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Utyos car rental prices

How much is renting a car in Utyos?

Car rental prices in Utyos vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

Average car rental prices in Utyos per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Where to go by car rented in Utes?

Utes is a small village on the southern coast of Crimea, 30 km from Yalta. A cozy place with picturesque landscapes and colorful houses by the sea. It has good infrastructure, affordable prices and a clean sea. There are several interesting sights and many more are in the surrounding area.

  • Aivazovsky Park and Massandra Palace.
  • Ayu-Dag Mountain and Roman Kosh.
  • Pushkin Museum and Chekhov's house.
  • Demerdge and the Valley of Ghosts.

Utyos car rental questions

💰 Do you offer discounts for repeat car rentals Utyos?

Re-booking discounts are not available in Utyos. Contact us via chat, and we will give some tips and guidelines on how you can book a car on the most favorable terms.

👪 What is important to us is the AUX output in the car, which allows us to play music from the iphone through the audio system. How to find out if this option is available in a specific car?

Of course, Availability of this option can be clarified. The easiest way to do this is by contacting the manager in charge of a specific car via private messages.

🚗 Can I ask you for real photos of the car in Utyos before booking?

Real photos are available for each car in Utyos - no additional request is required. In the search, specify the dates and where you would like to pick up the car - you will see all available options with detailed descriptions of the car, conditions, photos and customer reviews.

📖 Is there an additional charge for late car return in Utyos?

If the time of returning the car is even a couple of hours later than the time of collection, then this difference is considered as a full day of rental. Therefore, in your case it will be counted as an extra day. When placing an order, indicate your real rental dates, and when placing an order and specifying the exact time of receipt and return, the price will be recalculated for plus one day.

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