a deductible?

No, deductible and deposit are different things. In this case, a CDW insurance policy may have a liability limit, that is, a deductible. This is a common practice when renting at Simferopol Airport.

🚘 What types of cars are available for rent at Simferopol Airport?

We have cars of different categories available for rent. You can find both budget economy cars and more expensive luxury cars. We offer both convertibles and minivans - you just have to make a choice and arrange a rental at Simferopol Airport.

💳 Are there cars on the website that can be booked at Simferopol Airport without a deposit?

Most of the cars at Simferopol Airport are rented with a deposit. You can check Availability of cars without the deposit using our filter "Options", where you can specify the corresponding restriction.

💁 Can I renew my rental at Simferopol Airport at the end of its term?

You can extend your rental at Simferopol Airport subject to availability. If necessary, you can do this in agreement with the manager of the rental company or with our support service.

👪 What is the guarantee of receiving additional equipment upon receipt of the car at Simferopol Airport?

Don't worry, all the equipment you choose (child seats, navigator, ski bindings, etc.) are provided necessarily. Therefore, you can boldly order.

⚠️ Is the type of insurance fixed in the car rental contract?

Yes, in this case, the contract may simply contain a mark about the type of insurance, and its description will be in the annotation documents. To relieve yourself of full financial responsibility, you can add the Full CDW option to the order, which (sometimes) reduces the deductible to zero. Prental note that all this applies only to insured events. If the driver was driving who was not included in the contract, if the driver was in a state of alcoholic or other intoxication, or there is no drawn up police report of an accident, then any damage is not considered an insured event.

🅿️ Is there parking at the airport? How much does it cost? Who pays for it?

There is parking at the airport, it is paid separately and is not included in the rental price at Simferopol Airport. For the actual cost, we advise you to contact the manager of the rental company after renting a car.

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